Location (depth good text)

Location (depth good text)

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in the race between the tortoise and the hare, if the rabbit does not despise his opponent, he will certainly win the name of the champion.

We all know that on land, the tortoise can hardly beat the hare, but it ignores the fact that the tortoise always swims faster than the hare in the water.

the race between the tortoise and the hare is often reversed when the track is different.

between people, the position is different, what you see, think, feel, and understand will be different.

it is difficult for two people in different positions to understand each other; two people at different levels do not have to explain each other.

Life is short, don't embarrass others, don't force yourself.



A person's cognitive level can not be judged by age, educational background, etc.

A seemingly ordinary person may have something special; a person in a high and powerful position may not be matched by virtue.

everyone's starting point is different and cannot be compared.

people tend to have a completely different understanding of the same thing from different angles.

just as the blind touch the elephant, there will always be people who will jump to conclusions based on one-sided understanding and limited experience.

or "Why not eat minced meat", there are always people who will question the helpless choices of others with their own favorable conditions.

people like this, even if they have seen the big world, can't change the narrowness in their hearts.

there is a saying in the original Tao:

sit and watch the sky, see the leopard in the tube, and there are many people who have narrow knowledge.

the position is different, why force to understand, the voice from the bottom of your heart, why force others to listen.

instead of listening to your own world from the mouths of others, it is better to enjoy your own life in your own heart.


different levels, there is no need to explain

it is said that "none of your business, none of my business", these eight words can solve 80% of the problems in life.

think about it, it is true.

other people's affairs have nothing to do with us. We don't have to ask too many questions to embarrass others.

our business has nothing to do with others, and we don't have to worry too much about it.

in the world, how much unnecessary consumption comes from the desire for other people's understanding and understanding, and how many meaningless arguments come from people at different levels.

the Western philosopher said, "agree with those who oppose you as soon as possible."

not everyone deserves our explanation, and not all ideas are easy to understand.

at this time, agreeing with other people's views is the best way to stop unnecessary arguments.

as Lincoln said:

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those who are successful will never argue with others and waste their time.

because they know that the result of the argument is too much to bear: lose your temper and even lose your self-control.

arguing with a dog will only be bit by him, so you might as well let him go first. Otherwise, even if you kill it, you won't be able to cure the scar he bit.

the summer worm does not speak the ice, the well frog does not speak the sea.

Life is not a debate contest, silence is not a lack of reason, but a static brake, but also the self-purification of the pure.


in a family, if you are a mother-in-law, you will want your daughter-in-law to be filial to you; if you are a daughter-in-law, you will want your mother-in-law to be kind;

in life, if you are a customer, you will hope that the goods will be cheaper; if you are a businessman, you will hope that customers will not bargain.

in the organization, if you are the boss, you will want your employees to work harder; if you are an employee, you will want your boss to get a raise.

people always have prejudices and estrangement because of their different positions and roles.

those who are committed to self-interest maximization will always be the first to see the most self-serving solution when they encounter problems.

often ignore the feelings of others and ignore the losses of others.

do not realize that transposition and understanding are always mutual, and it is easier for two people to be heart-to-heart.

the competition between snipe and clam will only benefit the fisherman, and only by giving people three feet can they get a six-foot lane.

there is a saying in the New Book: "those who love come back, those who are blessed come back."

all the luck in the world comes from the blessings you have accumulated for a long time.

Life is like a mirror. If you treat it with a smile, it will not complain and push itself against others. Fate will solve your problems. Qu Yuan said, "it is true that birds of prey are not flock from previous lives."

Road is different, do not conspire with each other, treat strangers, why open your heart?

position is different, do not seek to understand, this is respect for others.

levels are different, don't explain, this is respect for yourself.

people live in the world, there is a kind of top kindness, called: do not understand your actions, but respect your choices; do not agree with your actions, but understand your helplessness.

empathy is the best way to get along with others and the best lubricant for relationships.