Self-healing is the best health care in the world.

Self-healing is the best health care in the world.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

you must have experienced moments like this:

there is always a time in your life when there is a lot of pressure on your shoulders, emotional frustration, career failure, future confusion, and panic.

later, the busyness of work soothes the uneasiness, the spiritual enrichment relieves the inner anxiety, and the passage of time heals everything, all of which is the result of your own efforts.

when people reach middle age, there are nine out of ten difficulties. All disasters need to be crossed by themselves, and all wounds should be healed by themselves.

after the age of 40, the best life is to strive for by yourself, and the best health care is to heal your heart.


do things when you are awake

there is a problem with Zhihu: what is the fastest way to destroy a person?

see an answer with high praise: idle every day, idle every month, idle every year, idle when happy, idle when miserable, and lose oneself over time.

it is true. In life, what I fear most is idleness.

A few days ago, Ma Yili mentioned his state last year in a certain program.

she admitted that during the first period of divorce, she was in a daze every day, even suffering from procrastination and losing her motivation to do things.

but she knows very well that she is a positive person at heart and cannot be immersed in negative emotions forever.

so she began to force herself to go into the gym, work hard, see a psychiatrist, and do acupuncture.

she knows that no matter which way you use, you should first keep yourself busy and enrich your life. Instead of doing nothing, your distractions will fade away.

sometimes it is our wishful thinking that destroys us, and the source of thousands of complicated thoughts is idleness.

Mr. Fang Cheng, a leading figure in the comic book industry, lived in this world for more than a hundred years and kept on creating until his death.

after retiring in 1986, the old man still got up early, worked in the morning, wrote essays in the afternoon, and persevered as he went to work. He once wrote a poem in his self-portrait, in which he wrote:

life has always been very common, riding a bike, painting and calligraphy to write articles, health depends on one word-busy.

idle will lead to laziness, busy can keep fit, do things when sober, and persist when in pain.

time is not medicine, medicine in time, busy, is the beginning of happiness, but also the cure for pain.


read when confused

there is a profound line in the Godfather:

that is to say, a person's cognition determines the direction of his life to a great extent.

and reading is the best way to improve cognition, expand thinking and get rid of confusion.

Mr. Yang Jiang once received a letter from a young reader complaining in many places that the society was impetuous and the hearts of the people were unpredictable.

after reading it, she replied:

everyone's thinking is limited. When cognition is not enough to support their thinking, it is easy to think too much, and the result is often to find reasons elsewhere and can't see themselves clearly.

I remember watching the movie Shawshank's Redemption, the most impressive clip was:

Andy, after winning the warden's trust, took the opportunity to ask for a job in the library. During this period, through his application for the expansion of library books for six consecutive years, he finally received the old books sent.

then, he helped more than 20 inmates study, instructed them to read, improve themselves, and get a high school degree.

this period of study is enough to enable these people to change their old idleness and find a decent job after they get out of prison.

and he himself did not give up his studies because he was in prison. By reading, he strengthened his heart and walked step by step to the day when the plan was successfully implemented.

Reading can change people's mind and enrich people's soul imperceptibly.

if you don't know where the road ahead is, you might as well calm down and read a good book and a good article.


exercise in anger

Capital of Life

No matter how bad the situation is, you should try to dominate your environment and save yourself from the darkness.

how terrible is a life dominated by emotions?

when I was at school, I had a quarrel with my classmates and got into a fight with each other, hurting others and harming myself, but the value of my anger did not abate as a result.

acting too emotionally after work, acting impulsively in a moment of anger and delaying the work process, but the mood was not alleviated.

getting along with others is too capricious, requiring everyone to drift away from their friends according to their own mood, and they will not be happy because of it.

some people say that the measure of a person's maturity is whether he can control his emotions and adjust his state of mind.

for an adult, emotion needs to be vented, not repressed into a stubborn disease.

exercise is the best way to get you out of the haze and get a new life.

Psychological studies have also shown that people who exercise regularly are much less likely to suffer from depression.

exercise is equivalent to getting rid of the weeds that grow in your heart. Only by leaving extra space can you fill your heart with sunshine.

instead of holding all your grievances in your heart, it is better to run and climb and let the body relax and the mind relax.

as Hippocrates, the father of medicine, once said:

sunshine, air, water and exercise are the sources of life and health.


introspection when alone

as I get older, I understand the sentence

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after middle age, one is in his own unique space.It is much more comfortable to think about things than many people to sit together.

using alone time to see yourself clearly is the highest level of self-discipline of an adult.

Qi Baishi, a master painter, has made numerous works all his life, and the world likens his paintings to "the weather vane leading Chinese painting." And he can have such a high achievement, can not be separated from his habit of reflection.

when Qi Baishi was 88 years old, the poet Ai Qing visited him with paintings he had made when he was young, hoping to let him identify the true from the false.

in the process of observing the paintings, he could not help recalling the scenes in his early years when he was painting, and he realized that today's standard is much lower than before.

after this incident, Qi Baishi often reflects on himself:

since then, he will practice the basis of painting every day when he is alone, day after day, and the paintings he made in his later years are still loved by everyone.

"Caigen Tan" says: listen to the bell of the quiet night, awaken the dream in the dream. Look at the shadow of the moon in the clear pool and peep out of the body.

in the quiet time, talking to your past self, finding problems objectively, correcting yourself, and reviewing your life is the best way of life.

when you are alone, don't waste every inch of your time, get rid of complaints and accusations, look at the troubles of the world with reason, and self-reflection is self-help.


there is a saying in the writer's road that is very true:

in a lifetime, all the roads have to be carried out step by step by themselves, and all redemption is made by themselves.

busy, give yourself time to transition; read, give yourself time to grow; exercise, give yourself time to adjust; introspection, give yourself time to review.

one day you will find that the habits you have formed over the years are the medicine of time.

and the hardest days have passed unwittingly.