Never underestimate a good-looking woman.

Never underestimate a good-looking woman.

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There is a saying that everyone's face is a resume of his own life.

the recent mood is hidden in the expression, the temper is revealed in the conversation and laughter, and the eyebrows are full of the past years.

Life is made by oneself, phase is born by the heart.

what a person looks like is what his soul looks like.


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writer Duanmu freely said:

"if you have a bad mentality, you will constantly see a depressed and listless self on your inner 'screen'.

if you are positive and optimistic, you will often see an energetic and refreshing self on your inner 'screen'. "

mentality not only controls people's thoughts and actions, but also affects people's mental outlook and appearance.

after being lovelorn, a Hollywood actress was immersed in sadness and resentment all day. For a long time, her face became stiff and wrinkled.

in order to restore her beauty, she found a famous beautician to give her beauty.

after understanding her mental state, the beautician told her:

"if you don't change your mindset and dispel your resentment and hatred, I dare say that no beautician in the world can beautify your appearance."

years take away only appearances, and what really takes away a person's beauty is a pessimistic and negative state of mind and melancholy.

the Book of Rites says: "those who are gentle must have a pleasant color, and those who have a pleasant color must have Wanrong."

nine times out of ten there are unpleasant things in life. Face life with a positive and optimistic attitude and keep a good mood, then your image must be brilliant.

I have a friend who has always looked high-spirited and radiant.

many people envy her that she is well maintained and has a good day.

I don't know that her bright and bright external image actually comes from her positive and optimistic heart.

she has a lot of troubles in her life, but no matter what happens, she never complains, complains, or makes things difficult for herself.

when she is tired, she goes out to relax, and when she is upset, she listens to music and puts all her worries behind.

even in the most difficult times, instead of sighing sadly, she has a good heart and encourages herself that tomorrow will be better.

she said: "No amount of delicate makeup is worth the destruction of a bad expression. I always firmly believe that there is nothing difficult to get through, so there is no need for me to keep a sad face. "

it is this kind of good mindset that makes her feel like a fish in water in life, but also makes her calm and elegant and shining.

Wende, a writer, said:

"when your heart is always full of sunshine, you will emit a dazzling aura;

when your heart is always a dark cloud, then even the most beautiful appearance will be overshadowed."

what kind of mentality you have, what kind of image you have.

with depression, not only the mood becomes bad, but also the skin becomes rough over time, and the beauty is naturally halved.

when the heart is full of sunshine, the mood will be happy and bright, and the whole person's state will naturally be red and bright.


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elegant temperament is a woman's top perfume

mentality affects a woman's appearance, while temperament determines a woman's charm.

as there is a saying:

Women have temperament, just like a mountain with water, it immediately shows Reiki.

however, a woman's temperament is not inborn, but comes from little by little accumulation, as well as day-to-day study and practice.

Reading is the simplest and most effective way for women to cultivate their temperament.

A woman who often reads books, even if she sits quietly in the corner without saying a word, has an aura that can not be ignored.

this is the case with the famous host Dong Qing.

as we all know, Dong Qing has not only excellent professional quality and strong hosting skills, but also, more importantly, full of personal charm.

wherever she appears, people can immediately feel her powerful aura and intellectual elegance that cannot be replicated.

and this temperament emanating from the inside out is what she practiced through reading.

she once admitted that she did not have any electronic products such as cell phones or televisions in her bedroom, and that she spent more than an hour reading with books before going to bed, a habit that was almost immutable.

A wide range of books not only filled her with the smell of books, but also made her a chapter and a lotus flower.

also adds charm to her. Even if she is not painted, she can exude charming charm from the inside and outside.

there is a saying: "Women are very beautiful, but if they stay away from books, they will lose seven points."

the belly is full of poetry and book style.

if you read more books, the contents of the books will become nutritious, nourishing you from the body and making your beauty refined and chic.

in 2007, Yang Lan was named the first of the "50 most beautiful women in China".

but in terms of appearance, Yang Lan is not the most beautiful. What really makes her top of the list is her wisdom, intelligence and elegance.

what dominates other people's impression of you more than appearance is your temperament.

and knowledge and wisdom are a pillar of temperament beauty.

with this pillar, your beauty will not be superficial, pale and empty.

Voltaire said: "A good face only pleases the eyes, but the elegance of temperament fascinates the mind."

Beauty will gradually fade under the destruction of the years, and the elegant temperament shown after reading poetry books will become more mature and lasting with the precipitation of time.

therefore, instead of paying too much attention to external decoration and dressing, it is better to enrich the inside, increase wisdom, and improve temperament.

elegant temperament, the soul will emit a charming fragrance like perfume.


the kindness engraved in the bones is the timeless clothes of women

Shakespeare has a saying: external appearance is a mirror of the inner world, kindness makes people beautiful.

A woman's face is not only an external expression, but also a reflection of the heart.

the heart is kind, and even if it is not so beautiful on the outside, it will be pleasing to the eye.

there was a question on the Internet: what is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen?

A netizen told such a thing.

once, he and his sister bought tickets to a distant relative's house.

after getting on the bus, I found a lady sitting in my sister's seat, so my sister took the initiative to stand in the aisle and did not let the lady give way.

he looked carefully and found that the lady's right foot was a little inconvenient. It took more than four hours for her sister to stand to the finish line.

after getting off the bus, he asked his sister in bewilderment:

"although it is a good deed to give way, we need more than four hours to drive. We can completely ask her to return her seat to you on the way."

unexpectedly, my sister said, "if it is not convenient for others for a lifetime, it will only be inconvenient for us for these four hours."

seeing that his sister is kind and unknown, at that moment, he thought that his sister was the most beautiful in the world.

A Harvard professor once said:

Internal beauty manipulates the outside. Only with the existence of internal beauty can one really have a sense of beauty.

when a person is kind, gentle and lenient, even if he is not so beautiful in appearance, it will still appeal to people.

when a person is ugly, perverse and full of hostility, even if there are a lot of expensive famous brands, it will be uncomfortable.

the kindness engraved in the bones is the dress that will never go out of fashion and never fade in a woman's life.

as Rousseau said, a woman can put her in the limelight with decoration, but to be really loved depends on her character.

your face is your fengshui.

it reveals your state, reveals your temperament, and reflects who you are.

when you have the optimism in your blood, the kindness engraved in your bones, and the elegance shown after reading poems, your face will really glow with charm.

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