Mind your own business! (good text in depth)

Mind your own business! (good text in depth)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in this life,

oneself is the protagonist, and

is living for himself.

so the most important thing,

, is never to change others, but to take care of yourself.

watch your mouth.

Don't be too quick.

say hurtful words.

A good word warms you in three winters, but a bad word hurts you in June.

speak well.

is not only your own practice, but also respect for others.

mind your own business.

Don't be lazy.

work hard while you are young,

can you get happiness and comfort.

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otherwise, if you don't accomplish anything in the future,

will be poor and down-to-earth.

will not only embarrass yourself, but also affect your family.

take care of your hands.

Don't cheat.

Don't make money against your conscience.

Don't do things that ruin your character.

Don't take ill-gotten gains, no matter how good it is.

sneak around and never do it.

to be upright and upright,

to do something magnanimous and clean,

can you live in the world with a clear conscience.

take care of your money.

Don't borrow money casually.

people are complicated, and there are too many liars.

if you don't pay attention, you will lose money.

you can help others, you should first look at your character.

you can also borrow money from others, and you should know the root of it.

those who are ungrateful cannot help.

those who break their promises, don't borrow money.

keep some precautions, there is nothing wrong,

be more open-minded and will not be fooled.

take care of your heart.

Don't bother people who don't have you in their hearts.

for people who don't care about you,

your concern is interrupting,

your heart is rubbish, and

your connection is entanglement.

No matter how much you pay, he is not moved.

No matter what you do, he does not respond.

it is better to love yourself and leave the ruthless person.

take care of your ears.

Don't put gossip in it.

most of the things you hear

are not the truth.

even if others are fanning the flames in your ear,

you should not care, and forget when you hear it.

do not preach, spread rumors or talk about it.

will not cause trouble and cause trouble.

take care of your temper.

Don't get angry easily.

people who are not worth it, ignore

meaningless things, don't worry about them.

be an emotionally stable and open-minded person.

Don't let your temper affect your character.

Don't let your anger spoil your body.

those who have a big temper have little luck, but those who have a good temper will be blessed.