It turns out that some competitions can only be won by canvassing.

It turns out that some competitions can only be won by canvassing.

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65% of the votes are meaningless popularity games

"Hello, I'm XXX from the XX grade. Our class recently participated in a competition between colleges and departments. Would you please go and vote for us? (add an expression with folded hands and a pitiful tearful face)

since my freshman year, I have received numerous canvassing messages in similar format in my moments. A game I have never heard of, I don't even know what is the theme, when and where it is held. It exists outside my world and has nothing to do with me. But because my junior high school classmate's junior high school roommate's high school boyfriend's senior sister participated in it, the news of canvassing for the game 108000 miles away from me spread to my world.

should I vote or not?

"voting is as easy as picking up rubbish by the roadside. Aren't you willing to do that?"

"of course you have to vote for me. If everyone clicks on the voting page like you and gives points to other opponents, aren't we poles apart?!"

"voting may seem like a trivial matter, but it also shows a personal state of mind. I have heard that ordinary people like to follow the crowd, and rebellious personalities like to vote aesthetically on purpose. As for those who are really serious and responsible, they will proceed from an overall perspective and evaluate them through overall browsing, detailed comparison, theme ideas, etc., and finally cast their own sacred vote. "

but I am just an ordinary person with no traffic and no patience. I either don't vote, or I just give my rough vote to my canvassing friends.

canvassing at will, your work will become cheap

only stalls like to sell loudly, aren't all the good things on the counter offered there quietly? Since the judges are not blind and the students are not stupid, this meaningless canvassing activity can actually be stopped for a while. The smell of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley, if it is a good thing, it will always be selected.

Don't worry if you have the strength; don't worry if you don't have the strength.

vote for popularity and sense of honor and disgrace

of course, a lot of canvassing is not unreasonable.

focusing on my own life experience (there is no way to look at your life experience), voting seems to be simply divided into two categories. One is the honor vote of great love, such as the most beautiful campus, the most beautiful class badge and so on. The other is a technical contest vote, such as Best PPT Best Advertising Design and so on.

canvassing for the first kind of voting, I think there is nothing wrong with it. Because it contains the nature of entertainment, but it is to brush a little sense of existence, so that graduates who are ready to apply for the examination will add a sense of honor. (as long as everyone is happy anyway)

"Alma mater is the place where I can scold but you are not allowed to interrupt."I think our class badge is very beautiful."

after all, the good memories brought to you by the campus cannot be reproduced by others, and the United scene when your class carefully designed the class emblem is also happy, and the teacher who once made you feel grateful for the rest of your life. You can be forgiven for canvassing for them, and I would have done the same. (anyway, I am ordinary)

as for technical voting, the selection of the best work, I think it is better not to canvass votes. Canvassing, in addition to making your work cheap, may also lead to vicious competition.

anyway, if the work is too bad, there is little chance of winning even if the number of votes is very high. You might as well worry less about canvassing and take some time to improve yourself.

what good is it for the organizers to do this kind of voting? is it fair?

this kind of competition, it doesn't care whether you are popular or not, and it doesn't care whether you have seen these works or not. the only condition is that Subscription account, who needs you to pay attention to it, is eligible to vote. So if the competition is held in disorder, we will do the same, because it can attract a lot of fans.

the prize is to be given away anyway, but we can't give it away for free. Giving it away is tantamount to doing public welfare, so we must use it to improve our reputation, and canvassing is precisely the lowest-cost way of promotion.

I went to the municipal debate contest in my second year of high school, and there were 7 (5) at that time. The judges are all randomly selected by the public, but because the public judges are not professional, the results of the competition have caused a lot of controversy. When our tutor went to give advice to the organizers, one of their leaders said to us earnestly:

"the participation of public judges has made the competition fairer, but it also means that the competition has become more unprofessional, which is a drawback, but we have no choice but to see which side of you they think is more pleasing to the eye."

the same is true in many competitions now. No one cares about its shooting method and plot design. As long as there are people I know involved in this work, I will cast my precious vote. If not, it can only be regarded as unlucky.

this seemingly fair "minority subordinate to the majority" evaluation method contains a lot of "unfairness", which is very helpless, but as contestants, there is nothing we can do about it.

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ends with confession, everything is not without reason

if you want to say it, you have to say it together, if you want to scold it, you have to scold it together. Canvassing can make the landscape last for a long time, because it can really work! A seemingly unremarkable canvassing actually contains a lot of meaning.

the brother who has a crush on you has canvassed for your votes. Do you want to vote?

the good friends around me are competing, do you want to vote?

canvassing can be successful because it involves interests and social etiquette!

"your canvassing is so annoying. I don't want to talk to you." That's what you think, but you won't really say it. Even, you're stillWill quickly click on the voting page with a sigh to vote for the canvassing friend.

there are too many casual people like me who are impatient and have no flow, and there are too many non-free people who are involved in interests and social etiquette. We are like a fence built hand in hand, silently contributing to the canvassing wind.

after all, whose fault is this?