On the way to getting old, you must be kind to yourself (prick your heart)

On the way to getting old, you must be kind to yourself (prick your heart)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in the blink of an eye, 2021 is halfway through.

years are in a hurry, time flies, people, ah, can not keep young, through the hard middle age, we will eventually enter old age.

once I had a smooth face without wrinkles, and my body did not know the burden when I was once.

as you get older, if you want to stay up late, you are powerless; if you want to drink, you are not allowed; even if you want to walk around, it is a luxury.

people, unconsciously, old; hair, imperceptibly, gray.

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Please be kind to yourself on the way to getting old!


other people's mouth, their own way,

what other people think, don't care!

Rousseau said:

if you care too much about other people's opinions, you are doomed to have a hard time; if you care too much about what others think, you are destined to be uncomfortable.

people, it really doesn't matter what other people say!

some people like to make trouble, some people like to sow discord, and some people don't like to see you.

if we believe everyone's words and care about everyone's attitude, we are bound to wear ourselves out.

people get along with each other with an attitude.

those who are sincere make friends with their hearts; those who are false do not stay. Don't put yourself in pain for someone who isn't worth it.

there are some people who obviously won't have much overlap for the rest of their lives, so why care what they think of you?

there are some people who will become strangers when they walk, so why worry about what they think of you?

other people's mouth, let him go, their own life is happy, is the absolute truth!


learn to be normal and face everything around you

doesn't last a lifetime, but we encounter a lot.

just like, we have a bright morning and are doomed to miss the freshness of the dawn.

just like, we have a stable middle age, doomed to lose the ignorance of youth.

along the way, we have to encounter a lot of things, big and small, make you feel sad and make you burst into tears.

but after all, we have to go through.

there is a saying in "half an mu of Flower Field":

in life, we all receive different plays.

some are dull, some are strong, some are full of laughter, some are full of tears, no matter what, we must act well until the curtain ends. How about

? How was the defeat? But it goes up and down for a while;

how about getting together? How about a break? But it's the only way.

living the present life, taking the road in front of us, and facing every day of life with a smile is what we should do.

mixed joys and sorrows, life depends on heaven, live well yourself, is the greatest kindness to this life!


when you are alone, please take care of yourself!

Cai Lan said:

those who hurt you will not be accompanied; those who lie to you will not forgive; those who hurt you will not go the same way!

Life, if you don't like lively activities, spend less time together, and you don't have to wronge yourself for anyone.

Life, if you don't like perfunctory, stay away from those hypocrisy, so what about some losses? At least enjoy yourself!

throughout our lives, we all want to be who we are.

but sometimes, when the situation is confused, the bystander is clear, because we care too much, so we will be confused and take a tortuous road.

in fact, it doesn't matter. It's just a lesson!

I hope you are used to the prosperity of the world, and it is getting easier and easier;

I wish you to walk through life's gains and losses and become more and more leisurely;

I hope you can laugh at life through joys and sorrows;

Please, on the way of getting old, you can live better and better!