Let's talk about LOL on this special evening.

Let's talk about LOL on this special evening.

Congratulations to the marina team on winning the championship and the lying winning team on winning the runner-up.

Tonight is the final night of the first LOL competition held by the Dongguan Workers' Association.

I still remember that a year ago, OMG represented China to participate in the ALLSTAR and made it to the final and SKT1 with a winning record. As a result, except for the performance of the first sunset girl who made us feel hopeful, the other two OMG games were basically crushed and had no ability to fight back. That night was the first time I watched a world-class game of LOL online and discussed the situation with my friends on Wechat.

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although OMG beat SKT1 at 0:3 in the end, I will never forget the thrill of that night, nor the feeling of cheering for a wonderful kill with my friends.

and this feeling was found by me again tonight.

for this final, the HKCSS specially moved the projector to our sinking square to broadcast this unprecedented match. Because of something, I arrived 15 minutes after the start of the third game of the final.

Blue side: Bloom, PS, Ice Girl, Centauri, Goddess of War

Red side: dawn, excavator, Phoenix, Titan, Obama

at that time, the blue side had the advantage. I remember the head-to-head ratio was 5:4. But in a wave of little dragons, although PS jumped a lot and forced the red ice bird and Obama to flash, he was hit with a backhand by four people on the red side because the entry of the troops was a little slow. as a result, the red side played a wave of 2 for 3 (as a result, I remember, I can't remember clearly, hope that the person with a record can correct it), but also took a little dragon, and the head-to-head ratio became 7:7.

after that wave of little dragons, the blue side began to be suppressed, the red side of the Titan meat could not fight at all, and the Phoenix in the middle also developed, coupled with the opening ability of the excavator, the forced blue side could not resist. In contrast to the blue lineup, the strong period of PS has passed, and there is no gap with the opposite economy in the early stage, so it has become the chicken rib of the team. There is also the ice girl, if the ice girl forcibly opens the regiment and enters the stadium with E, R is used to determine the person. Without Central Asia, he can only be controlled in seconds, and if he does not rush to control it, the casting distance of Q makes it impossible for her to poke.

back to the scene, spectators like us, who can only play tricks, want to grab the commentary and force it. Every time you hit or jump big, the audience will use the volume to express their opinions. After the blue side played the little dragon, the ice girl squatted in the upper wild area, while Bloom first went to the grass row of the river, and then asked people to sell it immediately, and then the three men rushed out to beat Titan. And Titan not only carried most of the damage, the excavator also quickly flew to the top to fight back, Phoenix and assistance also came quickly, that wave can be said to have come and gone, twists and turns. The audience is also satisfied, for each big move and flash with natural sound effects.

in the last wave of the red side, Obama angrily took five kills after taking red drugs. when the word "five kills" appeared directly at the top of the screen, everyone had to spit out a series of "66666" to show their admiration. And the blue side also launched a surrender, ending this magical night.

on the way back to the dormitory, all the boys were talking about the game that just ended. Some said that taking ps was a mistake, others said that the lineup was not good, but I heard more about the English letter that everyone who plays LOL likes to say:


Congratulations to the Wharf team on winning the championship and the lie winning team on winning the runner-up.

as usual, we would also like to say thank you to the organizers.

by the way, I took part in it this year, but I knelt down in the second round. Let's fight again next year, young man.