Life tells me! (it's really well written)

Life tells me! (it's really well written)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life tells me that

if you want to be happy, you must have a good state of mind!

No matter how difficult the days are, you should smile;

No matter how tired life is, you should move forward optimistically.

mindset is good,

whether wind or rain is life;

Life is fate;

success and failure are gains! Life tells me that

if you want a wonderful future, you must grasp the present!

yesterday is the past, don't think about it;

tomorrow doesn't come, don't panic.

live every moment,

cherish every present,

is the most important thing we should do.

muddle along today and be resigned to fate tomorrow.

work hard today and there will be fruitful results tomorrow! Life tells me that

if you want to make true friends, you must first be authentic!

the world is a mirror, and

reflects what you look like.

how you want others to treat you,

treat others first.

to be an authentic person,

will always be like-minded!

Life tells me that

if you want to be happy, you have to worry less first!

Don't worry about trifles.

Don't worry about trifles.

I don't hold a grudge against people who deserve it.

I don't haggle over things I should let go.

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wide heart, your road is wide;

big heart, your world is wide! Life tells me

if you want to be calm, you must first control your temper!

what can't be solved in life?

Why do you lose your temper without moving?

peace of mind can solve the problem;

peace of mind can make people happy.

Don't be angry all the time.

hurt your feelings and yourself! Life tells me that

if you want to be content, you must fight less!

Don't keep up with the comparison.

Let's just live our own life;

Don't fight,

Don't spoil yourself for unworthy popularity.

if your heart is not greedy, you will not be tired.

if your heart is simple, you will be happy.

Heart capacity is bliss!

Life tells me that if you want to be successful, you must have a good character!

learn to be strong, you will thrive;

be self-disciplined, you will be better;

optimistic, you will be more upward;

have kindness, you will be blessed;

moral integrity, respected by all,

character is a person's lifetime,

the most expensive asset! Life tells me that

you can make money desperately, but you can't buy it.

cars are expensive, houses are not as expensive as health;

thousands of good things are not as good as your health!

so, I hope everyone,

in the struggle,

should keep in good health,

exercise more, stay up late less, don't be stiff,

put health first forever!