People who are self-disciplined and undisciplined will lose a whole life ten years later.

People who are self-disciplined and undisciplined will lose a whole life ten years later.

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I have seen a topic:

some people are laughing and others are crying.

those who persist in practicing calligraphy, hone their mind, insist on painting, and finally have someone to appreciate, insist on learning knowledge, rely on education to find a job, and make money steadily.

and more people have nothing to insist on except eating and sleeping.

self-discipline and non-self-discipline, the difference is visible to the naked eye.

Aristotle said:

make self-discipline a habit, and we will find out in ten years' time.


Ten years

can destroy health

can also reshape the body

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Health is still there, always feel able to breathe, is to live one more day.

when your health is gone, you find that some of you are alive, one step at a time.

A smoker who has been smoking for nearly 10 years revealed that he almost killed himself.

since he graduated from college, he has had at least one and a half packs of cigarettes a day. When he encountered problems, he took advantage of alcohol to allay his worries. He had a midnight snack drink with a barbecue, and all the fat went into his stomach.

except for an occasional walk downstairs, he has never done any exercise.

he smoked in the cabin, began to tremble when he touched the mouse and keyboard, fell asleep, and woke up in a cold sweat on the quilt.

I wanted to try the treadmill, but the sky turned round and round after two strokes. My eyes went dark and I almost fainted.

when you indulge, you regard it as pleasure. In fact, you don't get it, you only regret it alone.

on the contrary, cherish the body, exercise and carve, no matter how bad the foundation is, it can be remolded differently.

after being stimulated, the smoker first gave up smoking, abstained from drinking, adjusted to a regular schedule, and specially made time for meditation.

his body recovered a bit, and he began to do push-ups and belly curls with the video. Not only was he much stronger, but he also had the spare power to care about increasing muscle and losing weight.

I am lazy and greedy and do not exercise. I have no sign of it for a day or two. For years, I have run out of energy and I have only myself to blame for the illness.

and self-discipline for ten years, no disease, no disease only muscle, the same starting point, energy dumped others a few streets.

whether or not to exercise self-discipline at the moment is a personal choice.

but ten years later, the body will give you the answer to how you treat your health.


Ten years

can be used to grow old

or to become beautiful

the front line is frightened by the news headlines:

this 18-year-old Hangzhou woman no longer slept before 2: 00 in the morning, surfing the Internet, browsing TV shows, and other people are asleep, she is not happy brushing her cell phone.

she didn't care that she was tired. Later, the age spots on her face appeared, and she hurried to see a doctor and realized that it was the consequence of staying up late.

27 years old, the body is already old.

there are numerous cases of obesity, hair loss and memory loss caused by staying up late.

it is always said that it is the years that make people old, but in fact, it is you who ruin your face.

do more, maintenance is expensive, anxiety is futile.

manage yourself sturdily, without adverse appearance, at least you can reverse growth.

Little Red Book blogger @ Lu Qiaoan once posted a comparison for ten years:

Ten years ago she was slightly fat and tried to dress up to go to the dance, but it was just ordinary.

10 years later, her posture is tall and straight, revealing her temperament, a travel photo is amazing enough.

she has a strict diet, restricts herself to eat less monosodium glutamate and sugar, and insists on drinking rose tea, eating health cakes and making her own nourishing soup.

massage the face at a fixed time, clean the furniture, and decide not to play with your cell phone before going to bed.

speech and behavior reduced inappropriate micro-expressions, deliberately trained posture, dress color matching is also much simpler, she not only did not grow old, but also more advanced beauty.

Women's looks are born before the age of 20, and they have to be shaped by themselves after the age of 20.

as long as you are self-disciplined, the pig-killing knife in the eyes of others is your plastic surgery knife.

Don't say you can't change your appearance. You may not be able to do what others have done.

Don't underestimate self-disciplined people. Ten years later, they must be the most pleasing to the eye.


