People are old, not in exercise, not in drinking water, please pay attention to these three principles!

People are old, not in exercise, not in drinking water, please pay attention to these three principles!

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as the saying goes, "stand at thirty, don't be confused at forty, and know destiny at fifty."

the older we are, especially after the age of fifty, health becomes the top priority in our lives.

A person's physical health is 1, while wealth, relationship, career, family …... They are all zeros after 1, and only the existence attached to this one will make sense.

many people are not willing to invest in their own health, but there is one truth you need to know:

so when we talk about health preservation today, we have collected some tips for many friends to live a long life. Obeying these little rules of longevity can help us stay away from disease and maintain longevity easily!


the rule of longevity is to regulate mood, don't be angry!

[maintain liver and stabilize blood pressure]

joy belongs to the heart in the five internal organs; anger belongs to the liver in the five internal organs; worry and sorrow belong to the lungs in the five internal organs; thought belongs to the spleen in the five internal organs; fear and shock belong to the kidney in the five internal organs.

therefore, traditional Chinese medicine has the sayings of "great joy and sadness", "more sad lungs", "great anger injuring the liver", "thinking more about hurting the spleen" and "more fear of hurting the kidney".

people who are often angry, although they vent their emotions and release stress in a moment of anger, the body is like a notepad for our minds, and every injury virtually affects our health.

when mood swings are large, the body secretes a substance called "catecholamine", which increases blood sugar and toxins in blood and hepatocytes, thereby affecting the detoxification function of the liver.

so we can often see that those around us who are in a bad mood generally have weak liver function, and their worries and sadness about the disease also damage the spleen and lungs.

in such a vicious circle, three of the five internal organs will be damaged, and over time, people will become dark and no longer have youthful vitality.

so in order for us to be more energetic and live longer, we must calmly deal with the trivialities of life, be less angry and smile more.

whatever happens, we should take it calmly and face it calmly. If there is a problem, solve it. If you can't solve it, let it go.

in this way, we can lay a good foundation for our health, live with our hearts, live up to ourselves, and not drag down our children in the days to come.


longevity rule 2

eat a moderate diet, don't eat too much!

[protect intestines and stomach, prevent obesity]

there is a folk saying: "Food is the most important thing for the people." Eating is something we all have to do every day. In the face of delicious food, some people taste it, while others have to eat it until they are too straight to stand up, which is called not wasting food, but such eating habits will do great potential harm to our health.

there is a saying in Huangdi's Internal Classic: "if you eat twice as much as you eat, your intestines and stomach will hurt."

long-term overeating will lead to overnutrition and obesity; severe will lead to liver, gastrointestinal burden, disease and cancer.

therefore, there is a saying in the Buddhist family: "if you accept all kinds of diet, you should take medicine. It is better than evil, and do not increase or decrease."

that is, take diet as medicine, not picky food, in order to cure greed and seek happiness, you can also think in advance of the amount of fullness, and never take one more bite after eating.

the ancients advocated moderate diet, which is not only beneficial to personal health, but also bring a good atmosphere to society.

Modern people are under great pressure, especially when they reach middle age, when their mothers need filial piety and children need to be fed, they inevitably drink in social activities, and their diet is greasy and messy.

for the sake of our health, we can set aside two days a week for light fasting to give the body a certain sense of hunger, which can keep the cells alive and make us live longer.


longevity criteria are common, Mo electronic products do not leave hands!

[avoid staying up late and keep sleeping]

Mu Xin once said: "in the past, the sun became slow, cars, horses, and mail were all slow."

but with the progress of science and technology, electronic products have entered thousands of households, short videos, live streaming, fast-paced life, so that every minute there are countless messages into our lives. In particular, the older you are, the more you do not want to derail with the world, so you can only constantly refresh the mobile phone page and filter out the information related to life. The more you see, the more you feel the novelty of the world. As a result, whether adults or children, walking on the road, sitting in restaurants, or even talking to people, everyone stared closely at their mobile phone, staring and anxious.

therefore, our nights are getting longer and longer, our eyes are becoming more and more dazzling, and our spirits are becoming more and more dispirited. This kind of life is destroying our bodies bit by bit.

when people reach middle age, their bodies are no longer better than young people. Every time they stay up late, it is a provocation to the body, and every time they can't let go of their mobile phones, they are perfunctory to life.

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know that all the gifts given by fate have already been secretly priced. You seem to have won time and entertained yourself, but you have lost your health and precious time to spend with your family in the future.

so in order to maintain a healthy body, when you sleep at night, you must put your phone far away from the bed, or turn it off.

learn to say "no" to electronic products in time, be sure to rest when it's time to rest, and live a regular life, which is the best way to help us live a long and healthy life.

Chairman Mao said: "the body is the capital of revolution!" No matter when people arrive, health is the premise of all the good life, the body is very good, will not harm the wife, will not drag down the children.

everything is normal, and there is a way to be healthy.To the above three points, keep your body healthy, enrich your soul, enrich your future life, and live to be 100 years old.