Loneliness means being eliminated.

Loneliness means being eliminated.

Your loneliness is a failure without honor.

I hope to share our view of the world with college students

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civilian comedian Yang Jinzhi said this when he left the stage of "Happy Comedians": "for such a long time, what makes me feel lonely." including you have your own team, screenwriters, assistant actors, you use such excellent works, such good programs to show you, but also inspire me. It gives me the courage to stand on this stage.

Jia Ling said in her comments to him: "I think Yang Jinzhi, as you know, we are all big and small, and we are all there, but he is alone, ordinary people, people come to compare with you, the fifth in the first issue, and the fourth in this issue." it's already number one in my heart.

No matter how high Jia Ling thinks of him, failure and elimination have become a reality. I saw his comedy performance, a person's mime performance, which is far different from stand-up crosstalk. I have to rely on my own constant physical behavior to amuse the audience. A performance is very tiring, not to mention previous rehearsals. Each program has a total of six groups to perform, only he this group is his own person, no team, lonely with a sense of desolation. I checked his personal information. As a computer clerk, a man in his twenties devoted himself to comedy. It was really difficult to find a team of his own and was finally eliminated in loneliness.

I don't know since when, loneliness has become synonymous with aloof, maybe it is induced by following the trend, or other factors, loneliness seems to have become a very honorable thing, eating alone, shopping alone, living alone, why not have companions? Because the people around me and I do not have a common language, the world I understand is different from theirs. What is more, I directly say, "I don't like loneliness, but I just don't want to be disappointed." I suddenly feel that my aloof temperament has improved a lot. But you know the real feeling that loneliness brings to you. People are social animals, and no one really likes to be alone.

although loneliness is inevitable, we should learn to endure loneliness, but you should learn not to be lonely, because you will find more and more that some things cannot be done by one person, you need companions, you need a team, you need a group of like-minded people, as Yang Jinzhi said, others have teams, writers, actors, and you are fighting alone, no matter how smart you are. No matter how hard you work, you still can't compete with others, because you have only one person, and knowing that it is also an ability to make yourself not lonely, the sense of achievement that you can stand with you with a team is far stronger than the sense of achievement to endure loneliness.

in the four years of college, the most powerful achievement is not how many positions you have in a series of student organizations, such as the Student Union, the Youth League Committee, or how many scholarships you have personally won, but when you walk out of campus four years later. how many honors in your graduation photo belong to you and your team, if you like playing basketball, play a team of your own, if you want to start a business Then organize a team that shares your ideals and ambitions. The world does not need individual heroes. On the contrary, the world likes to eliminate people who do it alone, which is the same reason as wild geese flying south. Being alone means death and being eliminated. Jack Ma and Jobs represent the entrepreneurial height of China and the United States, but none of them started alone. Jack Ma has "eighteen Arhats" and Jobs has his own team. None of them will say that today's achievements are their own efforts. Even the Party Constitution of our country does not say that Mao Zedong thought is the crystallization of the collective wisdom of the Communist Party of China.

Don't still immerse yourself in the aloofness you give yourself with the so-called loneliness tag. Really good people are often hybrids. Don't shout to improve your interpersonal skills while staying at home or still living the life of a loner. If you are ambitious and you think you are destined to be different, act immediately and get rid of loneliness. Begin to slowly learn to find or build a team of your own, and start working silently for your extraordinary life.

I still remember that Yang Jinzhi made a request when he left the venue. He said that he hoped to perform the last piece of body art for all the teachers here. With the ending of the program, he clearly saw in him an indescribable sense of frustration. It was loneliness that was eliminated.