Put it down, life will be simple.

Put it down, life will be simple.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

some people say, "hold it when you pick it up, and see through it when you put it down."

picking it up and putting it down is not only the embodiment of ability and wisdom, but also a person's lifelong practice.

whether you are happy or not, you can pick it up when it is time to pick it up and let it go when it is time to put it down.


Let go of the past and start all over again

most of the time, people are used to indulging in the reverie of the past, as if missing, everything is possible to come again.

so, looking back on the past has become a habit, but in fact, looking forward to the future can inspire the charm of life.

Zhang Youyi in the Republic of China made herself strong just because she lost her support.

Zhang Youyi married Xu Zhimo under the arrangement of her parents when she was young.

who knows, Xu Zhimo, who is far away from abroad, saw a picture of Zhang Youyi blurt out: country bumpkin.

it is conceivable that Xu Zhimo is dissatisfied with the new wife.

Zhang Youyi has the heart of a good wife and mother, but Xu Zhimo has no case, so their relationship is always in an awkward position.

Xu Zhimo, who was studying abroad, once wrote to his family saying that he hoped Zhang Youyi would accompany him.

Zhang Youyi thought happiness was knocking on the door, but Xu Zhimo still ignored her. During this period, Xu Zhimo forced Zhang Youyi to divorce because he pursued Lin Huiyin.

Zhang Youyi felt that the sky was falling, and at that moment she was helpless.

with the help of her second brother, she cheered up and went to Germany to study early childhood education. She later performed well and got a master's degree from Pestaloch College.

Zhang Youyi said: "I regard my life as two stages: before and after divorce, before divorce, I am afraid of everything; after divorce, I have nothing to fear."

later, she went to work in a bank and achieved great success in business and really made herself a legend.

Life is just between thoughts. If you think about it, you will grow up. If you can't figure it out, it will become a setback.

if you dare to let go of the past, you can defeat yourself; only when you can overcome yourself can you overcome life.


put aside gains and losses and be at ease

if people have a sense of gain and loss, they will inevitably worry about gains and losses and become slaves to fame and wealth.

instead of being pinned down by fame and fortune, it is better to look down on the gains and losses and be tranquil and calm.

during the Northern Song Dynasty, there was a hermit named Lin Kui. He was rich in learning, but he had no interest in fame.

Lin Kui said: "my ambition is not the fault of my parents, let alone fame and wealth. I only feel that the green mountains and green waters are consistent with my heart."

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when he was young, he also traveled to Jianghuai, but at the age of 40, he chose to live in seclusion in Gushan, Hangzhou.

Lin Kui describes his life after living in seclusion in this way in a small poem:

Bamboo trees surround Wulu, which is more than interesting.

the crane is idle for a long time, and the bee is lazy to pick flowers.

the wine disease may be opened, and the spring yin will enter the hoe.

feel sorry for the ancient pictures, most of them write about woodcutter and fishing.

A hut and a bamboo forest reflect each other and look very chic.

next to Shuitan, the white crane often comes to look for food, often stops by the river, and refuses to leave for a long time.

in the blooming season, bees seem to be enjoying the scenery and unintentionally collecting honey.

after three rounds of drinking himself, he was somewhat unwilling to open the book and read. Next to him, such as the covered spring tree, he sprinkled a thick shade and took advantage of the shade to carry a hoe to loosen the soil.

enjoy some ancient paintings in my spare time, most of which are dashing fishermen and woodcutters.

apart from that, Lin Kui's most commendable story is the story of "Plum wife, Crane and son".

Zhang Chao wrote in "quiet Dream Shadow": "Ju takes Yuanming as his bosom friend, and Mei takes he Jing as his bosom friend."

he planted 300 plum blossoms on the mountain, domesticated two white cranes, and enjoyed plums and cranes in his spare time.

if Lin Kui has a visitor while he is out, the boy in the family will release the crane.

Lin Kui saw the crane and rowed home.

Lin Kui's life is light, but it is enviable.

he is not fettered by the secular world, his spirit is noble and transparent, and his life follows his heart.

maybe that's why he is talked about by later generations.

Life is just a journey. The mountains and rivers you have traveled, the travelers you have met, and the sorrows you have tasted, will enrich your life, regardless of gain or loss.

only by looking down on fame and wealth, can you live a tranquil life; only by being at ease, can you feel the fireworks in the world.


put down your desires, but do good deeds

as the saying goes: "if you plant flowers with your heart, you will not grow them without willow."

most of the time, the more you want it, the more you ask for it; when you put it down, the green willow becomes shady.

in the Ming Dynasty, there was a man named Yuan Baofan.

when he was very young, he listened to his mother and gave up his literature to practice medicine.

at the age of 17, when Yuan Ruifan set up a stall in Ciyun Temple, an old man with the bones of Xianfeng came up and said, "you should study, take part in the imperial examination, and you will be able to become a scholar next year."

the old man claimed to be the descendant of the divine number of Shaozi. Yuan Baofan was skeptical and took the old man home.

in front of his mother, the old man counted Yuan Liefan's childhood as a perfect score.

the mother asked the old man to count his son's official career, and the old man told Yuan Liofan's official career one by one, but finally said that it was a pity that he would not have a son in the future.

later, Yuan checked the fate of Fan and completely verified what the old man said, exactly the same.

Yuan Ruifan was suddenly heartbroken. He thought that since human lives were arranged by heaven, what was the use of working hard.

later, Yuan Jiefan met a Zen master. He sat opposite him for three days. No.Delusional thoughts.

the Zen master was very surprised. He thought Yuan Ruifan must be a wise man, so he asked him why.

Yuan Baofan told the story of the legendary old man to the Zen master.

the Zen master said, "I thought you were a wise man, but you are an ordinary man."

then, the Zen master said to Yuan Baofan, "Human life can be changed, but it is necessary to accumulate virtue and do good deeds."

the idea of accumulating virtue and doing good is tantamount to saying goodbye to the past and getting a new life.

Yuan Ruifan listened to the Zen master and began to do good deeds. When he did more than 3,000 good deeds, the old man's words no longer came true.

later, Yuan Ruifan, by virtue of virtue, not only won the Jinshi examination, but also gave birth to a son. He had both fame and a harmonious family.

as the old saying goes, "but do good deeds, don't ask about the future."

Water does not ask the direction, just keep talking, it will eventually become a vast ocean.

it's the same with people, when you don't pursue results, you just do it; you don't think about fate, you just fix it, and luck comes slowly.

remember that everything begins when you don't strive for success.