People are at a low ebb, stabilize themselves

People are at a low ebb, stabilize themselves

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Life is like climbing a hill, sometimes with peaks and sometimes with troughs.

everyone on the road needs to experience ups and downs.

writer Ha Jin once said: "in fact, the difference between people and people in the end is that whether you can get through it or not, you will be different when you get through it."

maybe we can't predict how long those troughs will come and how long it will be over.

but as long as you can do it and keep yourself steady, there is no mountain that you can't climb over, and there's no difficulty that you can't make it through.


in this world, there was a hot topic on the Internet

: why do you post less and less moments?

one of the highly praised answers is: "if you feel that something is wrong, it can be the same as the speaker."

most of the time, just because we choose to be silent doesn't mean it doesn't hurt anymore.

it's just that you know that even if you say something, no one can resolve and share it.

in the wonderful work, host Cai Kangyong mentions an experience.

once, he hit rock bottom because something bad happened to him, so he tried to talk to his good friends.

did not expect that what he did not only did not comfort his friends, but scared them.

these friends say, even you are devastated, so what are we going to do?

finally, Cai Kangyong said with emotion:

"you can't pin your hopes on others, no matter whether they are malicious or well-intentioned, don't pin your hopes on others." If you feel that others can't help you at all, you can't get anything in exchange for showing your collapse in front of others. instead, it brings a lot of trouble to yourself. "

everyone has to go through a war alone, not because others can't feel it, but because they can't help.

some pain, some setbacks, you really have to rely on yourself to get out.

in life, do you have this feeling:

when you say you are too tired, you will be admonished. People who work harder than you can be found everywhere.

when you say that raising children is stressful, you will be accused of not making money and not being satisfied.

when you say that being lovelorn is painful, you will be laughed at. There is no need to make such a mountain out of a molehill.


the more you are in the trough, the less loud you are.

No matter how loud you cry, you will only get the attention of others; no matter how sad you are, it will only turn into a joke.

as a saying goes, "No one in this world can really empathize with another person's wound. You have ten thousand arrows through your heart, you are in agony, and it is only your own business. Others may sympathize and groan, but you will never know how bad your wound will fester."

there are many such silent moments in life.

but when you get through it, you will find that those unspoken grievances, those unspoken pain, are quietly supporting you to maturity, and finally turn into a good experience and memories.


once, Miranda, the editor-in-chief, asked Andy to book a ticket to New York, but the flight was temporarily cancelled because of the weather, and the editor told her off indiscriminately.

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Andy, who was deeply aggrieved, ran to cry to his colleague.

but her colleague just said coldly:

"well, then you can go. You think you are doing your best to work, but in fact you are just dealing with it, not trying. So many people are working hard for this cause, but you don't care about it. Instead, you want your boss to kiss your forehead and reward you with a five-pointed star. "

this remark completely woke her up, and finally she decided to hold her breath and continue to take root in the workplace.

Dong Mingzhu once said: "in the workplace, the most inefficient thing is not browsing Taobao or talking about Wechat, but the glass heart."

every job has its own difficulties and difficulties.

when you are incompetent, all grievances are not worth mentioning.

host Ni Ping once wrote about such an experience.

when she first joined CCTV, her colleagues were all well-known people in the country.

when recording the program for the first time, the director asked Ni Ping if she would like to host several episodes that were rejected by another host.

at that time, in order to strive for the opportunity of performance, she immediately agreed.

unexpectedly, when she went to the host to ask for the script, the other party did not easily give it to her, but deliberately threw the script on the ground.

Ni Ping also wanted to seek justice for herself at that time, but she knew very well that at this moment, she simply did not have such capital and confidence.

she held back and silently picked up the script.

since then, Ni Ping has secretly made up her mind to get ahead, and finally, by her own efforts, she has finally broken out a new world of her own.

Master Nebula once said, "in the days of waiting, be humble and cultivate deep roots before you can flourish in the future."

never let your temper exceed your ability.

how much grievance you can swallow, how much you can do.

only when you are strong enough to prove yourself by strength, those who have been excluded, encountered difficulties, will become the cornerstone and ladder for you to move forward.


NoOne winter, insurmountable

there is a saying in Breaking Wind: "those who have a will never fail, but never compromise."

there was a down-and-out young man who asked the philosopher for the secret of success.

the philosopher handed him a peanut and said, "rub it hard."

when the young man rubbed hard, the peanut shell broke, leaving peanut kernels.

then the philosopher asked him to rub it again, and as a result, the red peanut suit was also rubbed off, leaving only the white flesh.

the philosopher told him to rub hard, and the young man was puzzled, but he did it anyway, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not crush the peanut kernel.

No matter how hard he tried, the peanut kernel was intact.

finally, the philosopher warned the young people earnestly: "people are like this peanut, although they have been hit and suffered many times, but as long as they have a strong and unyielding heart, everything can start all over again."

in many moments, it is not the difficulty that overwhelms you, but the fear of it.

Xiaomi entered the Indian market in 2014, but when the brand and channel were not ready, due to over-optimistic prediction, the company hoarded 500000 3G phones in one breath, resulting in unsalable products for a time.

at that time, the whole team felt that this was a disaster.

because 4G is already used in China, if this batch of mobile phones cannot be sold, it will directly result in a loss of 1 billion RMB.

in the critical moment, Lei Jun first tried to calm himself down, and then he tried to calm the team while trying to make up for it.

eventually they decided to set up an "international fire brigade" to find ways to digest these 3G phones in 50 or 60 countries around the world.

as a result, it was precisely this crisis that turned them from defeat to victory.

these newly contacted channels have directly opened up Xiaomi's international business layout, and Xiaomi's sales in foreign markets have increased several times at a time.

Mark Twain said, "you can never get what you want in life." Anyway, you don't have to be discouraged when you encounter any disappointment. "

in life, we will inevitably encounter some unpredictable difficulties and setbacks.

sometimes you think you have no way out, but as long as you hold on, there is hope that there will be twists and turns.

sometimes you think you are at the end of everything, but as long as you get through it, there is a possibility that the willow will blossom.

you always have to believe that no winter is insurmountable and no spring is not coming.

when you stabilize the depressed state of mind, you stabilize the bull's-eye of life.

everyone goes through a difficult trough in his or her life.

sometimes disappointment, sometimes pain.

only by learning to precipitate and dormant, can we usher in a reversal and reversal.

as a sentence in "full-time master": "there is no absolute dividing line between losing and winning. As long as you keep moving forward, the trough may become high."

when you feel like you can't make it, give yourself a little more calm and calm.

when life is difficult, you will get it out of the way. At the end of the mountain and water, you will have a way to walk.

when you go through layers of darkness, the stars will naturally come to you.