Interview | Why can they become & powerful people

Interview | Why can they become & powerful people

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in the university, there are all kinds of people, and everyone breaks out the emotions they repressed in high school in the university. Some work hard and are determined to rise to the master Rank of LOL, while others work hard to make money, while others plan to specialize in literature and read a lot of books. But no matter what you focus on, you will live up to your college if you work hard.

hormones before the age of 18 focus on the explosion of hormones at the age of 20, allowing us to choose our own path for the first time. Some people say that university is a fork in the road, powerful people become more and more powerful, decadent people become more and more decadent.

I am curious about this. Why are some people destined to be great while others are destined to be useless?

I didn't go to the bosses of 10 companies, nor did I look for successful artists, because I thought they were too far away from us. I am looking for people around us, seemingly ordinary but extraordinary, maybe there are more things we can learn from them.

so in March I interviewed two people who I thought were "awesome". Of course, this may be because my horizons are too narrow. You may be completely above them, but I still hope you can finish reading this special article and gain something.

so the following interview is divided into two parts, one is what the interviewees said, and the other is how I felt after listening to it.


my whole person has changed since I became monitor as a freshman. I was heartbroken for this class for a year in college. I planned two group day activities in Nandu and Dongguan Daily, and took an advanced class. At the end of my freshman year, everyone in my class spoke highly of me.

at the same time, I was in charge of the Dongguan branch of the school publicity in the first year, and the teacher borrowed me a very bad SLR. This was the first contact, but I was attracted. On February 10, 2012, I bought the first d3100Tou 1855 dog head, which was the lowest configuration. At that time, I used it to shoot group learning activities and videos, and because I made a few videos to be forwarded in the Dongguan campus, there was a certain fame among teachers and students in Dongguan campus. This is one of the reasons why I didn't change my major.

both the monitor and the League learn them are extremely important to me. Because these two positions gave me a good reputation between teachers and classmates, I was recommended to interview Xianqing program director in the freshman semester. In the first semester of my sophomore year, I directly ran for vice president of the college without holding any position.

Tu Zhaorong:

from the moment I graduated from high school, I kept thinking about making money because I liked it. When I made that kind of printing room as a freshman, I got about five (later joined two), and then I did it for about three months, guaranteed to cover the whole school area, and finally made more than 10,000 yuan.

after all, college is really different from high school. I think since it is impossible to change the environment and previous choices, I should change myself and change my next direction. After all, I am not a very experienced person, since the road is my own, it is up to me to choose how to go on.

so it is no exaggeration to say that my freshman year is very substantial. In addition to many classes, freshmen also have a lot of work, and they have to run a printing room after class.

Editor's words:

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coincidentally, both interviewees became monitor of their class during their freshman year. As we all know, the monitor in the university is simply a "hot potato". He has to deal with counselors and have a relationship with his classmates. In addition to arranging the tasks assigned above, they also organize us bastards to go out to parties from time to time to improve class cohesion.

Brother Fanshuo said that he had changed since he became monitor.

the "change" here is worth discussing, which means "transition from one state to another". To be more specific, being a monitor has changed him from a "foolish" person to a "responsible" person. I asked several monitor, they all said that the monitor position can really train a person, especially those who are ignorant freshmen.

but what we are talking about here is not what the magical effect of "monitor" is. But why they all ran for monitor at the same time. The quickest way for a freshman to learn about college is not to wander around the campus with headphones, but to become a monitor of a class. Through it, you can understand how to communicate between teachers and students, you can also know the notice issued by the school for the first time, and exercise your ability through heavy tasks.

of course, brother Fanshuo replied to me like this: "Why did you become a monitor":

"before enrollment, I saw positive freshmen and silent freshmen, and brothers and sisters' impression of them, so 'initiative, creativity, politeness' is the creed of my university."

in his opinion, "initiative, creativity and politeness" can be learned from the position of monitor.

both of them made clear their direction when they were freshmen. Maybe at the beginning, they went on a different path from ours, and no wonder they went farther than us.

for me, my freshman year can basically be called "useless". At that time in the Dongguan campus, canteen, classroom, dormitory at three o'clock.I play games whenever I have time. I never take part in any activities. I don't know anyone except the people in my class. Now I think of it, it's a waste of time.

on the other hand, Brother Zhao Rong went from the fellow countrymen association to the class and then to the trade association. He said that freshman year was the hardest stage of his whole university, and he worked hard and tried his best to accomplish everything.

all right, let's learn about their sophomores.


in fact, the first year of photography is useless, if you can see all my works, you will find that my photography is constantly changing with the timeline. However, it is precisely because of my first year of student work that I have the opportunity to come into contact with photography, and the ability training and interpersonal communication that student work brings to me is also extremely important.

as monitor, minister, vice chairman, program director, they not only let me accumulate contacts, but also strengthen my coping, planning and organizational skills other than photography.

