It really matters who you're with.

It really matters who you're with.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in the movie "kind and Beautiful Girl", Hepburn started out as an ordinary flower girl, rude, vulgar and tiresome.

until I met Harrison.

Harrison taught her to get rid of her funny accent, taught her how to have temperament and charm, and more importantly, taught her self-respect, self-love and self-appreciation.

gradually, Hepburn gradually transformed from a wild girl into a kind and beautiful girl with elegant conversation and noble temperament, which changed her life.

the ancients said: Pengsheng hemp, do not help themselves straight; white sand in nirvana, with it black.

traveling with different people, you will have a different life.


go with positive people

this Spring Festival, I meet a friend I haven't seen for years.

along the way, she has been complaining about her husband, children and work, saying that nothing has happened to her for so many years.

when I got home, my mother asked how I felt when I didn't see her for so long.

I say that people haven't changed much, just complaining all the time.

Mother thought for a while and said, try to communicate less in the future, complaining that listening too much will inevitably affect your mood.

you become what you are with.

when you are with negative energy people, you will become negative.

walk with positive people, and you will meet a better self.

in the Japanese variety show "Pine Nut observation", I made a social observation:

the appearance of women does not depend on weight loss and plastic surgery, how can they become beautiful in 50 days?

some people change their lifestyle, and some people begin to go shopping and dress themselves up.

but the most impressive thing is a junior who became beautiful without spending a penny.

in the program, she met a positive and optimistic teacher who praised and encouraged her every time they met.

50 days later, the girl became more beautiful with the naked eye.

sounds incredible, but she has changed a lot.

from a shy and self-abased girl who dared not even look into each other's eyes, she became confident and lovely and brought her own light.

this is the luck of traveling with positive energy people.

people with positive energy will encourage you when you are down and hug you when you are upset.

the influence of positive people on you is not temporary, but lifetime.

walk with people with positive energy, and you will slowly become a little sun, warming yourself and illuminating others.


work with reliable people

Last weekend, I made an appointment for dinner with my friend Jin Jin. As a result, she said that she could not get away from something temporary and asked that the reason was to help her colleagues clean up the aftermath.

the company had an important customer visiting, and the leader was going to choose one of Jin Jin and her colleague Xiao Han to be in charge.

and say in advance that the customer will take his family with him, need to book a suite, and provide the customer with a play route.

Xiao Han was so clever that he took the task on the spot and patted his chest to make sure that everything could be arranged.

but Xiao Han didn't want to book a hotel until the day before the customer came.

by that time it was already late, and the suites had been booked in hotels with agreed prices with the company, and there was only one twin room left.

the tour route is also drawn up by Xiao Han in a hurry, which is not very reasonable and makes the customers very dissatisfied.

Choose a trendy prom with sleeves gown with a limited budget! Kick off your amazing shopping experience with us.

when Jin Jin learned of this, she immediately contacted the nearest hotel, replaced the large suite for the customer, and personally guided the customer in the next few days, which calmed the customer's anger and did not cause major losses to the company.

there is an excellent saying on the Internet: "chat with smart people and work with reliable people."

people who are smart but unreliable ask very little of themselves and often drop the chain at critical times.

when you work with unreliable people, you have to help with the aftermath all the time.

and those who are really reliable have an explanation for everything, a reason for everything, and an answer for everything.

only by working with reliable people can you avoid detours and save worry and effort.

on the road of life, you can go more smoothly by choosing to work with reliable people.


get along with people of the same frequency

I have heard a sad story.

in the ocean, there is a lonely whale that has been swimming alone in the ocean for more than 20 years, but has never found a companion because the frequency of its sound is so unique.

if one day it can no longer swim, it will be like any foam in the sea, as if it never existed.

and we are not the same, all our lives, we are looking for people with the same frequency.

when I was browsing Weibo, I saw a netizen say: "my good friend and I don't know why we are drifting away."

someone replied:

"how can there be no reason? You just didn't see it. "

in this world, there is no love that disappears for no reason, and there is no reason to leave.

the root cause of a relationship drifting away is actually different frequencies.

Liu Zhenyun told a short story in his novel Top Ten Thousand sentences:

A couple met a couple who were about to divorce when they went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a marriage license.

when the staff asked the reason for the divorce, the couple said, "I don't know."

when asked why couples got married, they said, "you can say it."

especially agree with the saying:

"what is more terrible than dying alone is to end up with the person who makes you feel lonely."

because people with the same frequency understand your implication and understand your mountains and rivers.

as Van Gogh said in his letter to Theo:

"there is a fire in everyone's heart, and passers-by only see smoke."

people who share the same frequency with you can not only see the fire in your heart, but also light the fire in your heart.

writer Han Han said:

it does matter who you are with.

May you have the sun around you, light in your eyes and yearning in your heart for the rest of your life.

with the right person, live the way you like.