Mother's taste determines the temperament of a family.

Mother's taste determines the temperament of a family.

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one morning, I sent my daughter to school as usual.

when we parted at the school gate, the daughter suddenly turned around and asked

"Mom, can we go to the florist and buy a bunch of flowers after school?"

I'm a little confused:

"what are you doing with flowers?" It's going to waste money again. "

my daughter said:

"when I went to Xixijia last weekend, I found that her flowers match the color of the table. I especially want to read and eat on the table."

with that, she walked into the campus.

I stood by the side of the road, and the appearance of my home sprang up in my mind: messy coffee tables, porcelain cutlery, randomly placed cushions, unmatched bedding.

in fact, all of them were selected by the original merchandise comparison companies.

but for many years of miscellaneous life, there is no management, lack of integration and repair, and it looks like it was bought in the secondary market.

my daughter made me realize that

my mother's taste is an indispensable part of the family's "soft environment".


the taste of the mother affects the mood of the child

the taste of the mother is not a personal interest in the family.

it is a funny and informative thing, which directly affects the emotional value of the family.

Li Jing hosted a program "Please Mom", and a young mother came to ask for help.

her family is well-off and has no worries about food and drink. After the children went to school, they thought that the mood of the family would suddenly open up, but unexpectedly, her husband and children were always in low spirits.

my husband complained that she was boring and said, "can you ask me for advice on a lot of things?"

the child thinks she is not as beautiful as other mothers.

after asking why, the guests learned that she almost never dresses up and seldom links with the outside world, let alone do interesting things with her family.

Li Jing concluded:

"she can't see and doesn't care."

there are not a few mothers like this in life.

they are entangled in family chores and ignore their due quality of life and fun.

psychologically, such mothers are often lacking in heart.

they do not have enough energy to create a beautiful environment, nor can they safely enjoy the joy and prosperity of quality life.

over time, they become bitter and bitter, on the verge of emotional breakdown, and even affect their families:

"after giving birth to you, the house has not been clean."

"if I hadn't married you, I wouldn't have become like this."


mothers who pay attention to taste are completely different.

in "Mom is Superman", Yi Nengjing's home is unforgettable:

everyone has special cutlery;

A nutritious meal can be prepared in more than ten minutes;

likes to buy interesting clothes for children to cosplay;

balcony is small, but it is built into an afternoon tea garden.

Yi Nengjing's dedication to life, so that the so-called "taste, quality" such words, no longer out of reach, but within reach.

Bao Wenjing said "very happy and warm" only a few minutes after she went to her house.

Qin Hao, children and parents-in-law, not to mention. They are willing to find happiness in the busyness and trivialities at home.

Mother's taste affects the mood and psychological state of the family.

mothers who attach importance to taste can enhance the emotional value of the whole family.

when ritual and small luck are no longer luxuries, high spirits, radiant spirits, and positive optimism follow.


the taste of the mother, shaping the character of the child

the taste of the mother can not only regulate the family atmosphere, but also show the attitude towards life everywhere and reflect the pursuit of life.

the most direct and obvious thing is to affect the character and quality of children.

the person whom Taiwan's famous mouth and famous host Zhang Xiaoyan admires most is her mother.

my mother fled to Taiwan with her father, but she did not forget her elegance, elegance and calmness, and led a poetic and picturesque life.

she will take Zhang Xiaoyan to a free condolence party to cultivate her daughter's interest in literature and art.

she was beautifully dressed and meticulous, and even in her old age, she was brightly dressed.

Zhang Xiaoyan is so affected that she can do a lot of spicy stir-frying and quarrel with "elegance" as the premise.

she had a rough life. Her first marriage ended in divorce and her second husband died early of illness.

after the parting of life and death, she put on the same shiny clothes as her mother, took the stage to host the show, took over her husband's record company, and the second half of her life opened brightly.

it was her mother who taught her that people should always live with enthusiasm and hope.

American writer and educator Carnegie once said:

Mom has taste, not just to keep the house tidy and orderly.

more importantly, the pursuit of tasteful lifestyle will affect children and inspire them to be brave in creating happiness.

Yan Youyun, a famous socialite of the Republic of China, came from a good family and had a good appearance.

unexpectedly, he was ill-fated. Soon after his marriage, her husband, Yang Guangyi, was killed by the Japanese.

it is conceivable that it is difficult for her to make a living with a large family of women and children.

but she not only leads everyone to raise chickens and farm, but also makes soap, bread and pickled vegetables to make her life enjoyable.

after the Anti-Japanese War, she joined the United Nations as a protocol officer and worked until she retired at the age of 65..

her daughter recalls that as long as conditions permit, Yan Youyun wears makeup, leather shoes and perfume every day to make herself clean and decent.

even in old age, dancing, watching movies, baking cakes and knitting sweaters will lead a rich and colorful life.

her spirit has a profound impact on children:

"taste" does not depend on the materialization of life.

it is an inner energy that can be accepted and cared for by itself all the time.

Mom has this kind of energy and can create a good and interesting life in any situation.

this kind of positive energy is a fresh parent-child education, which is more effective than the great truth in books.

Children's eyes and ears will inadvertently imitate, learn, inherit and benefit all their lives.


Mom's taste determines the temperament of a family

A tasteful mother has one thing in common: take life seriously, respect life, and make yourself and others feel happy.

Morning bell and twilight drum, three meals and four seasons, external image, internal interest, are all "skills".

accumulate over the years, which will eventually be reflected in the family temperament.

some mothers make life poetic.

for example, Anjie in "Parental Love" settled on a remote island with her husband, Jiang Defu, with a shortage of materials and a monotonous life.

but she is not discouraged and uncompromising.

she brought all kinds of skirts and dazzling cups:

even if she is pregnant and inconvenient to move, she will invite Mr. GE to have coffee.

the breeze in the small courtyard, the cup is good for eyes, and the roses are fresh. Teacher GE said with envy:

"you are so romantic, just like in the movie."

because of the pursuit of taste, even on a boring island, Angie's family life is enviable.

some mothers lead a steaming life.

such as Sun Li.

over the years, she not only insists on self-growth, but also leads a decorated life with the whole family.

all four members of the family like flower arrangement.

she and Deng Chao often go hiking in the mountains to enjoy the serenity of nature.

son and so on love sports.

daughter Xiaohua likes calligraphy.

the whole family is in step, neat and tidy, and make a good and interesting life.

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and mothers make the family warm and warm.

Lin Huiyin's daughter Liang Zaibing once recalled that in the days of turbulent times and difficult life, the mother also made the family colorful and warm.

she laid a rough wooden floor and made a simple bookshelf. She had no money to buy flowers, so she picked wildflower decorators.

she taught the children to read Zhuangzi and Pin Li du, and went to the next village to see the fired pottery.

she makes her life so warm that young children can feel that

everyone's life background comes from the family.

the temperament of a family does not depend on material accumulation or senseless vanity.

it is closely related to mother's taste.

if the mother has a good mental state of mind, a fresh and blooming attitude towards life, and the pursuit of beautiful inner taste, the whole family can live a full, beautiful and rich life.

the family is also naturally like a treasure kingdom, which makes people eager to return home.

May every mother have good taste.

May every family have its own temperament.

May everyone benefit from this taste and temperament.