It is better to be silent than to talk too much

It is better to be silent than to talk too much

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there is a saying in the ancient poem: if you don't talk about things in the world, there is nothing in the world.

in life, everyone can't avoid dealing with others. Although everyone has a mouth, not everyone can speak.

people who can't speak will offend others and even tire themselves by opening their mouths, and the really wise people know how to judge the hour and size up the situation, so they behave like a fish in water.

when dealing with people, you would rather be silent than talk nonsense; you would rather be speechless than talk too much.


Silence is the best practice

as the saying goes, silence is golden.

Silence is not about being speechless, but about being measured, knowing what to say and what not to say.

people's many troubles are often defeated by one mouth. the most difficult thing in life is not to learn to speak, but to know how to be silent at the right time.

writer Jia Pingwa told a story:

A friend stuttered badly when he traveled with a friend a few years ago.

one day someone asks for directions in the street, but he stutters, but his friend doesn't say a word.

after I asked him why he didn't come back, my friend said, "people stutter, too. I'm going to answer. The man thought I was imitating and teasing, so he kept his mouth shut."

it is human instinct to speak, and it is a practice to know the right silence.

nowadays, there are too many people who only talk but do not practice fake tricks, and those who work silently are particularly valuable.

similarly, there are too many people who can speak well, and those who are cautious in words and deeds seem to be more reliable.

Mozi said:

"Toads, frogs, and stinky flies living by the water, they bark day and night.

and the rooster, it just crows at dawn, everyone hears the chicken dance and starts a new day's work.

what are the benefits of talking more than one another? Only by getting to the point can we attract people's attention. "

in life, there are many people who chatter like mosquitoes, but few can really calm down and do things.

on the way of life, we should learn to be silent. Some words are only suitable for hiding, and some things can be seen through without saying.

learn to speak for two years and shut up for the rest of your life.

when a person becomes more and more silent and doesn't want to talk about it, it is the beginning of true maturity.


disaster comes out of the mouth.

some people say that there are only retrogressive people and cars in the world, and there is no time and way to go backwards.

the same is true of people. If you say something, the water you spill will never be taken back.

whether you talk unintentionally or casually, it will bring unhappiness to obedient people, and it is easy to cause trouble.

do you know the allusion that "evil comes out of the mouth"?

it is rumored that a sheep peddler stayed at Zhang Zhifu's house and locked up more than 20 goats he bought for the night.

it was the middle of winter and it was cold. More than a dozen neighbors gathered at Zhang Zhifu's house to brag and pass the long night.

one story for each person, after you sing, I will take the stage, and the atmosphere is strong.

after the first round, everyone talked about it, but only the foreign guests didn't talk about it.

Zhang Zhifu said, "We all talked about it, but you also told me one?" The guest said, "I can't speak well. Go on, I'll listen to it cheaply."

after three rounds in a row, the guests declined politely and everyone booed, "I can't just make you listen to bargains, you have to talk about one anyway."

the guest had to bite the bullet and tell a satirical story.

Unfortunately, the guest talked about the cigarette bag, and it happened that the magistrate was lighting a cigarette on the stove with a long cigarette bag in his mouth.

Zhang Zhifu angrily came to the sheepfold and drove the guest's 20 or so goats out of the fold.

Ling sheep, on the third shift in the middle of the night, the wild mountains are driving a flock of sheep alone in the wilderness.

there is a folk saying, "words do not come from the mouth, and angry words are not contrary to the body."

when you want to open your mouth, the words you say must be thoughtful, and in many cases listening is better than talking.

when we reach a certain age, we should take care of our mouths, know people but not judge others, and don't talk about things when things happen, because if you talk too much, you will lose.

Laozi said, "those who know do not speak, and those who speak do not know."

A wise man does not speak casually, and he who speaks casually has no insight.

people who are really wise have no right in their eyes and have a measured exit, so there are fewer tribulations in life.


it is better to be speechless than to talk too much

older children often say that eating too much hurts the body, and talking too much hurts people.

sometimes, if you eat too much, your stomach will be very uncomfortable, and some people talk too much, which is really not pleasant to listen to.

when people walk in the world, more words are not as good as fewer words, and less words are not as good as words.

in the town, there is a little boy with such a bad temper that the children around him don't like to play with him.

later, his father gave him a bag of nails and told him to hammer a nail into the wall every time he cursed or lost his temper.

the boy hammered 37 nails on the first day. Over the next few weeks, he began to reflect, and the nails on the wall gradually decreased.

slowly, the boy no longer lost his temper.

his father suggested that from now on, if he could not lose his temper for a day, he should pull out a nail.

after a while, the boy finally pulled out all the nails.

his father brought him up to him and said earnestly, "you've done a good job, but look at the holes in the wall. It will never be the same again."

this is the same reason as talking to you, when you sayWhen angry words, it will leave scars, just like these holes.

cut someone with a knife and pull it out. It doesn't matter how many times you say you're sorry, the wound is still there. "

the mouth is a double-edged sword. Good words are warm in three winters, and evil words hurt people in June.

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A warm word can make a person feel like a spring breeze, while a cruel word can pull a person into the ice cellar.

if we are not sure that every word we say is beautiful, we would rather not speak than talk.

you don't have to say all you know, leaving three points of leeway.

between people, it is often because of the talkative sentence or two that makes a bad impression.

heard such a joke about a man who couldn't talk and went to a friend's child's 100th birthday party.

before leaving, his wife told him that if you can't speak, don't talk.

if he didn't say a word at the banquet, he finally wanted to go home. He said to his host, "I didn't say a word today. Your child is going to die, so don't blame me!"

although it is common sense to be old and sick, it is really unpleasant to say such a thing at a birthday party.

people who can't speak always speak to death as soon as they open their mouth, breaking their own way and hurting the feelings of others.

speaking is an art. If you draw a window for others, you can see the sky more completely.


Confucius said, "A gentleman wants to be slow in words, but quick in deeds."

A gentleman should be cautious in his words and quick in his deeds.

in this world, there are many people you don't like, all kinds of unsatisfactory things, but hate a person, there is no need to fall out; see through a thing, there is no need to say.

"High mountain rocks are rich in gold and silver, and there are few thick gentlemen in the world. Friends do not have to use all their words, for fear of causing trouble in the world. "

whenever you sit still, you often think about your own mistakes and gossip about others. To save face with others is to leave leeway for yourself.

Life is a silent practice. The eyes learn to do things and the mouth learns to be a man.

it is the most basic self-cultivation to look at yourself in the mirror of others.

in this life, may you not be right and inhuman, do not take care of twists and turns, keep your heart with your mouth, and be carefree.