People are too idle, it is a disaster! (depth)

People are too idle, it is a disaster! (depth)

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"people are not willing to be idle. It is not meant to be idle." Lin Yutang

Life is rarely idle.

Liang Shiqiu also said that people are most like a person when they have free time.

but the so-called "idle" is not bored and idle.

if one is used to doing nothing, he will accomplish nothing in the end.

just as the ancients said: when you are idle, you will have miscellaneous thoughts, and when you are idle, you will have chores.

A life of too much leisure is a disaster.


when one is idle, one is useless.

it is often said:

"the quickest way to get rid of a person is to let him be idle."

I think so.

once a person is idle, he is like a deflated ball, and it is difficult to bulge again.

do you still remember "Chinese koi"?

in October 2018, she won a prize of 100 million yuan by Alipay.

such good luck of "getting rich overnight" has aroused the envy of thousands of netizens.

at that time, Xin Xiaodai posted on Weibo jokingly that "do you not have to work for the rest of your life?" .

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but who would have thought that just three years later, things would have taken a turn for the worse.

some time ago, Xinxiao posted a video on a social platform, saying that she was going to have a hard time.

she said:

it turns out that after winning the award that year, Xin Xiaodai immediately quit her job and began her journey around the world.

but over the course of a year, Xin spent 200000 of his savings and maxed out his credit card in order to exchange these so-called "prizes".

not only that, during her three years of leisure, she found that she had already adapted to the relaxed and idle pace, and now she could not keep up with this rapidly changing society, and all kinds of job interviews were not very smooth.

while sighing, I can't help thinking of what Roman Roland once said:

most of the time, leisure is not a person's blessing.

on the contrary, if you are idle, you will only get lazier and lazier.

indulge in comfort, too lazy to change, life stagnates, the whole person is useless.


A life of too much leisure is a disaster

as the old saying goes, idle people worry more, lazy people get sick.

A life that is too idle can really make people decadent.

because once you get used to it, if you want to turn it around again, it will be difficult to rise to the sky, and in the end, it will only completely destroy your life.

A friend of mine resigned some time ago.

instead of getting up early to catch the bus, he wakes up naturally every day.

after waking up, besides watching the game, I play games, order takeout when I am hungry, and continue to sleep when I am sleepy. Life is simply too comfortable.

but over time, his life has changed a lot.

people become lazier and lazier, work and rest later and later, and gradually become black and white upside down.

sometimes when I wake up, it's five or six o'clock in the afternoon.

when others come home from work, he is bleary-eyed, and his day has only just begun.

after such a life lasted for a while, he found that a long period of rest did not make him better, but that the whole person was getting worse and worse.

Chamberlain once said:

Life is like sailing against the current, not to advance is to fall behind.

A life that is too comfortable, having fun all day without thinking about Shu, is the most likely to lose morale and make people worry about gain and loss.

in the face of the crisis, we naturally lack the courage and strength to confront it.

the so-called leisure is waste, waste and destroy people.

on the way of life, never leave your life idle. Only by keeping yourself busy is the cure.


in his later years, he did not want to be idle and finished the study of Ancient Chinese clothing with reference to a large number of materials.

coincides with what Nietzsche said:

in this life, only in the busy can we better show ourselves and realize the value of life.

when you start to focus on one thing, the trivial things will be automatically ignored by you, without anxiety and entanglement, life will slowly go uphill.

so don't consume, don't waste, don't pester.

only by learning to relax, to live every day conscientiously, and to make effective use of every minute, can life be really comfortable and relaxed.

Life is too short for no reason.

I hope that after many years, looking back on the road we have traveled, you and I can be like what is written in how Steel is made:


some people say:

most of the time, busyness is happiness, it makes us no time to experience pain, so that we can feel life more truly.

so don't choose comfort when you should be diligent. Life will not accompany you in acting. If you want to be wonderful, strive.

after the wind and rain, you will appreciate yourself who is working hard now.