It turns out that bowing your head is an ability.

It turns out that bowing your head is an ability.

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as the saying goes:

the reason why people are miserable in life is that in the limited time, we are always busy fighting for it, but forget to stop and make way at the right time, and we will gain more instead.

as the saying goes:

if you give up, you will gain. If you want to take it, you will lose it.

the brave advance of the torrent is a person's courage, but it is a person's maturity.

people who know how to smile and bow their heads can tolerate what ordinary people cannot tolerate and what ordinary people cannot bear.

such people are often smart people


bow is not to admit defeat

but a kind of bearing

life, do we have such an experience:

conflicts with other people's views, and then the two of them are flushed;

have conflicts with their loved ones, but they have to argue about who is right and who is wrong.

in the end, I quarreled with grievances, lost my mood, intensified the contradiction, and the loss outweighed the gain.

sometimes, smiling and bowing your head and slowing down your mood can solve the problem better.

sa Benning once asked boxing Olympic champion Zou Shiming:

wrinkle Shiming replied:

when you are alive, you will inevitably encounter things that are not what you want. If you fight for a moment, it is often your own character and pattern that you lose, while bowing your head at the right time is a kind of bearing.

in this world, there are many friends, many roads, many enemies, many walls.

when a person takes a long-term view, leaves a step with the pedestrian, and leaves a place for himself, it is more likely to win the respect of others.

some people say:

truly smart people tend to be calm and generous, not trapped in trifles, bow their heads and make way, but they are better able to live their lives.


bowing is not an incompetence

but an ability

Zhang ailing said: you should be famous as soon as possible.

this sentence is all the more obvious in this utilitarian era.

too many people, in order to become famous overnight, let themselves become sharp, wanton publicity, but wood show in the forest, the wind will destroy it, and often end up in total defeat.

people who know how to bow their heads are not because they are incompetent, but because they know how to hide the front and keep it secret.

as the old saying goes:

it may be a kind of courage to express yourself, but only if you know how to bow your head and know how to converge, you will have the ability to rise abruptly based on accumulated strength and carry the heavy burden of life.

the millet matured and bowed its head in order to avoid the danger of breaking. Only the blighted son with an empty belly would hold his head high and flaunt in the wind.

people who are really good will never show themselves, but will choose to "bow their heads" and take into account the overall situation at the most appropriate time.

the weak always overexert themselves, and the strong always show weakness.

people who hold their heads high seem to be domineering, but in fact they are the camouflage of the weak;

people who bow their heads and are introverted seem weak and incompetent, but behind them is the wisdom of the strong.

you know that life is short and only modest and introverted can have the last laugh.


bowing is not cowardice

but a kind of self-cultivation

someone in Zhihu asked:

there is an answer like this:

people who know how to give in in case of trouble tend to be calm and calm.

Dreaming of a great boat neck bridal gown with sleeves that will make your figure look elegant? Just take these selections into consideration.

there is such a plot in the TV series distant Savior.

Ding Yuanying had already paid for breakfast once, but when he was about to leave, he was stopped by the stall owner to ask for money.

Ding Yuanying did not argue and paid for the breakfast stall.

in the argument with the stall owner, Ding Yuanying chose to bow her head.

this is not because he is weak, but because he knows that instead of fighting over trifles, it is better to do something more meaningful.

in fact, the dilemma of life often lies in the stalemate between the two sides. if one side bows his head and gives in, the matter will be resolved quickly.

to bow your head is not to be weak; to admit weakness is not to admit defeat.

as the saying goes:

Life is bound to suffer grievances, but the more a person experiences, the more he can see the multifaceted nature of things, the more he will understand and tolerate.

because of understanding, so compassion; because of tolerance, so bow.


the wisdom of life often lies in the moment of bowing; the value of life often lies in the moment of looking up.

in the sea of life, there are no ripples in stillness.

it is a kind of wisdom to commit to low places and bow to the current situation;

to be misunderstood and bow to the world is a kind of self-cultivation;

is a pattern of standing high and bowing to life.

as the saying goes:

those trivial things, give up, those who affect the mood, stay away.

learn to give in within your own bottom line, smile and bow your head, so that life can be free from haze and full of sunshine.

May you and I stay calm and unrestrained for the rest of our lives.