Seeing the Chinese children secretly photographed 39 years ago, I understand why every five children today have a tendency to be depressed.

Seeing the Chinese children secretly photographed 39 years ago, I understand why every five children today have a tendency to be depressed.

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I couldn't help but have mixed feelings when I saw a group of old photos the other day.

this is a photo album "Hello, Children" taken by Japanese photographer Ryoji Akiyama in China in the 1980s.

it records the ordinary and moving moments of children's childhood 39 years ago.


at that time, there were no expensive entertainment facilities, and children played shuttlecock, throwing stones and hopscotch.

even such a simple game, everyone always had a lot of fun.

the game at that time was the purest interaction and play.

even a simple eagle to catch a chicken can play crazy all afternoon.

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at that time, there were no endless supplementary classes and endless homework.

there are only the vigorous figures and vibrant smiling faces of the children on the playground, in the yard and on the railing.

even if you are in a daze all day, it will be a lot of fun.

at that time, there were no smartphones or social software, but children's lives were always colorful.

get up early and do some exercises to start a vibrant day in the crisp birdsong.

Ten minutes between classes is an indispensable social time for children.

"Hey, what cards did you buy today?"

arm wrestling is children's favorite Mini Game at recess.

"come on, fight, the loser is the puppy"

at that time, the cicadas sang endlessly, the temperature was thirty-five or six, and it was always a hot but not restless afternoon.

the child's thoughts and friendships are hidden in the laughter after school.

go home arm in arm with close friends, the setting sun sets in the west, reflecting the sunset on the horizon and the carefree faces of the children.

at that time, there was no wifi and all kinds of novel toys, but children were more attentive.

the first thing to do when you go home is to finish your homework, and then you can have fun with your friends.

Children can be seen fighting downstairs, in alleys and on the kerbs;

flying with branches pretending to resist swords, and charging in the streets with their friends.

I don't think I'm too handsome.

what does it matter if the yard is small? as long as you have a big world in your heart, you can still give advice.

Dreams are sometimes born in these twenty square meters.

Table Tennis, jumping belts and throwing pockets. I don't go home until my mother comes looking for it.

at that time, life was so easy, and the little body seemed to have endless energy and enthusiasm.

International Children's Day has arrived, and the little girls are jumping up and down in skirts sewn by their mother, sometimes announcing the curtain and sometimes performing on the stage.

it was the princess moment that every girl looked forward to most, and she even blushed nervously for the performance.

have you ever seen the brightest star in the night sky? I've seen it, living in the eyes of the children.

at that time, the summer was brilliant and long, without air conditioning and refrigerator, but I could hardly feel the heat and tiredness.

I only remember cicadas in the afternoon, children's laughter, swinging fans and mother's chilled watermelons.

time is slow, the sun is gentle, an old song has been sung and sung, and a bottle of orange soda can last a long time.

A 5-cent popsicle is enough to buy a whole day of joy.

at that time, the sky was always blue, the water was always clear, and everyone was lovely.


at that time, the children played with marbles under the banyan tree, played in the shade of the tree, caught small fish by the sea and Loach by the pond.

with a little jump, I've been at my feet all summer.

when you are tired of playing, you will lie down on the lawn and roll a few times, all of which belong to the fragrance of nature.

go to the seaside together at the weekend, run and play on the beach, and a string of silver bells of laughter drifted far away with the waves.

the willow Yiyi by the lake, the lake is sparkling, who is there singing wantonly:

"Let's swing the oars and the boat pushes away the waves"

in the 37-degree heat wave, give a happy high-five this summer.

Light and shadow, summer and cicadas, mottled hidden behind the green leaves.

A 4-year-old boy rode a tricycle and looked around curiously. At that time, he must not have thought that time had already been quietly frozen.

at that time, the children's eyes were bright and clear, full of curiosity and exploration of the world.

March, when everything recovers and willows spit new green, it is a good time to step into spring.

the children in the car are like birds that have just come out of the cage, twittering as if they have endless words.

A group of children go for an outing in a big truck, even if there is no comfortable bus, it can not stop everyone's excitement and enthusiasm.

pull the little friends together to clock in the magnificent scenes written by the author in the textbook and rush to the hall in mind.

