Let's look at one thing, not just the surface.

Let's look at one thing, not just the surface.

Can you tell your "5-1000 meters" from this story?

I used to do talk shows on the radio from 7 a.m. to 10:00 every day. Within three hours, it is basically to discuss current affairs with other hosts. Since we get up early and go back to the office for a meeting at 05:30 in the morning, and read the newspaper earlier than the average audience, we can bring out the news to discuss. But the most important thing is that apart from reading the newspaper earlier than the audience and then telling the news with our mouths on the airwaves, we also need to find our own point of view, that is, to find a theme for the news story. That theme could not have existed in the news. It was given by you personally. Others may not agree, but this is your unique view of the matter. But sometimes some hosts don't understand, thinking that to discuss a news is to read out the whole story, and then casually say "that guy is miserable" as a conclusion to muddle through. As a matter of fact, this kind of comment is not philosophical and is basically no different from the argument made by the teacher at the next table in the restaurant or the old man in the Victoria Park. this is only a conclusion drawn within three minutes, without refinement of the matter, nor added to the wisdom of the reviewer.

when we look at one thing, we should not just look at the surface, but should extend from it to other things.

once I saw a short report in the international anecdote edition that a British pilot's childhood dream was to lift himself up into the sky with a bunch of hydrogen balloons. When you reach a certain height, jump out of the air and open a parachute. In fact, this is a simple truth, which is feasible in theory. It's just that no one has ever done it, and apart from taking it as a joke, you can probably only see it in cartoons such as "running Ostrich and the Big Grey Wolf" (RoadRunnerShow). But when the pilot retired, he really decided to put the plan into practice. As a result, he tied up more than a hundred balloons, rose to a height of 4000 meters, and then cut the balloon and parachuted out. In the end, it was included in the Guinness Book of World Records. With this, what do we see? Of course, the simplest thing is, you can say, "that's crazy" and "how could anyone do that?"

but this matter actually has a certain symbolic meaning, it hides the mystery of all things. In this behavior, which period is the most dangerous? As a matter of fact, it does not rise to a height of 4000 m, but it rises more than 5 m above the ground and does not reach 1000 m, because this height can fall to death and does not reach the height at which the parachute can open. At any time in life will encounter such a danger, all things in the world, reached a certain extreme, there will be a protective mechanism to protect the parties from harm. Just like crimes, most of the time, there is no way to catch evil people in our society, because when a person commits a crime to a certain level, a protective mechanism can be found. For example, some very outstanding defence lawyers can be employed to clear his name. What is more, he may be in power and will rationalize all crimes in the name of the law. Therefore, we cannot catch people of this class. Just as when the balloon rises to more than 1000 meters, the pilot can open the parachute. So we can only catch criminals below this class. Of course, if his crime is too small, for example, just stealing the underwear of the girl next door, it may be very difficult for us to catch it. This crime is really too small, just as it is bearable to fall below 5 meters (a random number I mentioned, but it hasn't been verified).

parachuting with hydrogen balloons can also be trapped among people from all walks of life. Many successful people also need to break through this 1000-meter barrier, a milestone before they can start benign feedback. If you break through, you will be a hero; if you cannot break through, you will only become a tragic hero. In

movies, the protagonists often have such a fate. When you look for a topic, we can start from the news to imagine the rest of the pilot's life, he can do this, but can his relationship break through this hurdle? Can his relationship with his relatives afford such a risk? A story without a theme is a bit like sex without the best part. The process may be wonderful, but in the end, there will be a loss. After the passion, it is a little different.

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