A new smile like me, I started from scratch here. Without funds, I can only rely on contacts. That's why I didn't read this major course and went to do student work. Because I know that photography is not only to practice by myself, but also to let a lot of people know that you need word-of-mouth to market yourself.

contacts are gold, ability is silver, and money is copper.

so I realized one thing: if I want to engage in photography, I need more people to help me publicize it, and more people need to know and recognize me.

in fact, I have wanted to shoot people since I came into contact with photography, but I was ashamed to talk to the model. I asked a friend to shoot my sophomore year last semester, because it was okay even if it was broken, and it was really bad that time. However, the desire to shoot girls is too strong, so I have been starting with my friends around me, practicing by myself, watching other people's works to make adjustments, and thinking about it, in May 13, I participated in the Yueguang Cup. At that time, the photography unit had three awards: art, documentary, creativity. I had four works nominated and covered three items. In the publicity stage, I attracted the attention of radio and television people, and finally won a prize. So the aspect of photography should be known to the students at that time.

Tu Zhaorong:

I have been in contact with the host since the first year of junior high school. I have been sticking to it because I like the stage. At the beginning, I just liked it and never thought that the host could make money.

when I was a sophomore, I mainly did student work, and I also held some job fairs and all kinds of competitions. I was mainly responsible for the workplace, and I would go out and host if I was free on weekends.

most of the hosts at that time were auto shows, parties, opening ceremonies, and some investment promotion meetings, and the sophomores were mainly Changan Ford Motor in Shenzhen.

I got to know a lot of people in college. To be honest, now I have more than 2000 Wechat friends, which is equivalent to an official account. Because of these people, I can walk better. The network has been widened a lot, and with the network, the opportunity will come naturally.

Editor's words:

but I don't know if you have read an article about "sophomore disease" that I posted earlier. It has such a point of view:

"We have just got rid of our freshman childishness and have a general understanding of college." And many people become ministers or vice ministers in their sophomore year, so they are inexplicably worshipped by those naive brothers and sisters. Spontaneous pride can easily go to our heads and immerse ourselves in worship without feeling the pressure from the cruel reality. So it was easy to spend my sophomore year in an elated state, and I regretted it when my junior year came, but by then it was too late. "

this may be why juniors suddenly feel a sense of inexplicable pressure, because the sense of pressure exists in sophomore year, but it is ignored by us.

looking back at the two interviewees above, they seem to have nothing to do with "confusion". Brother Zhaorong found his goal, gave up the idea of starting a business, and specialized in hosting and student work. Brother Fanshuo also recognized his own conditions and environment and decided to expand his contacts while studying photography. Of course, this point was also mentioned in Brother Zhaorong's conversation.

but the connections here are not the so-called "mutual use", but the "mutual benefit" that Brother Fan Shuo said to me. "benefit" includes not only substantive interests, but also spiritual help such as comfort, and it must be that each other has a need for each other rather than the so-called "one-sided".

that is, not unlimited taking and unlimited giving.

in fact, what the two of them taught me is not the importance of networking, but the importance of establishing their own position. Many people say that they are confused and lose their direction, in fact, it is because they have not given themselves a clear position. Like me, I want to develop towards writing, so I keep writing. Apart from feeling tired and lack of inspiration or bleak prospects, I seldom say that I am confused and have no way forward.

confusion is not the same as obscurity. If you do something, its future may have great uncertainty, which is called bleak, while confusion is a state in which you don't even have the ability to judge whether the prospect is bleak.

so, find your own position first.

Brother Zhao Rong is still in his junior year, and Brother Fanshuo has been working for a year. So I can't come to a conclusion with you here and tell you whether they succeeded or not, because their lives, like ours, have just begun. But at the end of the whole article, I think you should also know why I call them "awesome people".

work hard and keep moving in a self-determined direction.

is the definition of "awesome".

below are the words that the two brothers said to us brothers and sisters

Cai Fanshuo:

my friends will ask me.I'm going to graduate soon. I'm confused.

find your interest and stick to it.

when persistence becomes an attitude, everything is determined by attitude.

is it too late to find interest?

it's never too late to wake you up at some opportunity.

Tu Zhaorong:

the university does what it likes.

but when you do the road you like,

you should consider your responsibilities and the expectations of the people around you.

Thank you for helping yourself all the way in the university.