People's Daily: the relationship between dinner and weight and longevity. Fortunately, I know today.

People's Daily: the relationship between dinner and weight and longevity. Fortunately, I know today.

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Dinner determines your weight and life span.

A health expert said: 1/4 of the function of dinner is to maintain life and 3/4 is to maintain the income of doctors.

Scientific research has found that one of the causes of many diseases comes from bad eating habits at night.

if you eat wrong dinner, these 11 diseases will come to you

1, dinner and obesity

according to statistics, 90% of obese people are due to eating too much dinner and eating too much. coupled with low evening activity and low energy consumption, excess calories synthesize a large amount of fat under the action of insulin, and obesity is formed over time.

in life, many friends who are on a diet to lose weight often ignore the importance of a dinner diet and skip breakfast or lunch, but have a big meal in the evening, resulting in more and more weight loss.

2, Dinner and Diabetes

long-term overfull dinner often stimulates a large amount of insulin secretion, which can easily increase the burden of islets, accelerate aging and induce diabetes.

at the same time, obesity also causes diabetes.

3, dinner and bowel cancer

if the dinner is too full, protein food can not be completely digested, and toxic substances are produced under the action of intestinal bacteria; coupled with low activity and entering a state of sleep, intestinal wall peristalsis is slow, prolonging the time for toxic substances to stay in the intestines, and increasing the risk of bowel cancer.

4, Dinner and urinary calculi

the peak value of calcium excretion of human body is 4 or 5 hours after dinner. If you eat dinner too late, when the peak period of calcium excretion comes, you usually go to sleep.

so the urine is trapped in the ureter, bladder, urethra and other urinary tract, can not be excreted in time, resulting in the continuous increase of calcium in urine, it is easy to deposit down to form crystals, and it is easy to form stones after long-term accumulation.

5, dinner and hyperlipidemia

Dinner with high protein, high fat and high calories will stimulate the liver to produce low density and very low density lipoprotein, thus forming hyperlipidemia.

6, dinner and hypertension

if the content of dinner is partial to meat, and the blood flow speed slows down during sleep, a large amount of blood lipids will be deposited on the blood vessel wall, which will cause the contraction of arterioles and arterioles. It increases peripheral vascular resistance, makes blood pressure rise suddenly, and accelerates the hardening process of arterioles all over the body.

7, dinner and atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease

dinner, dinner, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease  dinner

therefore, eating too much dinner, eating good food, eating too much and eating dinner too late are all one of the main causes of cardiovascular disease.

8, Dinner and Fatty liver

if you eat too good and too full dinner, the concentration of blood sugar and fatty acids will accelerate the synthesis of fat, coupled with a small amount of activity at night, but also accelerate the transformation of fat, which is very easy to form fatty liver.

9, Dinner and Acute pancreatitis

Dinner overeating and drinking can easily induce acute pancreatitis, even shock and sudden death in sleep.

10, dinner and Alzheimer's disease

if the long-term dinner is too full, the gastrointestinal tract and nearby liver, gallbladder, pancreas and other organs are still in operation during sleep, so that the brain can not rest, and the blood supply to the brain is also inadequate. in turn, it affects the normal metabolism of brain cells and accelerates the aging of brain cells.

according to statistics, gourmets who often eat a lot in young adults have more than 20% chance of suffering from Alzheimer's disease in old age.

11, dinner and sleep quality

the fullness and fullness of dinner will inevitably cause organs such as stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder and pancreas to work continuously and transmit information to the brain during sleep, so that the brain is always in a state of excitement. and then cause dreaminess, insomnia, neurasthenia and other diseases in the long run.

but now most people have time to have a good meal in the evening, and dinner is usually the most hearty.

5 kinds of unhealthy dinners

1, too much processed meat

barbecue is the protagonist on the dinner table of many "carnivores". However, eating too much red sausage and barbecue for dinner will not only be nutritious, but also affect digestion.

in addition, the dominant meat and insufficient vegetables for dinner can easily lead to obesity and even increase the risk of malignant tumors such as breast cancer and colorectal cancer. Therefore, dinner should be kept away from barbecue as far as possible, and stew, boil, stew and other methods with less oil and salt should be used as far as possible.

