People who are really reliable: don't procrastinate, don't talk much, and don't do it.

People who are really reliable: don't procrastinate, don't talk much, and don't do it.

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there are many times when we judge whether a person is worth working with, deep acquaintance, and trust, the most basic thing is whether he is reliable.

whether a person's education is high, whether his ability is strong, and whether he is smart is the second, but it is very important to keep his word, do things according to his word, and his character is not afraid of counting.

Reliability sounds like a random feeling, but it is a real principle to do it.


things don't drag on

A few days ago, a friend mentioned to me that he was very busy at work at the end of the year, but the busier he was, the more he couldn't stand people who dropped the chain at work.

it turns out that this year, she received a notice from the head office in advance, asking her to submit the year-end summary report as soon as possible, so she immediately informed her colleague Xiao Wang in the department, asking her to give some important sales data early tomorrow morning.

Xiao Wang received the phone call and said it was no problem.

but when a friend urged her to give the data the next day, Xiao Wang hesitated and said that when she received the call yesterday, it was already three or four o'clock in the afternoon, and at the end of the day, the data had not yet been counted, so she went home first.

my friend said that he was angry at that time, and Xiao Wang's problem was not whether to work that extra hour or two at all, but that he didn't take his work seriously at all.

there is a saying that one's greatest ability is to be reliable.

sometimes it's easy to be reliable, you just need to do what needs to be done and get the job done.

sometimes it's hard to be reliable, because when you don't care enough and don't pay enough attention, you procrastinate and slack off.

logical thinking CEO can not take off, once said a thing.

she has an acquaintance, a columnist, who suddenly found out she was pregnant shortly after signing up for an audio lecture on a platform.

if you can't take off at that time, persuade her to stop first, you can announce the stop and shift, and wait for your body to adjust before continuing, the user can understand.

but this columnist feels that since he has promised, he cannot easily break the contract, which is irresponsible to the platform.

so in order to take care of her body and take care of her work, the author unexpectedly thought of a way to lie in bed and raise her body.

then her doctoral students recorded the text, sorted it out, and then recorded it. This ensures that the course is updated normally and continuously.

Li Ka-shing once said, "people who do things must be reliable, and smart people can only talk."

in fact, the so-called reliability is that you can rest assured of what others have told you.

Don't break your promise easily, don't procrastinate easily, it's easy to say, but it's complicated. Because behind all punctuality and trustworthiness, there is a person's sense of responsibility and responsibility.


not much

in Zhihu, there was a question: why do we hate people who like to explain?

A highly praised answer is that if you are wrong, you are wrong, but the explanation is that you not only do not admit that you are wrong, but also try to cover it up.

for example, at work, there are always people who explain that they are late because of traffic jams, but they just don't admit the fact that they get up late.

for example, in meetings, there are always people who explain that their cell phones ring because they forgot to tune the vibrations, but they just don't admit that they are unruly.

for example, when sending a notification, someone always explains that they don't reply because they don't see the message, but they just don't admit that they don't care.

in fact, a reliable person does not make mistakes, but he who makes mistakes has the courage to admit it and take responsibility.

on one occasion, Liang Fengyi, a famous Hong Kong writer, was invited to give a lecture at Peking University.

after she was invited to visit a shooting base of CCTV that morning, she felt that there was still plenty of time, so she had lunch with the staff of the base.

who knows, there was a traffic jam on the way to Peking University and I was a whole hour late. After the meeting began, the host repeatedly stressed: "Mr. Liang was late because of the traffic jam."

but Liang Fengyi, who walked onto the podium, said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to sincerely apologize to you all!" Traffic jams are common in Beijing, but I should not make excuses for myself. I should take into account the time of traffic jams and make full preparations.

if there are a thousand students here, I am late for this hour, for all of you, it is a waste of a thousand hours of productive power, affecting the mood of a thousand people! I can only hope for your forgiveness! "

her sincerity not only won the warm applause of the students, but also won everyone's heartfelt love for her.

in fact, people who are really reliable don't talk much.

they are either doing something or not explaining it, because any reason or excuse is actually perfunctory to others.

sometimes, if you want to be truly recognized and respected by others, you have to be honest with others.

compared with mistakes and mistakes, what is more terrible is that your blame and blame have exposed your unreliability and irresponsibility.


people do not make

there is a saying: "whether it is to be a person or to do something, the most important thing is to pass the standard of character."

especially in the workplace, a person has the ability again, but if there is something wrong with his character, he can't climb high or go far, and it's hard to make people really feel at ease with him.

there is a short story.

A well-known enterprise recruits senior talents from the society. a question in the interview is: "Please write down the biggest secret of your original company and what is its value to our company?"

candidates have their own opinions on this, and even reveal a lot of the secrets of their former company, but in the end, the person who was hired was a person who handed in a blank paper on the subject.

while the enterprise givesThe explanation is: perhaps the ability of the person who handed in the blank paper is not the strongest among them, but his character is the best.

Yi Zhongtian once said, "A person who has no bottom line can do anything." If there is no bottom line in a society, everything will happen. "

if there is no blessing of character, it is useless for a person to have the ability.

in the TV series "Golden years", Yang Ke, the department manager of Zhu Suosuo, is so capable that many rival companies are poaching him.

so Ye Jing, the boss of Jingyan Group, where he belongs, asked Zhu Lock to keep an eye on Yang Ke and report to him in time if there was any move to leave.

but Zhu Suosuo resolutely refused, saying that Manager Yang was so grateful to her that even if she was asked to resign, she could not snitch on him behind his back.

when Ye Jinyan's assistant warned her, you are a member of Jingyan Group, not his Yang Ke, but Zhu Suosuo still said, think about it, if everyone is a snitch, what will it become?

originally she thought that if she answered like this, she would definitely be fired, but the boss said he fully understood her and then let her go back to work.

and when Yang Ke knew that Zhu Suosuo did not betray herself, she directly gave her a big client who sold the house, which made her a lot of money.

in many times, it is easy for people to betray their bottom lines and principles for immediate benefit.

in fact, no matter how sophisticated a person is, no matter how hypocritical and cunning he is, he is not worth a good character, brings extra good luck to himself, and leaves a rare impression on others.


there is a shortage of reliable people in the world.

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because it means:

do not procrastinate, do it when you say it, and do not drop the ring.

if you don't talk much, admit it if you're wrong and don't make excuses.

do not act, have conscience and morality, not despicable.

there are many smart people, but they are very difficult for you to trust and entrust. Only reliable people, big or small, are really reliable.

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