One day, one month, one year, one life (good article in depth)

One day, one month, one year, one life (good article in depth)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life is like a marathon.

it looks long and needs to clench its teeth, but it has reached the finish line in the twinkling of an eye.

the fleeting time, sometimes the twilight has come before we can live thoroughly, leaving only a sigh.

this is life. We can't go back to the past, let alone predict the future. All we have is the present.

fortunately, we can still walk every step of the way and take every step in this "moment".

with the most positive attitude, face the "present" and make it the most beautiful time in our lives.


good things and bad things eventually become the past

people, always looking back.

but, no matter how hard it is to give up the memory, it is just a small wave in the long river of time.

the poet Yu Hua once said:

A journey in the mountains, a journey in the river, a journey in the landscape.

now that we have gone through the wind and rain and seen the sky clear up after the rain, we should let it go.

there is a poor philosopher who has been wandering around the world. He is very happy every day, as if he were born without trouble.

one day, when he was passing by a village, an old man noticed him and casually asked:

the poor philosopher shook his head:

the old man did not understand:

another old man did not understand:

the poor philosopher responded with a smile:

"of course not.

I mean, you don't have to be sad for too long when you encounter bad things. Even if you are very sad that day, let these negative emotions end at the end of the day.

similarly, you don't have to keep thinking about good things. Even if you are really happy, you should calm down and live a good life before the new day comes. "

except for life and death, there are only small things in the world. After much experience, pain, crying, sadness and despair, I finally found that these things that had plagued me for a long time could be put down.

one day, those memories have also become an understated episode in our mouth, and become a thing of the past that has precipitated in our hearts.

therefore, we must learn to let go and let go of ourselves, which is the wise man.

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time will verify that

people are not afraid of having dreams, but that they will persist.

everyone in this world is like duckweed, helpless, so no one is responsible for your future but yourself.

for a bright future, we must do our best and persevere.

but not every success can be understood, and not every persistence can be recognized.

never mind, just be yourself, time will prove it for you.

Xu Yuanchong, a 97-year-old translator, is immersed in the world of translation, day after day and forever.

translate one page a day and finish translating Shakespeare at the age of 100. This is the goal Mr. Xu set for himself.

every day he sits at his desk, examines the manuscript word by word with a magnifying glass, and enters the translation into the computer word by word.

he is so self-disciplined that he has to translate a paragraph before he is willing to eat.

do bicycle exercise for half an hour after supper. After exercise, I bury myself in translation, and often fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning.

recalling his whole life, he never abandoned his love of text translation after going through war, turmoil and illness.

this love is eternal and immortal. And because of this love, he only loves one thing and does one thing in his life. It is hard to please all. Time is changing, people are also changing, even if you try your best to explain your persistence, people who do not understand you will still not accept your explanation.

Life is so hard, why do you have to look at other people's eyes and expect their approval?

so, some things, do not need to explain, some people, do not need to make deep friends, give it to the time, he will give you a satisfactory answer.


Don't wait for a long time to come, learn to cherish the present

as the ancients said, "if there are flowers to pick, you must break them, but don't wait for flowers to break."

the most common thing we do in our lives is to wait, wait for money, wait for free, wait for the future, wait for the next time, come and go, what is left is regret, what is missed is the truth.

when I was young, everyone was like this. I always felt that there was a lot of time and that there was always a long time to come.

but only after a lot of experience do I understand that there are so many days to come, and there are only impermanent things in the world.

once upon a time, there was a video that went viral all over the network.

in the video, the old man named Qiuyuan Hideo says something worthy of everyone's reflection to the 24-year-old himself.

"Xiufu, you will meet a girl in the company who has a super small and lovely face."

"you'll be dating, but you've been hesitant to propose."

"if you have love in your heart, you must act now!"

"because Hua Jiang will die of illness in two years' time, and you will regret and grieve so much that you will never forget it."

this old man, because of a hesitation and irreparable regret, never married all his life and was alone.

Zhang ailing said:

the meaning of life, in the final analysis, is two words: "gather and disperse".

and we can never wait for a long time to come.

in this life, people will meet a lot of people, and there will be a lot of people we want to treat well, but they will suddenly be gone, gone, and far away.

this is not the sadness of life, but a normal state of life.

so, cherish the people in front of you and do the things in front of you well. In this way, it is the best respect for life. Time is more than time, life is endless. Sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

Life is to see clearly the present, see through the past, and cherish the present; feelings are nothing more than grasping, not seeking, and interacting with fate.

between gains and losses, is the balance of life, do your best, accept gains and losses calmly, let nature take its course, you will get ordinary happiness.

but do good deeds, don't ask about the future, may we all be pure people.

No matter what you do, you are not ashamed of your face, you are not afraid of words, you are not afraid of your heart, you have love in your heart, and you meet the best of yourself in happiness every day!