Never be a complainer.

Never be a complainer.

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the more you complain, the more bad luck you get.

there is such a story.

one day, the cow came back from ploughing the field and lay in the fence, gasping for breath wearily, and the dog came to see it. "Oh, old friend, I'm so tired." The cow complained, "I really want to have a day off tomorrow."

after saying goodbye, the dog met the cat in the corner.

the dog said, "Man, I just went to see the cow. The eldest brother was so tired that he said he wanted to take a day off." No wonder the master gave him too much work. "

the cat turned to the sheep and said, "the cow complains that his master gives him too much work. He wants to take a day off and stop working tomorrow."

the sheep said to the chicken, "the cow doesn't want to work for his master. He complains that his work is too much and too heavy." Alas, I don't know if the other owners are nicer to his cattle. "

the chicken said to the pig, "the cow is not going to work for his master. He wants to go to another master's house." It is also true that the owner did not feel sorry for the cow at all and let it do so much heavy and dirty work and beat it violently with a whip. "

before dinner, the housewife fed the pig, and the pig stepped forward and said, "Housewife, I have something to tell you." There is something wrong with Niu's mind recently. You must educate it well.

he doesn't want to work for his master any more. He thinks the work given to him by his master is too heavy, dirty and tired. He also said that he would leave his master and go to another master. "

get the pig's report, at the dinner table, the housewife said to the owner: "the cow wants to betray you, he wants to change the owner." Betrayal is unforgivable. What are you going to do with it? " As soon as the master heard this, he "killed" this hardworking and honest cow.

in the workplace, the more people complain, the less popular they are.

because even an unintentional complaint or two or three unintentional venting will be regarded as slackness and dissatisfaction with your work.

when you complain, it's easy to change your taste, get out of shape, meet people with ulterior motives, and use it as an excuse and excuse to trip you.

so, talking less, doing more, and not complaining is not only the law of survival, but also the best way to protect yourself from being framed by others and not to dig holes for yourself.


you are not good, and it is no use complaining

there is a saying

"when we complain that reality is unfair to us, first ask ourselves whether it is pearl or sand. If it's not a pearl yet, try to be a pearl.

No matter how much sand there is, you can't hide the luster of pearls in the end. If you don't complain, you will get the best thoughtfulness. "

in fact, unfairness is the norm in this world.

the stronger a person is, the less he has to complain about. On the contrary, the weaker a person is, the more angry he is.

actor Huang Bo suffered a lot of disdain before he became famous.

he used to work as a resident singer in a bar in order to make a living, but after singing, the boss couldn't settle the bill, and he had nothing to say, let alone to ask for the money.

later, he was finally admitted to the Beijing Film Academy, but because his classmates thought he was ugly, they told him that even Huang Bo could take the exam and how low the enrollment requirements were.

later, he went on a walk-on after graduation. He was originally chosen to play the role of a robber, but when filming, the deputy director said to him, how can you be photogenic like this? you deserve to be an actor.

but Huang Bo at that time, in the face of all the disdain, the so-called insults, all looked down upon, could not complain, but had to endure.

after all, in such a big entertainment industry, who cares about the joys and sorrows of a small potato. If you can't get ahead and suffer more grievances, no one can see you.

until later, he became an actor-level figure, and as he said in an interview, from then on, he no longer encountered all kinds of careful machines, surrounded by good people, and every smiling face.

in fact, most of the time, society is so cruel and realistic.

when you are nothing, your complaints, no one cares, no one cares, or even has no value or meaning.

but when you are something, the people and things around you will become considerate and beautiful enough to respect and take care of you.


instead of complaining, it is better to change

writer Sanmao once said: "occasionally complaining about life may be a catharsis of some kind of emotion, but it is not wise to complain habitually without seeking change."

in fact, we always encounter a lot of difficulties and troubles in life, but complaining can't solve any problems. Only by learning to change can we reverse the situation.

A writer accidentally took a taxi when he was on a business trip.

No sooner had the writer sat down than he received a beautiful card from the driver with a warm reminder. The writer was surprised at that time, so he began to talk to the driver.

the driver said, "would you like something to drink, please?" The writer wondered: "does this car still serve drinks?"

the driver smiled and said, "Yes, I provide not only coffee, but also all kinds of drinks, but also different newspapers."

the writer said, "can I have a cup of hot coffee?" The driver calmly poured a cup of hot coffee from the next thermos cup to the writer.

then he gave the writer a card with the names of various newspapers and programmes of each radio station.

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the driver said to the writer, "in fact, at the beginning, my car did not provide such a comprehensive service."

like everyone else, I like to complain, bad weather, meagre income, traffic jams are terrible.I have a bad day.

until one day, I happened to know a book on the radio about stopping complaining, so from then on, I completely changed my mind. "

in fact, when anyone encounters a problem, the only thing to do is to try his best to make adjustments and changes. Fearless emotional consumption will only increase troubles and troubles.

most of the time, our attitude towards things determines our ability to do things.

the more you complain, the more powerless you are, and the more you change, the more beneficial it is.


stay away from complainers

there is a theory that a person's level is the comprehensive average of the five people who have the most contact with him.

it can be seen that the friends around a person are very important. Because they directly influence and even determine what kind of person you will become.

on Zhihu, a netizen once said such a thing.

she has a good friend who has known her for more than ten years and likes to complain most.

when I was at school, I complained about school, I couldn't get along well with my classmates, I complained about the company when I went to work, and they talked to each other. Basically, she was complaining.

when this friend asks her about things, she hardly gives a definite answer and can only reply to memes, because if the advice given to her is wrong, she will complain again.

at first she thought that her friends were just complaining, and there was nothing wrong with her, until later, when she became pessimistic and negative, or even tired of the world, she completely blocked her.

in fact, people are environmental.

if the people around you are negative, you will passively accept a lot of negative energy, and if the people around you are positive, you will become more positive.

many times, when you are with someone who complains, you will inevitably be assimilated.

there is an old saying: "to live well, if you enter the room of Zhi orchid, without hearing its fragrance, you will melt with it; if you are not good at living with abalone, if you enter the restaurant of abalone, without smelling it, it will also melt with it."

if a person complains in front of you all day, work is not going well, life is unhappy, and life is not happy, you will usually insinuate to yourself.

if a person shows gratitude, happiness and happiness all day long, you will also have a good state of mind and state over time.

maybe sometimes we can't choose who we are with, but sometimes we can choose who we are not with.

you should not only keep yourself from complaining and influencing others, but also try to stay away from those who like to complain and not be influenced by others.

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