People's Daily: the world is rewarding children who love sports

People's Daily: the world is rewarding children who love sports

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not long ago, People's Daily released a piece of news: "30% of college students in our country are physically unqualified."

unexpectedly triggered a Weibo topic that 410 million people participated in the discussion:

"what happens to people who don't exercise for a long time?"

what is even more unexpected is that the speeches made by many children in the comment area are extremely worrying:

"if you can't even run four points in 1000 meters, your physique is really poor."

"in my third year of high school, I have a pain in the buttocks, waist, swollen legs and shoulders every day."

"my roommate hurt his knee when he got out of bed, and he didn't get well for a semester. It is because the stability of the knee joint is too poor. "

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"I'm only 16 years old. I already have cervical spondylosis. I often feel dizzy and nauseous because of neck pain."


looking at the children's comments, there is really some panic:

the harm caused by lack of exercise has not only focused on adults, more children who do not exercise are also being severely punished by the world.


A weak body

cannot support a child's future

Yang Ye of Beijing Sports University once said:

"nowadays, teenagers' chest circumference is getting wider and wider, but their vital capacity is getting smaller and smaller; they are getting taller and taller, but running slower and slower;

the weight is getting bigger and bigger, but the strength is getting smaller and smaller.

there are more and more intellectual development, and the quality of agility is getting weaker and weaker.

in fact, this is all due to children's lack of exercise.

the Youth Research Center shows that

"more than 60% of primary and secondary school students do not exercise for more than one hour a day, and even more than 1/3 of children do not exercise.

they have no time to exercise, no time to play, and even sacrifice some time to sleep. The voice they hear most is "study is the most important, achievement is the most important". But few people tell them that "the body is the capital of all revolutions."

as a result, the children's energetic bodies are full of problems:

A 15-year-old boy in Anhui always sits at his desk for most of the day because of his heavy learning task.

over the years, he began to have low back pain half a year ago and found it difficult to sit and stand. After going to the hospital for examination, he found that he had lumbar disc herniation and needed surgical treatment.

A 10-year-old boy in Huai'an, because he does not like exercise, his weight is 5 times that of a healthy child, his abdominal fat is 10 cm thick, and he suffers from severe fatty liver at a young age.

Dr. Tao Yong mentioned in the special program "you and me at the two sessions" that the myopia rate of primary school students has reached 40%, that of junior high school students is 70%, that of senior high school students is 80%, and that the rate of wearing glasses is getting higher and higher.

with the increasing degree of myopia, it may also lead to retinal thinning, atrophy, detachment, and even blindness.

some experts have randomly monitored the bone age and bone mineral density of 1280 minors aged 3 to 18. The results show that 62% of boys' bone mineral density is lower than the standard value, girls are even worse, and 80.8% are not up to standard.

there have been a series of heartbreaking sudden deaths:

high achiever, a freshman in Hunan with a score of 765 in the senior high school entrance examination, died of heat attack during military training.

A sophomore of Harbin Institute of Technology died suddenly in the self-study room.

A student from the Middle School attached to Harbin normal University was preparing for the national chemistry competition. High achiever, a sophomore with full marks in mathematics and the strongest in physics, suddenly died of a heart attack on the night of the first day of the final exam.

experts point out that the decline of heart function in young people is directly related to lack of exercise, lack of sleep, obesity and excessive stress in work and study.

looking at these teenagers who are supposed to be like the rising sun, but because of physical reasons, they cast a gray shadow over their future, which is really extremely sad.

there is a saying:

Health is 1, and everything else is 0.

without health, no matter how many zeros are meaningless.

for children, no matter how good the grades are, no matter how bright the future is, without a healthy body, everything is in vain.

Life lies in exercise, children exercise more, the body can have vitality.

if the body is energetic, the child's learning energy can last forever.

in fact, scientific research has long proved that

therefore, children are not tireless perpetual motion machines, and exercise is not an obstacle to children's learning.

on the contrary, more exercise can not only strengthen the child's body and relieve the child's learning pressure, but also cure the child's negative emotion and shape the child's healthier personality.


Children who exercise

lead different lives

the Rhodes Scholarship set up by the famous University of Oxford has four assessment criteria, one of which is:

love sports, it is better to have sports achievement.

because the school believes that such children tend to have excellent minds and are future leaders worth training.

