Live a good life if you can't start over.

Live a good life if you can't start over.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


there is a saying:

many times, it is always difficult for us to live in the present.

either eager to get rid of the pain of the past, the immediate predicament, or longing for the beauty of the distance, or yearning for the future.

like monkeys carrying corn, we hurriedly chase after the day, thinking that the faster we run, the earlier we can enter the terminal of happiness.

but as you get older, you will gradually find that every day in your life is the only day in your life that you can never get back.

No matter whether the life is good or bad, difficult or easy, you should live every day and take it seriously.

those who perfunctory with their days are themselves in the end.

eat well every day and sleep well.

Don't worry, don't panic, what can make you better is never the day before, but the day you are living.


there is a saying: "A person's life must meet the Buddha one day and the devil one day."

nobody's life is plain sailing.

the road should be taken step by step, the mountain should be turned over one by one, and the slope should be crossed one by one.

in ordinary days, even if there are no immediate worries, there are far-sighted worries, and even inevitably, we have to face a lot of troubles and unhappiness.

in front of life, no one has the right to choose at will.

when you encounter wind, it is wind, and when you encounter rain, it is rain.

We can't decide whether the weather is good or bad, the hardship or difficulty of the day, but we can decide what kind of state of mind and mood to treat each day.


when people are young, they always feel that the days are too long, and a day seems to be a decade. But when people get older, they will feel that the days are getting shorter, and ten years seem to be in the blink of an eye.

in this world, every day should not be squandered.

if you work hard for a day, you will get a day's harvest. If you work hard for a day, you will get a day's achievement.

if you waste and waste, the final feedback of time will only be irreparable regrets and regrets.

in fact, every day has its own taste.

there is an optimistic taste of never giving up in the bitterness of a hard life. In the difficult days, there is a tough taste that makes you stronger.

the so-called hundred tastes of life.

in every taste, there is an incomparably rich life experience and experience. Only to taste it patiently, it will make your life fuller and richer.

comfort and comfort have never been the most important life conditions for a person to pursue.

whether life gives you all kinds of trials or tribulations, you can stand it, and you can bear it. Only in this way can life be really full of vitality and strength.


you always have to believe that no matter how difficult it is today, it will pass. At the same time, no matter how good the day is, it will pass.

sometimes, when you look back, there is no good or bad day at all. There are only footprints and memories of your growth every day.

sometimes there are no shortcuts in life, but one link after another.

if you have escaped the hardships of today, you will have to suffer even more tomorrow. If you skip the difficulties today, you will face even greater difficulties tomorrow.

in the end, you will find that the pain or happiness life gives you is the most unique and precious gift.

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it is because the feelings and experiences of each day are different, that's why our lives are so colorful and so different.

No one can always have a honey-like life.

the days that make you sad, make you miserable, and even make you cry may be the most unforgettable moments in your life and the best nourishment for you to grow up.

I have seen such a paragraph.

regard every dawn as the beginning of your life, and every dusk as a summary of your life.

Let each such a short life leave a little bit for yourself, the footprints of a lovely career and the traces of your heart being enriched.