Never argue with people at different levels! (good text in depth)

Never argue with people at different levels! (good text in depth)

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circles are different, so there is no need for strong integration, and the

levels are different, so there is no need to compete with each other.

different people, different thoughts,

different hearts, different feelings.

if you want to be a goshawk, don't sing with birds.

if you want to be a swimming fish, don't go with finches.

is not a level,

is not in the same circle.

what you say is casting pearls before swine, and what you say is exaggerating.


never argue with people at different levels.

it is pointless to argue with people at different levels.

in the end, it hurts feelings.


different levels, debate is unnecessary consumption

and people at different levels argue,

consumes energy and time,

tires body and mind and oneself.

if you say something, others may not agree, but

will blame you for being hypocritical.

if you say something and others disagree,

will laugh at you for being stupid.

talking to short-sighted people about patterns, wasting their breath,

talking to people with bad intentions, talking to ducks, arguing with them is a useless consumption.



good people and vicious people are tit-for-tat.

sincere people and hypocritical people are at odds with each other.

circles are different, so it is difficult to fit in.

if you are forced to merge, you will be asking for trouble.

in conflict and disharmony,

can't let go when you get along, and you are too restrained.

is a torment for each other.

is better to separate as soon as possible and choose high-quality solitude.

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instead of arguing needlessly, it is better to completely change

the human heart is unfathomable, can not see through,

circle is different, do not squeeze in.

empathy is not true, and it is too difficult to think of others.

instead of making endless arguments with people at different levels,

it is better to save energy and time,

to fill gaps, to learn modestly, to improve themselves and to change completely.

when you become better and better,

naturally attracts people with high levels and large patterns, and

under their leadership, they reach a higher peak.

be a man,

never argue with people at different levels.

Don't waste energy and time on people who are not worth it.

do what you want to do,

realize your dreams, get applause,

your own excellence, your feet are full of roads,

yourself, the circle must be clean!