Luck and blessings are leaked out of the mouth, many people do not know!

Luck and blessings are leaked out of the mouth, many people do not know!

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as the old saying goes:

when people live in this world, they are most likely to commit oral karma. Many people don't do anything bad, but their fate is bumpy. Most of the reasons are that their mouths have damaged their blessings.

A person's oral morality determines his future fate.

so don't unwittingly miss your blessings because you speak.


those who have a bad fate must have a bad mouth.

the ancients said: if you do not accumulate virtue in your mouth, you will harm yourself in the end.

if you don't keep virtue in your mouth, you often say mean and hurtful things that seem to hurt others, but you actually hurt yourself in the end.

in life, some people like to talk about right and wrong, and some people blurt out curses as soon as they get angry. These are the quickest ways to lose happiness.

those who criticize their parents, their children are also not filial; those who complain about their leaders will find it difficult to get promoted and get a raise; those who complain about their partners tend to have bad marriages and families; and God will not protect those who complain.

those who criticize their parents, their children will not be filial; those who complain about their leaders will not be promoted and raised; those who complain about their partners tend to have bad marriages and families.

Zeng Guohua, the younger brother of Zeng Guofan, is the most talented of all the brothers. he has been gifted since childhood, and everyone thinks that his future is bright.

however, Zeng Guohua has a fatal disadvantage, that is, he complains and speaks loudly.

if you have a little trouble in your life, you will vent your anger on others and scold heaven and earth. Over time, the people around him do not want to get acquainted with him.

Zeng Guofan once warned his younger brother not to hurt others by export, let alone complain about heaven, but Zeng Guohua still went his own way without any change.

in the end, Zeng Guohua was defeated miserably in the battle and came to a tragic end without a whole body. If there is no virtue in the mouth and angers heaven, the fate of nature is not smooth and disaster is imminent.

the Buddhist sutra says:

the Buddhist sutra says:

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the Buddhist sutra says:

as the old saying goes: good fortune comes in through the mouth, and misfortune comes out of the mouth.

if a person wants to change his fortune, he should start by practicing his oral morality.


A person's life accumulates virtue, good fortune comes from less misfortune

Mr. Zeng Shiqiang said:

in life, it seems simple to speak, but in fact it is the most difficult. Bad words hurt the heart, but good words help to do.

Master Yin Guang warned the world: to speak well is to say words that are beneficial to people and make people happy.

A person with a good mouth can have good luck, be cautious in words and deeds, and his life will be more and more smooth.

there is such a story in the Quartet Law.

in ancient times, there was a rich businessman who loved raising cattle. His cow was strong, but he had only one defect, that is, the single horn.

once, an old man in the city held a gold race. When he heard about it, he took his cow to the competition.

after the start of the game, there were many onlookers at the scene. He shouted to his cow: "this one-horned cow, a corner!" You can hold it! "

the cow felt extremely ashamed when he heard this. He felt that his master was laughing at him. As a result, I didn't try my best to compete and lost the game.

later the rich businessman asked him, "I love you so much on weekdays, why do you lose on purpose?"

Niu replied aggrieved: "Master, you insult me in front of people and describe my ugly face with evil words, so I don't want to work for you!"

the rich businessman suddenly realized that when he went to participate in the competition later, he said, "my cow is the strongest!" I'm sure we can win the game! " When his cow heard this, he was full of fighting spirit and won the game for his master.

even a cow can't stand the harm of bad words, let alone people?

the Buddha said: if you have something to say, you should say good words, not rude words.

A truly kind person has love in his heart and knows how to show mercy in his mouth. Will use their own words to warm people, rather than hurt others.

there is a saying in the auspicious Sutra: "words are pleasant to the heart, and they are the most auspicious."

speaking well is an art. We should learn to speak words of love, softness and altruism.

there is no way to worry about good or bad, and every thought we have in mind will affect our future life. To say good words, do good deeds, and form a good relationship with others is to accumulate blessings for yourself!


Fu comes from merit, and merit comes from giving. Talking well is the best kind of charity.

to be a man, you should not only have a kind heart, but also a mouth that can talk.