Rules (must be read in this life)

Rules (must be read in this life)

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what are rules?

rule is a kind of existence.

Natural laws are rules-the cycle of the four seasons, the evolution of species, five movements and six gases, all follow some kind of natural law, you have to obey it, this is the awe of the natural rule.

Social customs are rules-- behavior habits, life ethics, including all kinds of "old ideas", and you have to stop breaking the rules that govern you to do things, which is the basic bottom line for you to live comfortably in this world.

rules and regulations are rules-- laws and regulations, organizational discipline, village rules and regulations, you also have to abide by, this is not easy to touch the social rules of high-voltage line.

Han Feizi Jie Lao Yun:

Han Feizi Jie Lao Yun:

only by knowing the rules and keeping the rules can you keep your life.


A fish just made smells good, but if you leave it for a few days, it will stink; when you visit someone else's house, they will be very happy at first, and if you stay for a long time, it will be annoying.

this means: don't go too far.

in the words of Confucius, it is called: too much is not as good as it is.

to do one thing, if you go too far and you can't reach it, the two effects are actually the same.

as the old saying goes:

the reason why some people have a smooth journey lies not only in their cleverness and diligence, but also in their insight into human nature.

they know what it means to be appropriate, what is impartial, and what is good. In a word, they can handle it.

Mr. Zhou Guoping said:

A person with a sense of proportion speaks appropriately, leaves room for doing things, makes people feel cordial but respectful, comfortable but not alienated, reaching a state that "she is always beautiful regardless of light makeup and heavy makeup."


for example:

Don't shake your legs on top of a row of seats! Shake your legs! Shake your legs!

sing if you don't order your own song, even if you can, don't rush to sing it.

others know the word quiet when they sleep.

Please keep quiet when watching movies, and keep quiet and quiet on your cell phone.

in the dormitory or public places, on the bus, watching videos, listening to music and playing games, please put on headphones!

on the subway, don't lean against the railing alone, please leave a place for other people's hands.

the ancients said:

upbringing and culture are two different things. Some people are very educated, but very uneducated, and some people do not have much higher education and knowledge, but they are still very educated and measured.

upbringing determines a person's level of life.

good upbringing is never achieved overnight, it is not simple politeness, but the accumulation of culture and the formation of habits.

obedience is the most basic upbringing.


Ms. Li, a low-income household, had a serious illness in the early years, and her husband was too ill to engage in heavy manual labor. The couple run a stall with only more than one square meter and make a living by buying and selling eggs, practical goods, noodles, and so on.

after getting up early in the morning and working hard all day, I only have an income of about 50 yuan.

there is also a child who has just graduated from college and is currently unemployed at home.

one day, not far from the stall, she found a wallet. When she saw that there were thousands of yuan in cash, bank cards and ID cards in it, she immediately contacted the owner to claim it.

after the owner took back her wallet, he immediately took out a wad of money from the bag to thank her.

but it was rejected by her:

Mencius said:

A person's adherence to principles may be due to his reputation, but he still adheres to principles when he is down, that is, true goodness.

Feel perfectly fashionable in the little bride gowns company. Just do it and enjoy wonderful shopping experience.

the principle is not impersonal, nor is it hostility to the outside world, but a person's norm to himself.

only by adhering to the principle can we keep that peace of mind.


rule is a bottom line

people have a boundary, but also a bottom line. The

realm gives people a bright prospect and hope, and the bottom line is the basic guarantee for human survival.

Yi Zhongtian believes that the bottom line is more important than the realm.

A person has no realm, at best a little worse, but if there is no bottom line, there will be big problems.

he confessed himself like this:

A person who has no bottom line will dare to do anything. In a society, if there is no bottom line, everything will happen.

Mencius said:

Tao Yuanming, China's first pastoral poet, was brilliant, but he hovered between officialdom and farming, and later simply retired to the countryside. All this stems from his unwillingness to break his bottom line.

Tao Yuanming is honest and honest, never clinging to power or flattery; instead, he chooses to stick to his principles all his life, endow his talents in his poems and remain immortal.

keeping the bottom line lies not only in how much you have done, but also in knowing what you can't do.


rule is a kind of character

character is the highest degree, the unity of virtue and talent is the real wisdom, real talent.

Talent is not as good as virtueMoney is not as good as taste.

A few years ago, when Bai Yansong interviewed Ji Xianlin, he heard a true story. One autumn, when the new semester of Peking University began, a student from out of town walked into the campus with a big bag and a small bag. He was so tired that he left his bag by the side of the road. At this time, an old man came along, and the young student asked the old man to look at the bag for him, while he went through various formalities light. The old man readily agreed.

nearly an hour later, the students returned, and the old man was still guarding it dutifully.

after thanking the old man, the two men parted.

A few days later, it was the opening ceremony of Peking University, and the young student was surprised to find that Ji Xianlin, vice president of Peking University, who was seated on the rostrum, was the old man who looked after his luggage that day.

Bai Yansong sighs:

what kind of character you are determines the height of your life.

behave, conduct is naturally correct, no matter how narrow the road ahead, you can walk wider and wider.

on the contrary, those who are bent on taking shortcuts will sooner or later be ruined in their own minds. Those who ignore the rules are doomed to make no progress.