"my wife is a benefactor."

"my wife is a benefactor."

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there is a saying in Camel Xiangzi: to marry a wife, you have to act like a thing; if you are kind to your wife, you look like a thing.

my wife comes back not to roar, but to love.

to be kind to your wife, it is first of all an understanding that makes your wife's hard work worthwhile.


my friend Xiao Lin seems to have something on his mind recently. He asked why it was the change after his wife became pregnant.

he said that when his wife is pregnant, she often wakes up from her dreams and her work and rest habits are disrupted.

her mood is changeable, and she is often suddenly happy and sad, which makes people feel very strange.

she also feels inferior and sad because of her bloated figure and stretch marks on her stomach.

finally waited until the day the baby was born, grade 10 labor pain left her in agony, convulsion, and almost fainting.

I asked him if he was tired. He said no, he loved his wife very much, but there was little he could do. He couldn't share the pain for her, and he felt that she had paid too much for the family.

Kobayashi said: "my wife is not only my benefactor in this life, but also my noble person."

A woman, if she has children, is an expression of enough love for a man and a gamble on her whole life.

No matter how strong a woman is, she is also fragile in her relationship.

the pattern of a man is not whether he can give you material life, nor whether he is good at words, but in ordinary days he will put his love into action and give you the softest side in every detail.

Zhihu has a question: "your wife is pregnant, how do you survive as a husband?"

there is a touching answer:

"I didn't think about how I made it, just how my wife made it."

is when "holding up", do you think who is holding up a big belly? Yes, it's your wife!

at this moment, you are her most important support, and she is supporting the hope of the whole family. All you have to do is take good care of her pregnancy life, do not let her do housework, do not let her be aggrieved, do not make her unhappy, when she has a bad appetite, you make food for her in a different way.

when she is stressed, you go out to bask in the sun with her, or watch a game that she likes.

her difficult days passed day by day. "

wife is the one who tastes all the joys and sorrows of life with you, has a common goal, a common responsibility, and works hard for the beauty of the family.

and a man who really loves his wife is absolutely reluctant to harass his wife, let alone to see his wife aggrieved.


being good to your wife is the best education for your children

Psychological research results show that the core of a family is the relationship between husband and wife, followed by the relationship between parents and children.

only when the relationship between husband and wife is good, the family will be stable and the children will grow up happily.

there is a very excellent little girl Qiqi, lively and cheerful, popular, excellent grades, very likable.

once I chatted with her and asked her, "what did your parents teach you?"

she said, "my father loves my mother very much and I am very happy."

when Qiqi celebrates International Children's Day's Children's Day, her father gives her a present and a bigger gift to her mother.

on Valentine's Day, anniversary and birthday, Gigi's father took her mother out to spend time together and asked her to go to her aunt's house for dinner.

so when she was growing up, she always felt happy and willing to work hard for her life.

teaching children how to behave is not as good as setting an example and spoiling and taking good care of their wives.

when your children grow up, they will follow this pattern, find someone they like, and spend the rest of their lives together.

Huang Lei's daughter, Huang Duoduo, is only 15 years old, but she is already very good.

it is amazing in terms of appearance, temperament, experience, knowledge and talent.

she had already translated three English novels when she was 8 years old and communicated with the director at the age of 10.

I designed clothes at the age of 12 and introduced my designs fluently in English.

Duoduo also went to Paris Fashion week;

won five first prizes in the 2019 Singapore International Western Music Competition (China trials)!

all this is inseparable from her parents' education, especially the love infection between her parents.

when he first got married, Huang Lei made different meals for Sun Li every day for fear that Sun Li would eat unhygienic.

after marriage, he also became a family "cooking man". As long as he is at home, he will take the initiative to do all the housework and take good care of his wife and family.

Sun Li is in her 40s, but she still has a good appearance, just like a young girl.

the mother's character determines the child's character, while the husband's love determines the wife's character.

educator Dewey once said: "in the growth of everyone's life, there is no teacher more important than parents." The best tutor is love between husband and wife. "

being good to your wife is the best education for your children.


being kind to his wife is the best betrothal gift for a man.

in a happy marriage, there is a husband who is good to his wife.

recently, "Brother who cut through difficulties" came to an end, and Chen Xiaochun ranked first in the end.

when delivering his speech, Chen XiaoAt the beginning of Chun, she thanked her brother, but Ying Caier, who was off the stage, kept pointing at herself and hinted "thank me" with the shape of her mouth. It was not until Chen Xiaochun thanked her that she smiled with satisfaction.

I remember that when I took part in the competition, Chen Xiaochun was asked, "Why did you come to participate in the program?"

he said, "because my wife asked me to come."

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another time in the program, someone asked, "do you remember who you made a promise to?" Is that promise still valid? "

he blurted out: "my promise to my wife: never get divorced."

many people are attracted by this "happy couple" because they are always so in love.

I remember that 11 years ago, Chen Xiaochun proposed in front of her parents on Ying Caier's birthday.

also promised to listen to her for the rest of her life and love her forever and only her.

he put aside his bad temper and changed from a bad temper to a good man who was gentle and soft on his wife.

from Chen Xiaochun's eyes, all I can see is the love and doting of Caier.

Chen Xiaochun also wrote a letter to Ying Caier: "I love you, just like the sky cannot live without stars, moon and sun."

just like his song "depend on each other": "even if there is no reason in the world around me, I will always be connected with you."

being kind to your wife is the best betrothal gift for men.

take a wife, not to take advantage of it, but because of love, hand in hand, accompanied to old age.

Bacon said: "in life, the wife is the lover of youth, the companion of middle age, and the guardian of old age."

A good marriage is the firmness of wanting to be of one heart and never separated from each other;

is the company of loving each other, holding hands, holding hands and growing old together.