Mute (depth good text)

Mute (depth good text)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

people, the more they experience, the more mature they are, the more they like to keep silent and enjoy silence.

Laozi said: big voice.

the most beautiful sound is often silent.

the still water runs deep, and when people reach a certain level, they will understand the wisdom of "silence".


Mobile phone mute is a kind of accomplishment

someone on Zhihu asked, "what kind of behavior do you hate most on high-speed rail?"

someone replied: Douyin is out.

how annoying it is to put a mobile phone outside, you can see it with a picture.

the release of mobile phones in public is worse than that of annoying bear children.

it can be said that the release of mobile phones has reached the point of mutual indignation.

many people go their own way in public places and put their mobile phones out, even after being reminded.

Xi'an men broadcast mournful music on the subway after 11:00 at night, causing strong discomfort among fellow passengers.

Shenzhen men were reminded by security guards that they were not as good as dogs when they put their mobile phones on the subway. Instead of reining in, they abused them as "not as good as dogs".

A woman made a loud sound on her mobile phone on the bullet train, and the mother on one side was afraid to wake her sleeping child, reminding her to keep her voice down, but was harshly abused by the woman. I was cheeky, and I was mad at you.

actor Ye Xuan has encountered this situation before.

when Ye Xuan was riding a high-speed train late at night, a video was broadcast, and Ye Xuan was insulted as a result of being a psychopath.

I believe many people have the experience of working hard all day and want to be quiet on the subway home.

but there are always all kinds of noisy voices echoing in the carriage, making it difficult to rest at all.

when a person needs to be quiet, the most beautiful sound is noise.

some time ago, Shanghai Metro banned the release of passengers' mobile phones from December.

in the past, netizens were always full of ridicule and sarcasm in the face of new rules.

but unexpectedly this time it is surprisingly consistent, very much agree, it can be seen that many people suffer from it.

Bai Yansong commented on this phenomenon: "the external sound of mobile phones forms a kind of sound pollution, and people around them are like smoking secondhand smoke and are disturbed by the external sound of electronic devices."

how much you hate secondhand smoke, how annoying your cell phone is.

two days ago, I couldn't help laughing when I saw someone sharing such a passage.

pupils all know the need to keep quiet and not to make noise in public places, but we adults don't understand.

the mute of mobile phone seems to be a very rare and ordinary thing, but behind it lies a person's self-cultivation and consciousness.

A person who does not take into account the feelings of others is lack of empathy, and the quality of such people is often not high.

it is necessary for adults to keep their mobile phones muted in public places.


mouth silence is a pattern

the moral Classic says: "Silence is the impetuous monarch, heavy is the light root. If you are light, you will lose your roots, and if you are impatient, you will lose your ruler. "

A person knows how to keep silent at the right time, not impatient, not noisy, is a kind of maturity, but also a big pattern.

when Zeng Guofan was studying at Yuelu Academy, a classmate had a bad temper and often targeted Zeng Guofan.

once, when Zeng Guofan was reading at the window, the book friend found fault and said, "can you read somewhere else, blocking my light?"

Zeng Guofan, speechless, got up silently and went on with his studies in another place.

in the evening, when Zeng Guofan held the lamp for reading, his book friends were unhappy and said, "Why are you at peace when you disturb other people's rest in the middle of the night?"

Zeng Guofan remained silent and read in a low voice.

later, Zeng Guofan won the exam, but the book friend failed, and then complained and said, "it was you who took all my good fengshui and made me fail in the exam."

after hearing this, Zeng Guofan remained silent and silent.

the larger the pattern, the quieter the person.

A person is always angry, complaining everywhere and worrying about everything, which will only hinder his future in the end.

being too noisy is destined to become a climate.

Wittgenstein said: "whatever can be said can be said clearly, and what cannot be talked about should remain silent."

saying is an expression, not an attitude.

sometimes silence is a force.

the more capable people are, the less vocal they are and the more they like to be silent.

Zhuangzi said, "it is good for dogs not to bark well, and good words are not good for people."

Silence is not weakness, it is bearish, know how to brake statically, and take a step back.

on the road of life, if you want to go far, you must keep quiet and enrich yourself.


Silence in life is a kind of wisdom

there is a question on Zhihu: is there any concise truth in life that you can use for a lifetime?

the high praise answer has only six simple words: no joy, no sadness.

the more you experience in life, the more you will understand that your joys and sorrows are your own business after all, not others.

showing off joy or complaining about bitterness can only end up annoying and doesn't make any sense.

the mother who posted her daughter's Tsinghua admission notice and was kicked out of the group is still fresh in people's memory.

Ms. Guo's daughter is smart and her grades have always been famous.At the top of the list, Ms. Guo attended a classmate reunion before taking part in the college entrance examination results.

after the party, the monitor of that year immediately pulled a group to make it easier for everyone to contact later.

everyone in the group is generally very silent, only Ms. Guo is very active.

Ms. Guo often sends photos of her daughter's study and even her daughter's notes to the group.

after her daughter received the admission letter from Tsinghua University, she immediately sent the admission notice to the group and said proudly, "the admission letter from Tsinghua University is atmosphere."

what awaits her is not the praise and envy of her old classmates, but the silence as usual.

especially the monitor, his son also took the college entrance examination, but did not get into a good university.

I was already very depressed. Seeing Ms. Guo's show-off, he couldn't stand it and immediately kicked Ms. Guo out of the group.

when Ms. Guo was going to talk to the monitor privately, she found that she had been deleted by the other party.

when there are too many people in life, when things happen, they are as eager to share their own happiness as Ms. Guo, regardless of the feelings of others.

do not realize that human joys and sorrows do not understand at all, and there is no empathy at all in this world:

your joy may be pain to others;

your success may be hell for others.

everyone has his own way to go, and the circumstances are different, the joys and sorrows are naturally different.

Shelley also said: shallow water is noisy, deep water is silent.

Silence of joys and sorrows is not only a low profile, but also a kind of rare wisdom.

the wiser people are, the more they put their lives in silent mode.

turn all joy and suffering into nourishment for upward growth.

when suffering, stop complaining, silently looking for light, is a tenacity;

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when harvest joy, stop publicity, quietly guard happiness, is a kind of low profile.


Yi Shu said:

"to be a man, everything should be quiet, come quietly, go quietly, work hard quietly, harvest quietly, and avoid noise."

for the rest of our lives, I hope we can all keep quiet and put our lives into silent mode in the noisy world.

Mobile phone is muted, with other people in mind, and always knows how to care about other people's feelings;

mute mouth, do not argue, modestly, cultivate yourself in silence;

Life is muted, do not say happy, do not say sad, slowly become strong in silence.

if you keep silent mode in life, you may be able to find different scenery in life and meet a better self.