2, drinking too much

alcohol will make the nervous system of the human body from excitement to high inhibition, and in severe cases, it will destroy the normal function of the nervous system.

although the concentration of beer is lower than that of liquor, after entering the stomach, it can reduce the secretion of prostaglandin E in the gastric wall, resulting in gastric mucosal congestion and edema, loss of appetite and epigastric distension.

drinking liquor and beer together is more frightening, which will accelerate the penetration of alcohol in the whole body, injuring the liver, stomach, intestines, kidneys and other organs. Some people are very drunk after dinner and are very prone to accidents in their sleep.

3. Skipping dinner

"skipping lunch" is very popular in the weight loss circle. This kind of diet is not only unable to lose weight, but also harmful to health. The emptying time of food in the stomach is about 4 to 6 hours. After emptying, the stomach will continue to secrete gastric acid. If there is no food neutralization, gastric acid will erode the gastric mucosa for a long time.

especially for people who work overtime, because they consume a lot of energy, skipping dinner will keep their nerves excited and can't get a normal rest, which will affect the efficiency of work and study the next day.

4, too spicy

there are two disadvantages of eating spicy food for dinner:

oneIt is pepper, garlic, ginger and other ingredients that do great damage to the intestines and stomach;

second, the irritating characteristics such as capsaicin contained in chili peppers stimulate the tip of the human tongue, and then stimulate the central nervous system of the brain and the nerve endings of various parts of the body, leading to rapid heartbeat, rising body temperature and excitement for a long time, leading to falling asleep late and poor sleep quality.

therefore, spicy food is a minefield for dinner, especially for people with stomatitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, peptic ulcer, gastroenteritis, cholecystitis, chronic pancreatitis and hypertension.

5, desserts thicken the waistline

desserts are mostly high-sugar (or high-starch), high-fat foods, such as cookies, cheesecake, chocolate biscuits and so on.

eat too much sugar or fat at night, but the amount of exercise is much less than during the day, which is easy to cause obesity; refined sugar metabolism in the body will consume vitamins and minerals, often eating refined sugar will cause nutritional problems such as vitamin, calcium and potassium deficiency.

how to make a healthy dinner

first, seven minutes after dinner

seven minutes full should be such a feeling: the stomach is not yet full, but the enthusiasm for food has declined, and the speed of active eating has obviously slowed down, but habitually want to eat more.

when you are seven minutes full, put down your chopsticks in time. Smaller plates and rice bowls can be used for dinner to help control the amount of food. Never eat while watching TV. half-hearted is easy to eat too much.

second, dinner should be light

many office workers do not have time to eat well during the day and want to eat more dinner, which is more harmful to their health. Porridge dishes are a good choice for dinner, you can also eat a small amount of meat, but fish and lean meat are the best.

third, pay attention to nutrition for dinner

Dinner is a good time to "check and fill gaps" for a day's nutrition. For example, if you don't eat whole grains for breakfast and lunch, you can steam some sweet potatoes, pumpkins or a bowl of porridge in the evening. Should be careful not to eat and drink, the right amount of supplement can be.

fourth, dinner must not be too late

according to modern people's schedule, it is more appropriate to have dinner from 5: 00 p.m. to 7: 00 p.m., and try to eat regularly every day. If you eat dinner too late, increase the burden of digestion, will affect the quality of sleep.

if office workers need to work overtime, they'd better eat first and then work overtime.

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Fifth, it is better to have less entertainment for dinner

Chinese people are used to socializing in the evening. If they can't get rid of it, they can put a little of everything on their plate when they are served, and stop picking up food after eating, or put down their chopsticks in the middle of the meal, which helps to control the amount of food.


have a good dinner, keep up with your health

the following four ways to eat dinner healthily summarized by nutrition experts can make your dinner healthier:

1 eat less dinner, ration is better, don't overeat.