Ten years

you can empty your head

and improve your wisdom

. Reading is no longer necessary after leaving the school days.

can be used to get rid of, do not learn new knowledge, the mind of the original, will also be hollowed out.

in the 2008 college entrance examination, Xu Mengnan deliberately handed in a zero score in the white paper and went to society early. The biggest problem with

is that I don't read much and think too much.

he kept changing jobs, doing all the manual work in cable factories, printing plants, and assembling advertising light boxes.

it is not enough for him to change his job and education. He is either rejected or cheated.

10 years later, he finally figured it out and walked into the examination room again. He was able to get into an ordinary university, but this time he was only admitted to a junior college.

it is true that reading is not everything, but if you do not read, what you once despised has become unattainable.

it is also ten years. If you work hard, you will witness a different self.

when writer kris first arrived in Beijing, he wrote on a blank sheet of paper:

he studied hard in college and won a first-class scholarship.

in order to find a job, I read more than a dozen applications, dozens of videos, and constantly revised my resume, and finally entered the Fortune 500, earning more than 30,000 a month.

after getting married, he works during the day, looks after children at night, and reads and writes at night.

determined to take the doctoral exam, he spent his writing time reviewing and huddled on the subway at more than 6 o'clock in the morning in order to take advantage of fewer people to read more.

exactly 10 years, he has a doctorate and has written popular styles, which is the envy of countless people.

Lei Haiwei, the champion of the Chinese Poetry Conference, said:

the so-called patterns and insights are all books that have been read, giving you a wider field of vision.

the so-called good companions and opportunities are just books that have raised your level.

it will be worth it to change fate and get on the fast track, even if it takes another ten years.


Ten years

you can forget your dreams

or counterattack

there is a post on the Internet. Lou Zhu loves to read novels, wants to be a writer when he is at school, looks at the masterpieces in Chinese books, and thinks that he can write a great work every day.

later, when he took the engineering course for the university entrance examination, he wrote programs every day at work, and occasionally wanted to pick up his writing. Only now did he find that it was most convenient for him to write reports.

from nine to five, without enthusiasm and lazy to change, he is no longer in the mood to realize his ideal.

things are always contrary to one's wishes, but the most regrettable thing is not to be defeated, but to be forgotten.

those who persist for ten or twenty years will shine.

recently, "Luoshui Goddess" he Haohao has become popular, and many people think she is gifted.

actually she has been practicing underwater sports since she was 8 years old.

in the first 10 years, she went to practice synchronized swimming, rain or shine, pressed her legs, bent down, practiced diving when others went out, participated in team competitions, and won four championships when she retired.

in the second 10 years, she became an ordinary person, went to college and got a decent job, but she was never reconciled, secretly practicing her strength and acting as an underwater double for movies.

until she simply resigned to become a mermaid coach, she never wavered.

now she has devoted herself to studying Dunhuang murals, read the Fu of the God of Luo, changed her breath once in 50 seconds, and finally filmed the underwater dance "Qi" after 26 hours under the water, and received likes from a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

things that seem out of reach are all accumulated bit by bit.

as Yang Jiang said:

Don't deny yourself easily. Ten years of persistence can bring you a miracle.

if you choose far away, don't be afraid of going through wind and rain. With more self-discipline, you will be closer to what you like.

the ten-year challenge launched by Ins, the social platform, will be inexplicably moved after watching too much:

those who are worried about their figure have lost a lot of fat;

the young girl has become a recruit in the army;

those who sing hard on the small stage have finally harvested glow sticks all over the field.

once a person begins the battle of self-conquest, he is not only a praiseworthy person, but also a man doomed to success.

it is precisely because what you want is not easy to come by that it is worth fighting for.

when you really work hard and stick to it for 10 years, and all the difficulties have given way to self-discipline, you will gain a real sense of satisfaction.

in the cage of reality, in the desert of life, don't forget that self-discipline can still give you a hand.