Silence = can't say + don't want to say + don't have to say

Silence = can't say + don't want to say + don't have to say

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do you feel this way?

the older people get, the more silent they seem to become. There are more and more friends in the address book, but fewer and fewer people can speak the truth.

sometimes I don't want to say it when I'm on the tip of my tongue, and over time I find it doesn't matter.

Adult world, choose to be silent, not because you are no longer young and do not like to talk.

but because you know better than anyone, there are some things you can't say, you don't want to say, and you don't have to say them.


can't say

some people say that the sign of growth is to report the good news and not the bad news to those who love you.

when we were young, we said everything, and we couldn't hide our joys and sorrows, but when we grew up, we learned to be silent.

regardless of setbacks or failures, get used to facing it alone. Learned to hide grievances, learned to pretend to be well.

Wang Manni in the TV series "only Thirty" reflects the real life of many people-

she went out from a small place and worked alone in Shanghai for eight years.

after years of hard work, she suffered from acute glomerulonephritis. In order to fight for her performance, she did not dare to ask for leave. She insisted on going to work even though she was ill. Finally, she fainted in a rented house and was sent to the hospital.

the frail Wang Manni was lying alone in her hospital bed. when her mother called to care about her, she forcefully hid her weak voice and replied:

when her mother insisted on coming to Shanghai to take care of her, she also decisively refused to ask her mother not to worry:

this scene is really distressing. Isn't it true that we are not "Wang Manny"?

I have been working outside for many years, no matter how much I have suffered and wronged, I have to hold back tears and say to my parents on the phone with a fake smile:

work hard to support my family and work overtime continuously. I am too tired, but my performance is poor and my income is meagre.

when I get home, I can still pretend to smile and say to my lover's children:

the patience of adults is unspeakable grievances.

the signs of crying late at night, the collapse in the office in the early morning, the loneliness in the rented house, the nervousness of seeing a doctor alone, all turned into "I'm fine", "I'm fine", and all the sad things swallowed in my stomach and came to naught.

gradually, in "hold back something, don't say anything", we slowly turn our weaknesses into armor.

become an ideal, mature adult.


I don't want to say

playwright Liao Yimei wrote in "soft":

sometimes, there are things I don't want to say precisely because "understanding" is so rare.

my friend Jingjing once said to me:

Jingjing and her current husband are blind dates. When they are passionately in love, they are sweet and full of love. After marriage, they are trivial and full of contradictions.

after giving birth, Jingjing resigned to raise the children at home, occasionally complaining with her husband that she was tired and didn't want to cook, and the other person no longer felt sorry, but answered her coldly:

she often had differences in parenting with her mother-in-law. Jingjing would dissuade her, saying that this was bad for the children, and her mother-in-law left her speechless:

in front of people who didn't know themselves, ten thousand words could not be exchanged for a heartfelt word.

it's a waste of time and breath to get along with people who don't know themselves.

there is no real empathy in this world, and human joys and sorrows are not the same.

so, more and more silent, less and less want to say.

Xin Yiwu said in

Xin Yiwu said:

We have to go through all the hardships alone, no longer expect from anyone, and don't want to rely on anyone.

if you are lucky enough to meet "know", may you not have to hide behind the silence, you can talk boldly, and you can rely bravely.

if not, I hope you can illuminate yourself and warm yourself.


needless to say

there is a saying on the Internet that goes like this:

A few of our old friends got together for a drink some time ago, and at first we all laughed and greeted each other.

after a few glasses of wine, they began to tell the truth one after another.

it turns out that this year has not been easy for all of us.

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some businesses fail, some lose their jobs and cut their salaries, some are forced to go on a blind date, and some have failed to raise children.

single people, married people, and people with children have their own sufferings.

it's just that no one will say it until a little tipsy.

what hurts me most is Ah Zi:

this winter, A Zi's apartment suddenly exploded and the landlord found two big men in the middle of the night to force her to move out immediately. On the extremely cold winter night in Beijing, she was a weak woman who packed all her belongings alone and went to find a hotel.

what's worse than having nowhere to go is that I paid a year's rent in advance, and because of this incident, there was nothing to do.

she smiled and said it was the coldest day in Beijing drifters's three years.

the first time we knew about this, several of us angrily questioned her:

A Zi shook her head helplessly and said:

We all fell into silence.

in fact, one by one is more and more difficult, but miraculously, it is more and more bearable.

maybe it is the tacit understanding of adults. Some things, some words, just don't need to be said.

everyone has to go their own way, and no matter how tired they are, they can only stick to it.

everyone's tears have to be dried by themselves. No matter how bitter they are, they can only carry them by themselves.

tell him in tearsYou are not as strong as yourself. instead of being honest, you might as well keep silent.


your silence has its own power

A few meters of cartoons have such an unforgettable sentence:

I fell into the well, and in the deepest despair, I looked down and saw the stars.

Life always gives us a series of difficulties, making us tired and desperate.

but look at it in a different way, and you will find that even in despair, there will be the most beautiful scenery around you.

every adult will experience a period of silence, which may be a period of walking alone, working hard silently, or accompanied by an honorable person and a beloved.

I think silence is a sign of a person's growth, and a sign of maturity is how to be silent.

time will not fail everyone who works hard to live. Your silence has its own power.

after being alone, the world is in front of us.

finally, I would like to share with you the words of Xi Murong: