Men really can not let go of a woman, there will be these three kinds of performance, is "pretend" can not come out!

Men really can not let go of a woman, there will be these three kinds of performance, is "pretend" can not come out!

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when a man really falls in love with you, it means that you have firmly rooted in his heart, and no one can replace you.

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as the Internet says:

how can someone who really loved you let go of your hand easily?

he will show his tenderness and love in his daily details.


always miss you, can't help but contact you

someone has said:

people who have fallen in love must understand this feeling. When you are separated from the one you love, missing follows you like a shadow.

the same is true of men who can't let you go. Once they don't see you, they will feel like a year and worry about you.

as long as he is free, he will keep sending messages and calling you.

he is watching you all the time, wanting to know if anything happy has happened to you today, and whether you are eating well and wearing warm clothes today.

for fear of missing any stage of you, he wants to know all the news about you.

every reply you have, he will look through it over and over again, and the corners of his mouth will rise uncontrollably, and he will begin to think about how to ask you out later.

every phone call sounds like the softest love word to him. Every time he talks to you, he is full of breeze and is particularly motivated to work.

he knows your habits, your preferences, your mood and your capriciousness.

because I love deeply, I can't put it down.

only through constant contact can you comfort your heart, which is restless and restless because of missing.


I am afraid that the money I will give you will not be enough to spend

someone once asked Zhang Zhilin:

Zhang Zhilin said without hesitation:

money is everyone's survival capital. When a person is willing to spend money for you or even give you all his money for safekeeping, he must love you miserably.

everyone will talk about love, but only those who can't let you go will be afraid of not giving you enough.

I am afraid that I will not give you enough money, that I will not love you enough, that I will bear hardships, and that I will hurt you.

No matter how independent and powerful you are, in his eyes, you are the little girl who needs to be taken care of and taken care of.

he may not say so many sweet words, but he will certainly give the best to you, to this family.

he may be stingy to himself, but he is very generous to you.

he is willing to do anything as long as you can live well.

his concern for you, this care, will never disappear with the growth of age, but will become deeper and deeper with the passage of time, it is difficult to give up.


feel sorry for your strong

there is a song that sings:

those men who really love you never care whether you fly high or not, and they never want you to be strong. They are only afraid that you are tired and even more afraid of your pain.

when you fall, he will be your strongest backing, carry you forward, and will be your umbrella when you are sad and cry, so that you can rest assured to rely on.

he will tell you:

because you love deeply, you will be distressed by your strength.

when you are with this kind of man, as small as you frown, he will ask you worriedly what's wrong with you; when he blushes and quarrels, he will take the initiative to soften your anger.

will saddle you when you are pregnant, in case something happens to you, and stay with you after childbirth to calm you down.

because I can't let go, I take care of everything.

he has done so much for you in order to be your support, so that you don't have to pretend to be strong for the rest of your life.

Love is not something that can be forgotten, and the feeling of missing cannot be hidden.

if a person can't let you go, you must be the first to feel it.