Rice with sweet noodle sauce.

Rice with sweet noodle sauce.

I think a familiar taste evokes more than just the stimulation of taste buds.

I remember seeing such a passage in a certain issue of "China on the Tip of the tongue":

the taste habits we accepted in childhood will affect our pursuit of taste for a long time.

therefore, the food in my hometown will always be missed. Because this is the taste we have accepted since childhood.

so I think of sweet noodle sauce.

Cantonese steamed fish will be fishy and flavoured with shredded ginger and onions in restaurants, fresh with soy sauce, and finally poured in a spoonful of hot oil. The home-style steamed fish is easier, and the main seasoning is sweet noodle sauce.

steamed fish with sweet noodle sauce, lean meat with sweet noodle sauce, ribs with sweet noodle sauce. Childhood sweet noodle sauce is monotonous, it has a wonderful taste of sweet and salty so that every seemingly different dish has the same taste.

and rice with sweet noodle sauce is probably the same.

in my memory, when I sat around the dinner table with my elders, I always watched the plate with steamed fish with sweet noodle sauce suddenly picked up, the plate tilted, the sweet noodle sauce covered with tasteless spoons, and then sprinkled evenly in front of the rice bowl.

the white rice is still steaming hot, and the rice covered with sweet noodle sauce is an imperfect oval, and the spoon is inserted into the side of the rice bowl, reminding us that the correct next step is to hold it tight and eat seriously.

but the sweet noodle sauce didn't taste good when I was a child.

Why do adults always sprinkle sweet noodle sauce on our rice bowls?

I like to use one end of chopsticks to crush the soft waxy soybeans in the sauce. Those semicircular soybeans that have turned brown and yellow are crushed into small broken particles, like a hand-drenched chalk.

familiar taste, because familiar, seems to become particularly delicious.

the sister-in-law is mixing fish and sweet noodle sauce into her nephew's rice bowl, a silent transmission of flavor.


White sugar cake Maogan porridge steamed spareribs sweet noodle sauce only boiled green vegetables with oil and salt, the first taste in memory will affect us forever in the future.

"although I like to eat spicy food, if I eat spicy food at every meal, I will have the feeling of eating all sorts of things."

"there are always a few days to eat a light diet, although lack of a lot of taste bud stimulation, but feel physically and mentally comfortable."

"now, you only need to take a look and taste to tell whether the food in front of you is authentic or not."

"White sugar cake is actually not very delicious, but it is just a piece of sweet and soft glutinous rice flour cake. However, sometimes I still want to eat sugar cake on a whim, and every time I eat it, I feel that it must be accompanied by a bowl of maogen porridge. "

"the soybeans in Maogen porridge must be soft and too hard, so they don't taste right at all."

I think a familiar taste evokes more than just the stimulation of the taste buds. When I swallow a mouthful of sweet noodle sauce and mix rice, if I recall it carefully, I can see that I am running and playing in the yard, and behind me is my mother who is hurriedly chasing after her rice bowl.

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