It's no use knowing anyone when you're useless! (real reality)

It's no use knowing anyone when you're useless! (real reality)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

stands at the top and is sought after by others.

falls to the bottom of the valley and is ridiculed.

the scenery is brilliant, everyone is surrounded,

is poor and is looked down upon by others.

this is the way it is.

when you are useful, you are surrounded by friends.

when you are useless, who thinks you are a friend.

Society is cruel, and people's hearts are so complicated.

Don't say how many people you know on weekdays.

the key is how many people know you when something happens.

when you are short of money, try to borrow money?

when you are in trouble, try asking for help?

what's good for you is said to be good for you.

if something happens, it's all gone.

there are many friends, so what, no matter how well-connected they are?

after something happens,

the only one who can help you is your family.

Don't say who you have a good relationship with.

as long as you encounter difficulties, even relatives may not be able to help you, not to mention outsiders who are not related by blood.

Don't be naive.

when you are valuable, others will use you.

when you have money, others will approach you.

when you have nothing and nothing,

look at the people around you.

there are still a few of them and who else is with you.

you have to understand that

it is better to chase a horse than to raise grass, and to ask for help is better than to rely on yourself.

if you want to have a good network and a good future,

you have to make yourself good.

if you are good, you will have help.

if you succeed, you will be followed.

otherwise, it will be useless to know anyone.

in this world,

No one can help you free all the time.

in the final analysis, you have to rely on yourself.

others will only admire you when you are useful.

you are useless, others will only ridicule you.

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when you can, everything makes sense.

when you can't, everything is nonsense.

on the road of life, there are many difficulties, and there are always difficulties in life.

asking for help is humble,

depends on people's face,

it is better to be more independent than to work harder,

everything is on your own.

when you are useful, others will value you.

when you become good, you must be reused!