It turns out that the most terrible thing is not the green tea bitch, but the spectator lurking around you.

It turns out that the most terrible thing is not the green tea bitch, but the spectator lurking around you.

"I just want to see if you are a special person in life."

by the way, the Wechat public platform has a "Music" function. I specially chose a song that I like very much recently. Welcome to listen to it. If you can understand what this song is singing, you may be able to understand why I am sad.

if there is no accident, today's article should be my first article marked "original".

if you can finish this article, then let me first say: thank you.

"experiment for one yuan"

I was buying rice noodle roll on the third floor of the first meal at more than 10 o'clock this morning. While waiting, I found that the new version of Wechat had a new function, that is, "collect money face-to-face"-set the amount, and then send the QR code out to collect the money.

so it occurred to me that I might as well do a "one-dollar" experiment. In fact, in the chaotic process, there are a lot of fans added my Wechat, at the beginning, I will ask them why they add my Wechat, if there is anything they want to talk to me about. As a result, I found that many people replied directly: "nothing else, just read the chaos, so I want to add you." So I began to pass all the people who wanted to add me, because I thought they were well-intentioned.

so I set the amount to "one yuan", and then sent a circle of friends:

Please the person who added me on Wechat because of chaos will pay me one yuan, because I have already sold my life to you;

if it is because I care about disorganized people, sign up, and I will pay you one yuan.

if you don't want to give me a dollar, please delete me, because the probation period has passed.

at first I was joking, and I didn't think about how many people would transfer me 1 yuan. At that time, I thought very well. As long as the person who transferred the money to me, I would give them a red envelope of 2 yuan. But I found that when I was about to "give back" to them, I had already given all the red packet money to those who were "disorganized because of me". About half an hour later, I received 16 yuan and I sent out 13 yuan.

the more I think about it, the more angry I get, because I think there are some people who have added my Wechat, haven't communicated with me, and don't retweet my articles, so why won't they pay a paltry dollar? Is my moments so meaningless?

before I posted my WeChat account, I only had about 150 friends. Today, I have 406 friends. I have a strange habit, that is, if I am not very interested in people, I will not take the initiative to add other people's friends, not because I am arrogant, just a personal habit. So I can confirm that of these 256 friends, nearly 200 of them took the initiative to add me. Of these two hundred people, nearly 100 have not had any communication with me.

moments are very "private". It is a medium for both parties to establish a relationship. I block a lot of people's moments because I think their moments are meaningless, but I do not prohibit others from watching my circle of friends. because they apply to add me, it means they want to see the "real" me.

so I think I'm outputting what I think is right (including my photos to satisfy other people's curiosity), and the 100 friends who don't have any communication should pay me "one yuan". And I have already planned to send out all the money received, on the one hand, to express my gratitude to the fans, and on the other hand, to show that I am not doing this experiment for money.

then until 12:00 at noon, I received a total of 31 yuan and sent them all.

I sent them to those who transferred money to me in the form of "two yuan"

and attached a sentence: please give this yuan to another Subscription account you support

in fact, I did not ask them to send that "one yuan" to Subscription account, but it is a great honor. We LAB from the Media Alliance in the "ACECHAN I am a wolf in the wind" and "three words" received "one dollar" from their fans.

so can you understand what "one dollar" means to an official account operator?

but the focus of this article is on the second half of this article, and the front is just "laying the groundwork".

"Yes, I am a spectator."

when I was about to get home, I received a message because I said I would not expose his information, so let's call him Xiao Ming.

the following is the dialogue

Xiao Ming: "I don't understand what you mean by a dollar, which is out of tune with my attention to what you think because of disorganization." And this kind of investigation is ridiculous. "

me: "then why did you add me because of chaos?"

Xiao Ming: "it gives me a reason to think."

me: "then why did you add my Wechat?" Are all the thoughts I give you positive? "

Xiao Ming: "because many people think that chaos is special, I want to see if his author is also special; if it's not positive, I won't add your Wechat."

me: "if it's positive, it means I gave you something good, so why don't you give me a dollar?" You wish I could give you more different things, right? But you think it's ridiculous to give me a dollar?

if you don't want to give me a dollar, just follow Subscription account silently. Why intervene in my life? Aren't you just a spectator?

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I emphasize that a dollar is not because I need a dollar, but because I want to know how many people are willing to actually support me instead of watching. "

Xiao Ming: "Why?Why use money to measure everything you give? It's not that I can't give it, but that I can't accept the reason why you give me this dollar. Then I see. I may see the mess you want to do well as I understand it. "

me: "if I don't talk about money, I'll let you rewrite my article for no reason, will you?"

Xiao Ming: "probably not. I turn to the article from the bottom of my heart."

me: "do you think it's funny?" It seems that when I write an article, I have the obligation to be my friend by you. My circle of friends is for you to verify whether there is something special about the disorganized author. "

Xiao Ming: "I admit that."

me: "then what can you bring me?" Contacts? Work? When I asked for a dollar, you didn't want to give it to me and asked you to transfer it. You said you wanted to see the content, and you came to ask me why I did this survey. That's the reason. Can you understand? "

Xiao Ming: "listen to what you mean, you only need those who are duty-bound to support you?" There is no need for spectators? "

me: "there is no need for viewers to add me Wechat, do you understand?"

Xiao Ming: "well, I'm just a spectator."

I said, "well, do you think I'm a little different?"

Xiao Ming: "Yes, it's different from the disorder I understand."

me: "do you mind if I put our conversation in a mess? I will hide my personal information. "

Xiao Ming: "I'm sorry to say I mind, but I'm just saying what I think."

me: "you represent the views of many people, so I won't quote them directly." But why do you mind? Do you think you are wrong? "

Xiao Ming: "well, goodbye and wish you success." There's no right or wrong. I just don't like it. "

me: "Bye."

so I'm here to say sorry to Xiaoming. I did something you "don't like". Because I think like this:

Why can you do things I don't like and I can't do things you don't like?

as a spectator, you added my Wechat just to see if I was a special person, you refused to forward my articles and refused to buy my moments for "one yuan". Although you have deleted my friend this afternoon, I still don't think you are kind enough.

I don't know how you feel when you see this. Will you pick it up because of this article? In fact, if you pass because of this article, I am welcome, because I don't care about people who don't care about me at all.

I don't know how many of my 100 friends are spectators like Xiaoming? I don't think there will be less than 50. I really want to ask:

"Why? I'm just writing an article. Why should I pose as a saint and forgive you for your unkindness? "

everyone, please be careful of the "spectators" in your address book. Only when they see you lovelorn in your moments will they surface and silently give you a like. They don't care about your life at all, they just want to reap some of their own "joy" through the stumbling you show.

it turns out that the most terrible thing is not the green tea bitch, nor the high achiever who likes to say "I won't either", nor the Virgin Mary who says "it's nothing", but the spectators who have been unknown and lurking around you. As Lu Xun said, they are waiting for your "blood steamed bread" to cure their "tuberculosis".

but then again, why does Wechat introduce "original" and "reward" functions? Because it encourages people to stay away from plagiarism, only by writing attentively can they gain a large number of fans and even support themselves by writing. In fact, I do not need much, there are a few tuhao fans, give me a few one yuan, I can because of "disorganized" and drink an extra bottle of Vitasoy.

those who know me say I am worried, and those who do not know me say what I want.

(actually I just want to drink a bottle of Vitasoy)