People, what to beg, what to fight for, what to be angry about, what to worry about

People, what to beg, what to fight for, what to be angry about, what to worry about

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people in this life, come and go in a hurry, such as fleeting.

Life is not easy, but for a few decades, the quality of life depends more on our mindset.

the more you struggle, the more you worry; the more you criticize, the more you are bound; the more you embarrass yourself, the more unhappy moments you have.

Don't embarrass yourself, treat yourself gently in order to live a happy life of your own.


be less angry and live a good life

is to punish yourself for other people's mistakes.

in life, it is inevitable to encounter very resentful things, even if they do not cause trouble, some people will "come to the door".

those mature people control their emotions, don't let other people's rudeness affect their mood, and continue to concentrate on living their own lives.

Li ao is called a "madman". He always likes to scold people, but he can't infuriate Yu Guangzhong.

after Chiang Ching-kuo died, Yu Guangzhong wrote a poem "farewell". When Li ao saw this, he immediately jumped out and called Yu Guangzhong a "brown-nosed poet." he also made a "supplement" to Yu Guangzhong's poem:

sad flattery, smelly flattery, patting for you,

sad new poems, shameless new poems, written for you,

Dear friends, hard-working leaders, walk slowly.

I can't keep up with you, because I'm your dog.

it is really unpleasant to say that many people feel aggrieved for Yu Guangzhong, but Yu Guangzhong is still like a carefree person, neither angry nor criticizing, but only leisurely doing what he is supposed to do.

later, when someone asked Yu Guangzhong, he slowly said:

is not angry, so that Yu Guangzhong remains fresh and decent when he spills buckets of dirty water in the face of the other side.

everyone has a temper. It is a kind of courage to take it up and a kind of open-mindedness to let it go.

only vent your temper, often do not solve the problem. If you blindly disturb your own pace of life by other people's mistakes, the loss will outweigh the gain.

it's better to be a "busy" person who doesn't have time to get angry. Use the time spent to be angry to do something more meaningful, enrich your life and make yourself strong.

looking back, it's all trivial.


you should learn to appreciate yourself

some time ago, you saw an interview program:

Yang Lan interviewed Yu Yu, founder of Dangdang, and asked her, "where is your least self-confidence?"

Yu Yu replied: "appearance."

she used to be so self-abased that she had to match several sets of clothes before going out, looked in the mirror again and again, and was often dissatisfied.

Yang Lan looked at the elegant and confident woman in front of her and asked questioningly, "but why do you become more confident and temperamental as you get older?"

Yu Yu smiled calmly: "give up making yourself impossible, and then accept yourself completely."

it is true that a lot of people's pain is often due to their own difficulties, love to raise their own requirements and compare others with themselves. as a result, they become more depressed and physically and mentally exhausted as a result.

learning to appreciate yourself is far more important than self-doubt.

those who walk briskly in life are not born perfect, but accept themselves for who they really are and live at ease.

shake hands with yourself and make peace with yourself. If you are less critical and more lenient to yourself, a lot of troubles will float away with the wind, and many problems will be easily solved.


Life is too short to live in the present.

many people are tired of living, either sighing about the past, worrying about the future, or even thinking about the future.

everyone has only 24 hours a day. If you delay one more second on something you worry about, the time of happiness will be shortened by one second.

share a story:

someone asked Master Huihai, "Zen Master, what is different about you?"

Huihai replied, "Yes, I eat when I feel hungry and sleep when I feel tired."

the man then asked, "what's the difference? everyone is like this. what's the difference?"

Huihai replied: "when they eat, they always think about other things and don't concentrate on eating; they always dream when they sleep and can't sleep soundly. And I eat is to eat, sleep is to sleep, so different. "

I think so. The so-called happiness is to live every day happily and steadily.

as Mr. Lin Qingxuan said:

A master of life will not indulge in the past or worry too much about the future, but live in the present and look for a sense of identity and satisfaction in the present.

on the way of life, the real troubles are much less than imagined, and there are not so many ingredients for happiness.

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Life is short, so why embarrass yourself.

choose to live a happy life, let beauty emerge in your life, and live every inch of your time like you like it.