"son, please force yourself into a good school." Dad's letter went viral.

"son, please force yourself into a good school." Dad's letter went viral.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Dear baby:

how time flies. In a twinkling of an eye, this year's college entrance examination is over, and you are about to be promoted three.

you must be in a mixed mood at this time.

Dad understands both anxiety and nervousness.

Dad has a lot to say to you at this critical moment in his life.


some people say that the college entrance examination is not the end of life, but the only way to a happy life.

son, I know it's hard for you to wear the stars and the moon every day, there are endless mathematics, physics and chemistry, and endless political and historical land, but this is a hurdle that you have to cross after all.

Let me tell you about my own experience.

once upon a time, my father was also a young boy. He didn't want to listen in class, didn't want to do homework, cheated on exams, and indulged in martial arts novels all day, and his grades plummeted.

in my second year of high school, I had a crush on a girl with excellent grades in my class and plucked up the courage to express my love to her.

I thought it was something that pierced a layer of window paper, but unexpectedly she flatly refused and disdainfully put down a sentence:

"well, if you are like this, you will definitely be useless in the future!"

although he was a generous boy at that time, he had a strong sense of self-esteem.

after this great shame, I began to study hard.

Choose vintage style homecoming gowns that resonates well with your style of choice. Large varieties of shapes and cuts for you to choose from.

get up before dawn to recite and do exercises, and don't give yourself a minute's rest from morning till night.

now I think about it, I really have to thank that period of hard work. I finally changed from low achiever to high achiever and was admitted to a 985 university.


entered the university, in which every plant and tree, one museum on the first floor, a teacher seems ordinary all his life, but everything here is completely different from before.

I thought I would be able to dawdle along with peace of mind when I went to college.

because in high school, the teacher said it was easy to go to college, who knows, the learning atmosphere here is particularly strong.

in class, few people skip class and sleep late, the teachers in the classroom are full of passion, and the students are attentive and active in asking questions.

the class is over, few people are seen playing games in the dormitory, and the library is often brightly lit late at night.

at that time, there was a roommate of high achiever who was very strict with himself. He was not only proficient in his science major, but also interested in literature, history and philosophy.

he worked out a detailed schedule for himself. He got up at six in the morning to read the Economist and the Wall Street Journal, immersed himself in scientific research in the laboratory in the morning, listened to academic lectures in the afternoon, and read ancient poetry books in the evening to improve himself in an all-round way.

guess what happened later. when he graduated, he was admitted to a full scholarship by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and flew to graduate school on the other side of the ocean.

I admire you very much. in fact, you also know high achiever. He is your Uncle Wang.

under his infection, I was ashamed of myself at that time, and my mentality of fooling around gradually disappeared and began to encourage myself.


once upon a time, I looked down on high achiever and thought high achiever was a nerd who only knew how to learn.

later, I gradually discovered that high achiever in a famous school is not only good at learning, but also can play at an extraordinary level.

in the high school in my hometown, I was a member of the debate team. At that time, the debate was purely random. I was addicted to it by foolishness. Sometimes I argued and quarreled. I was blushing to win or lose, and finally broke up in discord.

but here, before the debate, we will study tactics, how to collect materials, how to predict each other's arguments, how to overcome each other's weaknesses, and make full preparations in advance.

play well, everyone will celebrate together, hold a meeting to review, and sum up successful experiences.

if they don't play well, they will encourage each other, learn lessons and look for better skills.

of course, when the debate is heated, there will inevitably be moments of emotion, but at this time they are still clear and well-founded.

even if he loses, he will give his opponent a deep bow to show respect and admiration without losing his grace.

every debate is not with a playful mentality, but from the bottom of my heart to do the best and play at a first-class level.


learning and growing up in such an environment, I unconsciously want to be a better myself.

I spend a lot of time in the library, immersed in the ocean of knowledge.

at that time, there was often a girl sitting opposite.

sometimes she holds historical and cultural books in her hand, and sometimes she reads the original English academic works. The way she looks down at the book is fascinating.

she speaks elegantly, intellectually and generously, and she is really full of poetry and books.

in the slow contact, we came together.

in high school, I always thought that to fall in love was to find someone to eat with, play games with, and fall in love with girls from a famous school to understand what a good love is.

her ambition inspires me deeply. Every day we will read books, talk about heaven and earth, and talk about the past and the present.

there is a good saying that the real relationship is not about you and me, but about making progress and growing up together.

later she became your mother, and I myself was enough to match her with both talent and appearance.

from then on, I am convinced that only by being with good people can I meet a better self.


some people say that success in life is not at the beginning, not at the end, but at the turning point.

for me, the turning point in my life was the extraordinary years before the college entrance examination, which forced myself into a good school.

in the past four years, I have cultivated a perfect knowledge system and methodology. It turns out that it is not only high school that knows astronomy and earth.Reasonably, when I go to college, I can still calculate trigonometric functions, solve higher-order equations, memorize historical chronology, and speak fluent English.

all this, thanks to a group of enterprising classmates around me.

they are now mostly elites from all walks of life. Your Uncle Wang is a big shot in the construction industry with great achievements, and Aunt Zhang is also a hot figure in the financial world.

as the saying goes, they are a powerful circle of contacts.

when you enter the society, you will understand that only by forcing yourself into a good school can you have the opportunity to go with good people.

when you are in an environment where the people around you are very good, you will naturally be pushed by a force to grow up.

this force, is a strong internal drive, is the pursuit of the best, excellence, it will spur you to move forward.


son, your idol Han Han once said:

in my opinion, the criterion of a good school lies not in its magnificent buildings, nor in its new and complete facilities, but in the shaping of the human spirit by its atmosphere.

Confucius said:

when you are with hardworking people, you will not relax and fall;

when you are with positive and enterprising people, you will become more and more optimistic;

when you are with top and excellent people, you will also become outstanding.

the influence of excellent groups will benefit people for a lifetime. Looking at your peers is invincible, you will reflect and awaken yourself, your heart will rise with a strong desire, and you also want to be them. To become stronger and better.

only when you are admitted to a good school will you find that your original passion for eating, drinking and playing is so boring, and that academic research can be so interesting.

it turns out that the world is so big that there is so much to learn.

when you jump out of a small closed circle and into a bigger pool, you will explore another world.


Child, please give yourself confidence.

the third year of high school is a war without gunpowder smoke, and those who can survive are all warriors.

Please push yourself hard and do your best.

when you take the college entrance examination next year, you will eventually find that every question you do right will make you a better person;

every extra point is to meet a better life.

when you finally force yourself into a good school, you will understand that

the luckiest thing in life is to work with good people and force yourself to be better through them.