Remember 4 words and never get angry.

Remember 4 words and never get angry.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in the whole world, it is inevitable to get angry. The so-called plain sailing and all the best are always good ideals and wishes.

traditional Chinese medicine says that "all diseases arise from qi", and most of people's health problems are caused by "external qi" and "internal qi".

external qi refers to wind, cold, summer, dampness and dryness, that is, "six masturbation", while internal qi refers to joy, anger, worry, thought, grief and fear, that is, "seven emotions".

the external evil of nature is easy to prevent, but the bad mood inside is often out of control.

get angry and become the biggest killer of health.

remember the following words, adjust your mindset, be open-minded, and you will start a life without anger.

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to be angry is to punish yourself for other people's mistakes

everyone makes mistakes, intentionally or unintentionally.

as the saying goes, "impulse is the devil". People will inevitably do stupid things when they are in mood swings. Or maliciously slander, or punch each other, light is angry, serious is to hurt both sides, go to court, some people get seriously ill and even risk their lives.

in a moment of anger, it is understandable that it is impossible to be indifferent, whether misunderstood or bullied. The terrible thing is that a long time has passed and he is still punishing himself repeatedly with each other's mistakes, and the person who made the mistake may have forgotten the past.

if you have been angry about someone's bad mouth many years ago, you have been repeatedly abused in your memory; if you often think of being slapped, you have been slapped countless times in the face.

Shakespeare said,

nine times out of ten things go wrong in life. Let bygones be bygones To let others go is to fulfill yourself.


the reason why we don't like others is that we don't have enough self-cultivation

as the saying goes, "thousands of people have a thousand ideas, ten thousand people look like ten thousand people," and "when the forest is big, there are all kinds of birds." so we have to deal with all kinds of people.

some people always think they are right, look at this is not good, look at that is very bad, either the boss is too stingy, or colleagues are petty, it is simply "there are no good people in Hongtong County". Can such a person not be angry?

as the saying goes, "the gentleman is magnanimous, the villain is sad," and he dislikes others because he is not big enough and not broad-minded enough.

the world is a dynamic balance, where there is good, there is evil, there are rich and poor, there are crimes, so there are police and lawyers, there are resources plunder, there must be army and war.

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "Taste will look at the crab with a cold eye and see how long you run wild."

maybe, for the sake of others, you will find that people who used to look unpleasant are actually cute and pitiful.


Color is empty, and emptiness is color

this is a sentence in the Heart Sutra personally translated by the Tang monk after learning scriptures from the western sky, which is close to the meaning of the popular phrase "Shenma is floating clouds" on the Internet a few years ago.

Life is a train to death. All relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances are passers-by in life, and no one is with you from beginning to end, except your own physical body.

the most important thing is to take good care of this skin, avoid injury as much as possible, and use it for as long as possible.

with the continuous progress of science and technology, human beings are becoming more and more lazy, their physical fitness is declining, their thinking ability is declining, and their fecundity is declining.

many young people wantonly overdraw money, body, and blessings. It seems that the days of comfort and happiness will be endless, mistakenly thinking that the average life expectancy will continue to extend, but they do not know that people will die at the end of happiness. The kid sent by Yan Wang Ye to ask for his life is already on his way.

people begin the countdown to life as soon as they are born. Heaven and earth are born, return to dust, life does not bring, death does not take away.

when it's all right, go to the emergency department of the hospital and take a walk outside the cremation room of the funeral parlour. Are you still upset and angry?



We don't need much, but we want too much. I struggle with desire every day, but I often become a slave to it.

We are depressed in the comparison, suffer in the competition, get promoted, get rich, change cars, buy a house, and are exhausted.

but often anxious to get angry, can not find the feeling of happiness, this is why?

because we are not satisfied!

there used to be a saying that "people compare people to death, goods have to be thrown away", but later changed to "people have to live, goods have to be kept", which can be regarded as a kind of progress.

in fact, people can and cannot be compared with people. why do you say that? To be able to compare means to compare with those who are not as good as you; not to compare with those who are better than you.

No matter how good it is, there are others who are better than you, and no matter how poor it is, there are others who are not as good as you.

there is no need to admire other people's scenery, maybe he has worked harder than you.

compare yourself with what you used to be. As long as you work hard, motivated and passionate, life will gradually get better.

Zhuangzi said: "those who are clever work but those who are wise worry, and those who are incompetent have nothing to ask for."

people with skills tend to get tired, and people with wisdom often worry. People without ability and wisdom live happier than the former two because they have no desire and no desire.

everyone is a unique miracle in the world, with different abilities, blessings and life expectancy. You will always be happy if you are contented, and you will never be happy if you are not satisfied.

novel coronavirus is still rampant in the world, with more than 40 million people infected.

Earth residents of all colors have done their best to live, and we are lucky to live in a peaceful and stable country like a paradise. It is too late to be grateful. How can we be angry?

A good day is actually a good state of mind.

has a secondary pass.The couplets of Maitreya Buddha:

the above four sentences are really simple words. However, once you know it by heart, you are no longer who you were.