People, what to argue about, what to be angry about, what to worry about? (wake up in an instant)

People, what to argue about, what to be angry about, what to worry about? (wake up in an instant)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

people come and go in a hurry in this life,

is as fleeting as a meteor, and

is as fast as flowers and plants.

the reason why we live a tired life is because

wants more, wants more, cares more, and thinks too much.

there is only one life, and there is no way to start over.

one day is less than one day.

what are you arguing about, what are you angry about, what are you worried about?

Let nature take its course, everything is bearish,

relax your mindset, and then you can live a little easier.


people, fighting for the success or failure of

, such as fleeting clouds,

material wealth, is an illusion.

sometimes you have to have it.

Don't force it all the time.

fight back and forth, painstaking and painstaking,

fight to the end, make enemies on all sides.

you have to understand:

is yours, do not argue,

is not, do not argue.

fight for family property, brothers and brothers go against each other;

fight for interests, friends are strangers;

fight for right and wrong, feelings are broken;

win or lose, it is harmful to moral conduct.

instead of competing for it, it is better to be bearish,

to learn not to fight and live at ease.


people, anger

anger is the most stupid behavior,

pay for other people's mistakes,

help others to punish themselves.

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you are angry, others are proud,

angry with yourself, others benefit.

if you get sick with anger, no one can replace it.

if you are angry with your body, you will suffer.

so why are you angry?

anger is a fool, anger hurts the body.

if you don't get angry with your friends, be generous and

can you make true bosom friends.

if you don't get angry with your family, be tolerant and

can make the family harmonious.

if you don't get angry with the villain, take a step back, and

ability is far from a disaster.

be an open-minded and wise person,

don't get angry, don't get angry,

don't struggle with bad people and things,

have a happy and comfortable life.


people, worry about what

can change things, do not worry,

things that are difficult to change, worry is useless.

worry adds to what has happened, and worry is superfluous to what has not happened.

worry, itself is a kind of negative energy,

not only can not solve any problems,

will also make the mood depressed,

reduce their enthusiasm for life.

Life is like a mirror.

it will give you back whatever face you give it.

you smile at it, it smiles at you,

you worry about it, it worries about you.

so don't worry.

instead of worrying and wasting time,

it's better to be happy and live every day.

Life is short, such as smoke dissipates quickly.

Don't waste precious time in unnecessary quarrels, anger, and sorrows.

relax your mind a little bit and take things lightly.

do not fight for peace and tranquillity;

use no gas for comfort and comfort;

for happiness and happiness.

when you do not fight, not angry, do not worry,

you will find that

the road under your feet is getting smoother and smoother for the rest of your life.