Sorry, we plagiarized it.

Sorry, we plagiarized it.

This article, do not do those disorganized typesetting. Some fans asked us if we were under pressure to delete tonight's tweets, and I clearly told you that I

some fans asked us if we were under pressure to delete tonight's tweets, and I make it clear that we are not under pressure. The deletion is due to our own problems.

Tonight's tweet "it turns out that some competitions require canvassing to win", two paragraphs directly copied the view that "there is a friend in Wechat called" help me vote ", which was pushed by the official account WhatYouNeed yesterday.

making such a mistake is unforgivable, and I don't ask for forgiveness, because if we are wrong, we are wrong.

now delete those two paragraphs of text and edit the push again.

actually, I did remember that we are going to tweet something like this today because I saw WYN's tweet. However, I have already thought about the issue of "voting" and discussed it with the fans who are chatting with us backstage, which is true. And in recent days, there have been more and more canvassing in my moments, so I think I really should write an article.

if you say so, you will also think I am plagiarism.

but I have always held the idea that

"the topic can be the same, but the content must not be the same."

I think we can still write about topics written by others, but we must never imitate other people's views. we must first remove other people's things from our heads, and then write down what we think and show it to you. Because only in this way, there will be disorganized taste and personality.

but tonight, in this disorganized article, one of the editors made a mistake and put WYN's point of view directly in a disorganized tweet. This kind of mistake is unforgivable. Now, he is no longer a member of our team.

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as a disorganized editor, I think I can't absolve myself of the blame. I didn't do my duty and carefully read the preview they gave me. But I promise that this kind of problem will never happen again. Because of the disorganized spirit, it is extremely dislike of plagiarism.

this slap tonight taught us a lesson. This is the first article to be deleted since the opening, and I believe it will be the last one to be deleted.

here, on behalf of the disorganized team, I would like to apologize to the team members of WhatYouNeed and all your fans.

then, I would also like to sincerely apologize to all the disorganized fans, or those who have read that tweet.

I hope you will continue to monitor us, and we will work harder to produce better content. We are recruiting new people. If you have an attitude and can clearly express your attitude, please send your work and resume to my email [email protected]. Chaos is preparing for reform, but it is unexpected that this kind of thing happened on the eve of the reform.