Hollywood "tough guy" represents Schwarzenegger and has two sons.

the eldest son is deeply influenced by Schwarzenegger and especially likes sports.

the youngest son doesn't like sports at all.

as a result, the eldest son was handsome and loved by everyone, while the younger son was round and chubby by netizens.

more importantly, the eldest son has developed the habit of self-discipline since he was a child, so he has all kinds of plans for his life very early.

when he was 15, he created the outline of "charity" with his own vision and foresight.Read the clothing brand company.

at the age of 18, he was excavated by a modeling agency and became an official model.

after a few years in the entertainment industry, he found a new interest, opened a pizzeria, was in full swing, and became a successful businessman.

in contrast to his second son, he always likes to stay at home with junk food.

by the time he was 19, he was too fat to walk, and it was a test for him to walk a little longer.

A son raised by the same father has a successful career and mediocrity.

one likes to try, likes to toss about, has fire in his heart and light in his eyes.

A person who likes to enjoy, likes to stay the same, and even his body can't keep running normally, how can he have the strength to face the frustrations and hardships of life calmly?

really answer the saying: exercise and not exercise, live a different life.

exercise brings children not only physical health and physical beauty, but most importantly, the cultivation of children's personality.

when my colleague's daughter was in primary school, she was a primary school bully.

colleagues often boast to us that

after entering junior high school, my colleague's daughter has become a fat girl.

because her classmates often laugh at her figure, she becomes more and more sensitive and self-abased.

when others looked at her one more time, she felt that she was being despised by others as "fat".

she also began to become "jealous". She was extremely unfriendly to girls who were better-looking and better-looking than her.

later, after taking part in the work, she always failed to meet the standards because she was too lazy to run clients.

because of the heavy physical load, she had high blood pressure and dizziness after a few shifts, and missed her every promotion and raise.

and the daughter of another friend of mine, although her grades were mediocre when she was a child, she was very fond of sports, lively and cheerful, and she could be seen in all the sports and sports activities in the school.

now that she grows up and goes to work, she still keeps the habit of running for an hour every morning.

also because she loves sports, she is always full of energy, not only well-proportioned, but also psychologically strong, no matter how difficult the job is, she always has a sense of aggressiveness and cruelty that will not stop until she achieves her goal.

her energy, courage, and tenacity have made her the planning director of the company at a young age.

in fact, the benefits that exercise brings to children are much more than physical and mental health.

Children who exercise are more confident and self-disciplined than those who do not exercise.

self-confidence and self-discipline bring children a steady stream of vitality and faith to face up to difficulties.

this positive spiritual energy will in turn nourish the child and make the child go farther and more steadily on the road of life.


the confidence and courage that exercise brings to children

trumps all major truths

know a Tsinghua high achiever who told me a personal experience.

in her second year of high school, because of the great pressure of study, she almost sat at her desk to study except for four hours of sleeping, eating and going to the toilet every day.

however, the more impatient she is, the more likely she is to make mistakes, and the more she wants to try her best, the more powerless she feels.

after a big review, she not only did not make progress, but some retrogression, and her mood became more restless.

her father found her in bad shape and wanted her to release her anxiety, so he forced her to run with her for an hour every morning.

unexpectedly, after holding on for a month, she suddenly found that she had a lot of peace of mind, and her concentration and memory were better than before.

later, she kept running every day without being forced by her father.

especially when she goes to work, whenever she is under too much pressure or encounters difficulties, she likes to go out and run a few laps by herself.

she said:

it was the confidence and strength brought to her by sports that enabled her to overcome difficulties again and again, overcome herself, be admitted to Tsinghua University, and finally enter the world's top 500 enterprises and become a strong person in life.

I remember that during the two sessions, Jiangsu President Tang Jiangpeng also put forward:

"A good education should cultivate lifelong activists, responsibility bearers, problem solvers, and elegant living people, and give children an excellent and sound personality."

among them, the cultivation of lifelong exercise is in the first place.

because the inner strength that children gain in sports will help children better become responsibility bearers, problem solvers, and elegant people.

therefore, separating study from sports is the biggest mistake made by many parents.

only teaching children to fall in love with sports is the trump card to help children achieve the best progress in life.


I have read such a passage on the Internet, which is very piercing:

Children who have no choice but to study hard since childhood will still have the right to make their own choices when they grow up. Where can children whose achievements are the only source of meaning and achievement when they grow up find meaning and achievement?

how can children who have been deprived of other life experiences from an early age deal with negative life experiences except emotional breakdown and crying?

in fact, the ultimate goal of education is not to cultivate a fragile problem-making machine.

the original intention of parents in educating their children is to hope that their children can have a colorful life, be able to withstand the ups and downs on the road of life in the future, be able to withstand the changes in life, and live this life calmly.