Six hidden social rules for adults, read and understand many detours.

Six hidden social rules for adults, read and understand many detours.

Good morning, accompany you to read.

it is not easy to meet important people in one's life, and it is not easy to understand the truth of dealing with others.

here are a few words that will definitely benefit you all your life.


Don't think too much

Let nature take its course

be a person, don't think too much, as long as you've worked hard enough, don't try your best to ask for help.

sometimes the more you think, the more anxious you are, the less rewarded you are.

when you don't want to, it will unexpectedly belong to you.

there are some hidden rules and things that cannot be grasped, but let nature take its course.

Human progress and development are relative. What should be yours is yours after all. Don't force it.


there is no need to flatter yourself

there is no need for flattery or flattery in the countryside and the city, between subordinates and superiors, between the rich and the poor, and there is no need to suppress themselves.

compared to an arrogant person, no matter how much you respect him, he will not treat you equally.

therefore, flattery and flattery are not necessary-he will never give you charity out of sympathy.

No matter from humble birth or in a difficult situation, don't pin your hopes on the courtesy of others.

the only way is to maintain the strength of personality and face life.

when you say it, do it when you do it, and don't be guilty and timid, it will not be easily looked down upon by others, and you will win more equal opportunities and respect.

"birds of a feather flock together."

in any group, the structure of interpersonal relationship is inseparable from the "three-three system".

when it comes to individuals,

1/3 of people treat you in general, 1/3 of people don't "catch a cold" on you, and 1/3 of people treat you well.

it varies from person to person, good ones should be maintained, neutral ones should be fought for, and hostile ones should be tolerated.

never be taken advantage of by a few people.


on the way of life, there are three looks

one look far, two look wide, three see light

look far

look far is to find the goal, eager to fly, seek the realm of thinking.

get a reason to believe it.

Yuanwang shines in the field of vision, the goal grows in traction, the flight enriches life, and the realm promotes people's image.

to insert the wings of association to the mind, it is necessary to open the doors and windows of the soul.

when you walk up the hill, stand high and see far, calm in mind and calm in mind, can you have a clear view of the small mountains around you;

can you explore amazing discoveries from near and far, from here to there, from the outside to the inside.

look at the breadth

that is, a spacious mind and a magnanimous mind.

look wide, it is heads-up.

to look at people flat is a kind of character for the noble, and a kind of backbone for the humble.

doing things horizontally is to cut into reality, to stand side by side with the times, and to listen to the music of the years.

here, you need to be more open-minded, more open-minded, more broad-minded, more tolerant, and your eyes will be brighter.

be bearish

indifferent, not without desire.

what belongs to me, I won't give way, and what doesn't belong to me, it's hard to move my heart.

it is a mood of life, an attitude of sticking to the duty of life, an obsession with easy life, and a desire not to expect the true meaning.

therefore, people who are indifferent in mind live a long life and are calm and healthy.

calm down, is to stick to their own income, cherish their own happiness, at peace with the world, simple and happy.


believe that you are more important than relying on others

to be a person, you must be thoughtful, have a sense of social responsibility, and believe that you are more important than relying on others.

different people must do things differently. as long as they do their best, they will not be buried unless you have doubts about their abilities.

the key is to correct your mindset, do more for society when you have the opportunity, and remember to "work for yourself" when you don't have the opportunity.

accumulate more tangible and intangible capital, and you can't do too much for yourself.

No matter what the circumstances of life, there is nothing wrong with working hard in time.

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Yes, no matter how hard you try, it is better to do things calmly.

especially do more things that reflect our own value, which will benefit us for the rest of our lives.


keep calm, bend down, raise your head

keep calm

in real life full of temptation traps, it is not easy to keep calm.

if you can't keep your cool, you may lose your mind, even be hysterical, go to war, or give up and be cynical.

on the journey of life, there are inevitably troughs or peaks, frustrations or triumphs.

in different circumstances, complaining about others and cursing the injustice of fate is a sign of impatience.

because keeping calm is a sign of wisdom, a precipitation of reason, and a sign of maturity.

Man in the universe is like a boat in the boundless sea.

only when you control it calmly, face the stormy waves in front of you, and remain calm, can you ride the wind and waves and be invincible.

bend down

be low-key and humble, accept all rivers, bend and stretch.

the ancients Han Xin bent down, which made the foundation of the Han Dynasty for 400 years. Sima Qian chose to bend down and write the last song in the history of youth.

it can be seen that bending down is a gesture and a kind of inner confidence.

the emerald bamboo is persevering because it bends down, and the rice ear is rich because it bends.Heavy.

be able to raise your head

people should maintain an optimistic and enterprising attitude in both adversity and prosperity.

the youth's ambition does not say worry, it is the confidence of youth, even though death still hears the fragrance of chivalrous bones, it is the confidence of strong men.

however, to raise one's head is not arrogant or arrogant, but humble and equal.

is not based on one's own strength, shorter than others, but to look squarely at oneself and think of the virtuous.

it is not because of their own clumsiness and the ability to avoid others, but because they know themselves clearly and catch up later.


to achieve great things, we must rely on

enlightenment, help  bosom friend support, opponent encouragement, villain urge  enlightenment  every successful person has experienced the enlightenment of high people, or even guide the way.

to solve the key problems in life, such as people's wisdom, consciousness and direction, we need the guidance of high-level people.

in the process of human growth, enlightenment should be the cheapest and most critical step.

people help

in the process of people's growth and pursuit of success, there are always several inflection points, or low places of migration.

at this time, if you can get the sincere support of dignitaries, it is easy to get out of the predicament.

bosom friend pillar

this truth is self-evident.

is that every successful person has an outstanding confidant to build a harbor for you.

Harbor is a spiritual symbol, which plays the role of spiritual rest and spiritual support.

opponents encourage

without opponents, people cannot keep creating and exploiting.

so if you want to do something big, you must find an opponent.

inspire your career through your opponent.

the highest level is that there are no opponents, focus on training opponents.

the villain urges

if you only want to do small things, the villain must refuse.

but to do big things, it takes small people to make you.

villains make you alert and clear all the time.

people who do not have small people to achieve are usually prone to complacency, arrogance, and loss.

so God made small people, and small people are used to make great people.

people who are excellent and can accomplish great things always discover and cherish these five kinds of people in the process of struggle.

what's more important is to thank them.

Thank you, thank your wife, thank your opponent, thank the villain who tortured you.