Never marry a woman who marries twice.

Never marry a woman who marries twice.

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"A divorced woman is never allowed in our family!"

Xiaoya, who was preparing a present to see her boyfriend's parents the next day, accidentally came across the chat records between her boyfriend and her parents.

she is what they call the "divorced" woman. The reason for the divorce is her ex-husband's affair.

she also fell into an emotional trough until she met her boyfriend, who was two years younger.

her boyfriend is mature and considerate to her, and he doesn't care that she has been married. His only concern is his conservative parents.

so the day before I officially brought Xiaoya home, my boyfriend chose to confess to his parents.

even though she had chatted frequently with her boyfriend's parents many times before, her boyfriend's parents had expressed all kinds of satisfaction and were still firmly opposed to Xiaoya's divorce.

then, the boyfriend's mobile phone screen lights up more and more frequently:

"A divorced woman is second-hand, so this is your first marriage!"

"divorced women have a bad reputation, and relatives disgrace us when they ask!"

"A divorced woman is scheming. Be careful that she calculates you. Don't be foolish into a trap!"

Xiaoya doesn't understand why divorce has become her original sin when she was a victim in that marriage.


divorced women

can't have it?

I have seen a street interview with "27-year-old divorced woman and 35-year-old unmarried woman, who would you choose to be your wife?"

some passers-by say bluntly: you can buy second-hand cars and houses, but you can't "pick up second-hand goods".

some people even say that to marry a divorced woman is to become a "cheap father".

he Jiong has also been frank in the program:

in reality, prejudice against divorced women is never in the minority.

but if you know that the road ahead is not easy, will you still choose divorce?

the answer given by an anonymous netizen from Zhihu is yes.

in that marriage, she was a free babysitter, handing over all her wages to her mother-in-law and facing cold violence from her husband all the time.

she tried to communicate the idea of divorce with her parents. She thought her family would object, but received a text message from her father:

Dad stayed up all night, thought about it carefully, gave birth to you, raised you as an adult, and advised you to marry, not to make you taste the bitterness of the world, nor to let you continue the fragrance, but to let you experience the happiness of your subordinates.

I always thought my baby was very happy, but I didn't expect that my daughter also learned to report the good news and not the bad news.

Dad is extremely guilty that he didn't help my daughter with good eyes and didn't pay attention to your state all the time, so that my spoiled daughter has seen all the ugliness in the world in just three years and ate the hardships she hasn't experienced in the past 20 years or so.

call Dad back when you wake up and pick you up.

Yes, I wanted you to be happy when I got married, but now that I have hit the south wall, how can the people who love you want you to be trapped in the wall to dry your tears.

she resolutely walked out of the junk marriage. Today, I have the favor of my family, have ideals, and live a full life of work, study and fitness every day. She lived another wonderful self.

if a marriage makes you miserable, you suffer every day, and you don't see a glimmer of hope, then don't hesitate to leave.

the worst thing in a relationship is not to die alone, but to end up with someone who makes you lonely.

enter the marriage is for happiness, leave in time, but also for happiness.


the terrible thing is not divorce

is the loss of oneself

in fact, the terrible thing is never divorce, but the ability of not supporting the bottom.

Twelve years ago, Ma Yili, who was on the rise in her career, married an article eight years younger than herself.

she once said on the show, "if anyone has to give up his career, it must be me."

later, the article became more and more famous, and Ma Yili retired behind the scenes to have children and was willing to be a good wife and mother.

later, it was the spectacular "cheating door" that took place during her pregnancy.

in the third month after giving birth, Ma Yili chose to return to work. At that time, she did not recover her figure and was complained by netizens about her untidiness.

but in the second year, she won the Huading Award for Best Actress. Later, she won the best actress in Magnolia with the role of "Luo Zijun".

for the article, she chose to forgive and saved her husband's dignity. The broken mirror could not be reunited, and she decisively chose to let go, one apart and two wide, each happy.

now if you look at her, you can wear an evening dress and shine in the limelight, or you can show your true self in plain face.

the first married Ma Yili married the article, and the second married Ma Yili married himself.

even though she was hurt, she still looked up and walked forcefully, being the proud woman who was not afraid of rumors.

in the first half of my Life, the congratulatory letter said to Luo Zijun:

what defines a woman's happiness is never marriage. How you can live is always up to you.

when you are strong enough to be your own safe haven, divorce is just about being single again.

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