Just a few words, the whole of life.

Just a few words, the whole of life.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

all kinds of taste of life, taste by yourself,

life has ups and downs, go across by yourself,

feelings are bitter or sweet, feel by yourself,

be tired or difficult, find out by yourself.

whether it is life or life,

it all depends on oneself to break through.

regardless of feelings or things,

experience it with your heart.

living in this world, no one is easier than the other.

behind everyone,

there are unknown difficulties.

in everyone's heart,

has unspeakable bitterness.

everyone's corner of the eye,

has just been wiped tears.

who is not smiling with tears,

who is not running with injury.

in fact, no one is strong, just used to camouflage.

in fact, no one is happy, just learn to hide.

under the strong appearance,

has a heart riddled with holes, and

in the blooming smile,

has too much tiredness that has been endured for a long time.

you are not me, I am not you,

there are several times of empathy,

cold and warm self-knowledge is the truth.

in this society,

everyone has an unshirkable responsibility, and

everyone has increasing pressure.

what others see is the brilliance on your surface,

what others admire is only the happy side of you, and the sadness behind

, who knows, the tears in the middle of the night


Nobody knows how you get through the most difficult times.

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Nobody knows how you endure deep pain.

while admiring others, think about it from another point of view.

the present happiness is bought by the hard work of the past, and the present scenery is achieved by the efforts of the past.

there will be no readily available wealth in the world, and there will be no unearned success in society.

Life road, walk out on your own,

all difficulties, overcome on your own.

We are all a group of ordinary people, and

we are all trying to live.

No one is easier than the other.

No one is easier than the other.

so don't count on others to help you, let alone yearn for others to understand you.

after all, life is your own.

you have to rely on yourself after all.

No matter how heavy the wind and rain is, walk with an umbrella by yourself.

No matter how difficult the journey is, you can do it on your own.

No matter how many things you do, do it yourself.

there is no way to escape, because this is responsibility;

there is no reason to complain, because this is life;

there is no way out, because this is life!