Quiet is the cure for everything.

Quiet is the cure for everything.

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Yi Shu once said:

the reason for being "quiet" is that people are calm because they are calm; life is rich because of stillness; and years are beautiful because of stillness.

tranquility is the cure for everything.


stillness is a kind of wisdom

as the old saying goes, "when water is static, the image is clear, and when people are quiet, wisdom is born."

when the water is calm, the reflection will be clear, and when the mind is calm, wisdom will grow.

in the Romance of the three Kingdoms, Guan Yu was defeated and killed by Soochow.

when Liu Bei heard the news, he was heartbroken and vowed to avenge Guan Yu.

Liu Bei, who was carried away by hatred, sent troops angrily in spite of Zhuge Liang's efforts to dissuade him, but ended up in a fiasco.

since then, the vitality of the State of Shu has been greatly damaged, and Liu Bei has been unable to fall ill and died of depression.

in the Romance of the three Kingdoms, many people are familiar with the story of Zhuge Liang using an "empty city plan" to scare off Sima Yi.

Zhuge Liang had to think of a way to withdraw his troops because Ma Jing lost his street pavilion.

he personally led thousands of soldiers and horses to Xicheng County to carry grain and forage. Who would have expected that Sima Yi led 150000 troops under the city at this time? at this time, Zhuge Liang not only had an extreme shortage of troops, but also did not have a general who could fight.

faced with such a crisis, everyone was stunned and panicked. Zhuge Liang was calm and calm and thought about how to deal with the enemy.

then, Zhuge Liang climbed the tower and ordered someone to open the gate. He sat calmly on the tower, burning incense and playing the piano, responding to reality with emptiness and confusing each other.

seeing this, Sima Yi could not help but suspect that the other side had an ambush, hesitated for fear of being trapped, and finally retreated without a fight.

the story of Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang makes us understand that what really defeats you is not your opponent, but your own impatience.

the more impatient you are, the more likely you are to get off guard.

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on the contrary, only when you calm down can you see the nature of things clearly and make a correct judgment.

stillness is not only a person's strong verve in the face of danger, but also a person's wisdom in dealing with emergencies.

every major event, people are calm and calm.


quiet is a realm

Zhou Guoping once said:

in the most impetuous entertainment industry, Sun Li is a rare actor who can "calm down".

when she was not acting, Sun Li painted, wrote, played sports, tasted tea and went to the market. A friend said that with such a big wrist, life is too simple to be in the entertainment industry.

Sun Li said: "the pace of life is too fast now, and the industry we are in is more impetuous, so I must find a way to slow down and feel the happiness that is not rare."

Sun Li, who settled down and lived a happy and full life, was in high spirits and brought his own light. Through the precipitation of life, when she returned to her career, her TV works starred in a hit.

calm down is a person's best practice.

writer Yu Qiuyu, who has always been unsociable, often stays in his room to read and write.

however, in the face of more and more temptations of fame and wealth, he is very worried that his state of mind will be affected by this, and it will be difficult for him to calm down and concentrate on writing.

for this reason, he resigned from all administrative positions that are the envy of others.

after resigning, he went on a journey alone, settled down, and immersed himself in the visit and writing of cultural relics, which finally led to the publication of best-selling works such as "Cultural hard Journey" and "Mountain Notes".

Yu Qiuyu believes that this is an impetuous era, and we need to slow down and watch our hearts, especially for young people, so that our talents and potential can be brought into full play.

free from the shackles of secular hustle and bustle and the temptation of fame and wealth, you can listen to your inner voice, understand the true meaning of life, and achieve a better self.

as the saying goes,

stillness is not only a state of life, but also a highest way of living.


stillness is a blessing

Zeng Guofan once said: "the mind can be quiet, although it is clear that there are thousands of changes."

but when he was young, Zeng Guofan used to be impetuous.

later, his teacher gave him the word "quiet". After being clicked, Zeng Guofan would sit still for a while every day to reflect on himself and think about how to behave.

Zeng Guofan learned to think twice before taking action. He thought: "whenever something happens, it must be handled peacefully and gently. If you are in a hurry, you may make a mistake."

people who are in a panic and eager for quick success and quick profit are difficult to achieve great things. And good luck is reserved for those who can calm down and keep calm.

I have a friend who is a simultaneous interpreter and often works as an interpreter at various international conferences.

when I was in college, many students stayed up late to play TV shows, play games and take part in all kinds of club activities. As for her friend, she is free from external interference. She gets up at six o'clock every morning and goes to the lake or the playground to read English.

in addition, friends often choose to study in places with large numbers of people or noisy environment.

she says that this can not only exercise her ability to avoid stage fright, but also improve her ability to calm down quickly without external interference.

all this is a preparation for becoming an excellent simultaneous interpreter and dealing with complex and changeable translation scenarios in the future.

later, my friend stood out among the national examinees and was admitted as a graduate student in translation at the Foreign Affairs College. After graduating from the Foreign Affairs College, my friend finally got what he wanted and became an excellent interpreter on his own.

there is a saying in "persuading Learning": "if you don't accumulate steps, you can't reach thousands of miles; if you don't accumulate small streams, you can't become rivers and seas.""

there is no overnight success in the world. Only those who are confident in their hearts, calm down and move towards their goals one step at a time can go higher and further.

there is a good saying: "those who are restless will accomplish nothing; those who are calm and calm will gather themselves."

calm down, luck and luck will come naturally.


stillness is the cure for everything

as the ancient poem says, "Don't worry about meddling, it's a good time for the world."

as the saying goes, the heart is peaceful and at ease.

put aside the troubles and noises in the world, and be quiet to cultivate your body and mind. Stillness is the cure for everything. Because

calm down, you will not panic when something happens;

calm down, life will be smooth;

calm down, the blessing will naturally come.

May you and I both find a corner of peace, keep a meditation, watch the clouds, watch the flowers blossom and fall, and live quietly and abundantly.