No matter how busy you are, don't snub the people who care about you!

No matter how busy you are, don't snub the people who care about you!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in this lifetime, people will meet about 7502940 people, know 102395 people, make nodding acquaintances, and integrate into each other's lives.

there are only a few people who care about you.

in the hustle and bustle of life, occasionally looking back, you will find that you seem to have lost a lot of things.

because I am busy, I ignore the love of my relatives and forget to contact my old friends.

if some feelings are missed, they cannot be made up for, so we must cherish them.


No matter how good a relationship is, no matter how good it is.

if only one party goes, the other will inevitably get hurt.

there is a saying: "those who are not good to you should be nice to you as a matter of course."

those who are kind to you are willing to treat you because they care.

once they get cold, they can ignore you completely.

Lao Chen and Uncle Li have been colleagues for many years, and they are very close at ordinary times.

later, the two bought a house in the same neighborhood and became neighbors.

Uncle Li is very happy and cherishes this relationship.

usually, Uncle Li will take one of the new dishes added to Uncle Li's house and bring them to Lao Chen's family, and pick up the children of the old Chen family.

in the company, Uncle Li often helps Lao Chen with his projects and solves many difficult problems.

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but Lao Chen doesn't take these things seriously, and often ignores Uncle Li.

on several occasions, he either forgot what Uncle Li asked him to help, or put it off under an excuse.

in the end, Uncle Li found it boring and stopped giving enthusiastically.

Lao Chen, who could not get help, realized what Uncle Li had done to himself.

although I have a lot of remorse in my heart, I can't recover the separated relationship.

as the lyrics say, "those who are favored have nothing to fear."

people who are cared about always wait until they lose to know how precious they are at that time.

snubbing people who are good to themselves is hurting them.

No matter how good a relationship is, it will break up even if it is much snubbed.

A good relationship needs to be watered by both parties for a long time.


No matter how difficult it is, don't chill the people who care about you

people often say that the hardest thing in the world is the human heart, and the coolest one is also the human heart.

and people get along with others by that heart.

when people are cold, they can keep warm; when their hearts are cold, it is difficult to cover them up again.

whatever you do, you can't make the person who is nice to us sad.

I have seen such a story:

many years ago, a young man saved a man named A Yin. The two became good friends and took care of each other in daily life.

later, the young man's mother got sick and had no money for treatment.

he was forced to steal medicine from the drugstore and was arrested by the government.

during this period, it was Ah Yin who took care of the young man's mother.

it wasn't long before the young man's mother died. He wanted to see his mother one last time.

so Ah Yin and the county magistrate said that they would go to prison instead of the young man and wait for him to see his mother before he came back.

the county magistrate laughs that he is too young. Will the young people come back when they go out?

A Yin said, "if he doesn't come back in two days, I'll be at your disposal."

the county magistrate made a bet with him that if the young man did not come back, he would put Ah Yinliu in a wild land.

but in the afternoon two days later, when the young man still did not come back, the county magistrate asked people to take Ah Yin to prepare for exile.

at the critical moment, the young man ran back breathlessly. He had delayed some time in dealing with his mother's affairs.

but in order not to disturb his friends, he came to the appointment as quickly as possible.

the county magistrate was moved by their sincere friendship and released the two together.

Bacon said, "No potion can communicate except a true friend."

so, no matter how difficult it is, don't make people who care about you feel cold.

when people get along with others, the most taboo thing is to chill each other's heart.

on the road of life, there are many temptations that can destroy each other's relationship.

if because of interests, hurt each other; because busy, ignore each other.

at that time, it will be difficult to find the person who cares about you.

Don't hurt people who are nice to you. Treat them with your heart in order to get more true feelings.


No matter how busy it is, don't snub the person who cares about you

what's it like to be left out?

is that I come to you with enthusiasm, but you don't hesitate to turn around and walk away, leaving only your back.

this kind of taste is very uncomfortable.

but in life, people often inadvertently ignore people who care about them.

when a child needs company, you say you are busy and let him play by himself, and what you miss is the growth of the child.

when your wife needs comfort, you say busy tell her not to bother you, you are also tired, and what you lose is the temperature of marriage.

when a friend wants you to meet, you say that you are busy and put off until next time, but again and again, your friend will not call you.

slowly, you will find that you are very quiet around you and no one is bothering you any more.

but what you lose is the enthusiasm of people who care about you.

as there is a saying:

No matter how good the fate is, it can't stand perfunctory; no matter how deep the feeling is, it can't stand the snub.

applyFate, fate will be scattered; snub feelings, feelings will be light.

Zhang Jiajia said, "there are not many people who really treat you well. Don't lose any of them."

there are very few people in this world who can really care about you.

if you hurt one, you will lose one.

it's okay to miss a car, but it takes a lifetime to miss someone.

No matter how busy your life is, don't snub them.

play with children for a while every night and talk to parents and wives.

in your spare time, greet an old friend and let him know how you are doing.

so that they will not be snubbed, and the relationship between them will get better and better.

is probably snubbed by someone who cares.

this is true.

No one likes hot faces and cold buttocks.

there is a saying:

"if you have tried the feeling of being left out, you won't snub others."

the feeling of being left out in the cold is very uncomfortable.

so, no matter how difficult or busy it is, don't snub the person who cares about you.

only by exchanging hearts and feelings, can we live up to them and gain more happiness.