It turns out that this is called "the Law of unworthiness" (good text in depth).

It turns out that this is called "the Law of unworthiness" (good text in depth).

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Voltaire said:

many people who are crushed by life are not faced with big problems, but some very trivial things.

but it is the seemingly trivial things that drain people's energy endlessly. Life is only a few decades, why care about people and things that are not worth it, and why block yourself for the sake of trifles?

if there is nothing in mind, there is nothing in mind, and there is often joy in heart.

learn the law of "not worth it" in order to live a relaxed and comfortable life for a long time.


what is not worth it, there is no need to dwell on

in this world, everything has a cost. If you waste time on things that are not worth it, you are bound to miss out on other good things. In ancient times, a man named Meng Min bought a clay pot and accidentally broke it on the road.

Meng Min left without even looking at it. The passer-by was surprised and asked him, "your jar is broken. Why don't you even take a look at it?"

Meng Min replied, "the jar is broken. What's the use of watching it?"

there are many things we can't change, but we can decide our attitude.

for Meng Min, if you stay and regret a jar, you may miss the inn where you stop at night, or you may not have a chance to enjoy the glow of sunset.

instead of wasting your life entangling with things that are not worth it, move on immediately, without entanglement, without remorse, without looking back.

No matter when and where, do not regret what is not worth it, do not entangle with what is not worth it, and be a calm and calm wise person.


people who are not worth it don't care that

author David Polly once wrote a book called the garbage truck Law.

he said:

in the face of the gossip around him, he often sulks in his heart.

in life, such people are everywhere, if you give them a chance, they will dump "garbage" on you, wasting not only your time, but also your feelings.

when you meet such a person, don't waste your emotions too much, smile and walk away.

because you still have to enjoy the beautiful sunset in the evening, you have to go home and cook a big dinner, chat with your family, and communicate with your children.

you know, the more you live, the more expensive you are.


there is no need to give up what is not worth it

have you ever done such a thing?

you fold the bags for shopping neatly, thinking you might need it next time.

but the speed of use can not keep up with the speed of hoarding. The cabinets are so full that they are finally thrown away.

but three days have passed in the twinkling of an eye, you ate bad food, had diarrhea and drained water, broke your health and lost money.

if you take things too seriously, you will take life too lightly.

when you waste time on things that are not worth it, you are also depriving yourself of the opportunity to use better and more worthwhile items.

since people can't take anything away in the end, why let themselves make do with it?

for the rest of your life, don't let meaningless items fill your house, empty them at the right time, make room for more cherished items, and enjoy the rest of your life.

it's not worth losing so that your life can shine again.

less entanglement, more peace; less trouble, more free and easy.

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