"Mom, look, we have finally arrived at the Temple of Heaven!"

at that time, Japanese media reported:

at that time, children's faces were always covered with bright smiles, which was the simplest and most sincere happiness.

but 39 years have passed in the twinkling of an eye.

what are children like now?


their studies are getting heavier and heavier. They are locked up at home and in the classroom, studying and doing homework every day.

even, because of too much homework, they have to carry two bags to class.

some children are only in second grade because they write too much.The calluses are worn out.

some children fall asleep because they are too tired with their homework, but they still don't put down their pens.

at a young age, they are not overwhelmed by life, but they are bent by heavy schoolwork early.

even my mother can't enjoy the scenery on the way to school by bike in the morning.

I have to rush to attend all kinds of supplementary classes and interest classes on weekends, and I should also seize the time to do my homework while practicing.

some children attend 11 supplementary classes a month in primary school, and the payment receipts cover the whole bed.

every day, there are countless mountains coming.

there is almost no chance to play at school. Even the ten-minute recess can only walk around the class, and it is not allowed to go downstairs.

Today's children have lost the innocence that children should have, and their eyes no longer see the high spirits of the past and become lifeless.


in recent years, more and more children seem to suffer from mental illness.

the report on the Development of China's National Mental Health (2019-2020) released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences on March 1 this year shows that the detection rate of depression among Chinese adolescents in 2020 is 24.6%, of which 17.2% are mild depression and 7.4% are severe depression.

that is, one in five children is prone to depression.

behind this startling data, there are also a series of teenage suicides:

in March this year, a top North American student Zhang Yide committed suicide due to depression.

Last August, a 15-year-old girl in Sichuan jumped down from the 25th floor and died with her father, who had suffered from depression.

in 2019, Lele, a 13-year-old girl in Shijiazhuang, committed suicide by swallowing 96 carsickness pills and 16 cephalosporins due to depression.

the young lives of these flowers disappear with the wind, which makes people sigh.

someone on Weibo once asked: why did children in the past seldom have psychological problems?

A psychiatrist replied in the comments section:

in fact, children were under a lot of pressure in the past, but they often had an outlet to vent. They went outside to run around and fight with their buddies, and all their unhappiness was gone.

but today's children's playing space is so compressed that negative emotions are infinitely magnified, making them more vulnerable.

in the past, children used to run and jump and play madly outside, dripping with vitality all over their bodies;

but now children are facing more academic pressure, but at the same time, they have no place to vent, and it is easy to be physically and mentally exhausted and go to extremes.

in the TV series "Little willing", Tian Yulan forbids him to go out to play in order to give his son more time to study, and deprives him of the only time he can go out and relax every day.

this led to more and more psychological pressure on the boy, and finally suffered from depression, tore up the paper and rushed out in the examination room.

the dreary room imprisoned the children's nature, cut off the children's source of happiness, and swallowed up the children's mental health.


A few days ago, I chatted with a primary school teacher.

she mentioned that there were three children in her class who suffered from varying degrees of depression. Later, under the guidance and intervention of the psychological teacher, the problems of several children were significantly improved.

in fact, the method of counseling is also very simple:

is to let parents take their children out for a walk, travel, climb mountains, run, and play table tennis.

researchers at Hous University in Denmark have found that children who grow up in a green environment have a 55% lower risk of psychological problems such as anxiety and depression when they grow up.

another scientific study also shows that

the brain secretes neurochemicals such as dopamine during exercise, which helps eliminate fatigue, relieve stress and make people feel happy.

not only helps to get rid of negative emotions and make people positive and optimistic, but also makes the brain more focused and energetic.

stop keeping our children in cold, cramped rooms.

the jungle of steel and concrete will not bring happiness and hope to children, but endless anxiety and hesitation.

Let children look up from books, go to nature, run, exercise, and enjoy the nourishment of sunshine and rain.

if you love your children, you must give them an outlet to relieve pressure.

our children not only need excellent grades, but also need a strong body, a good state of mind and a sound personality to support a full soul.