Taking care of children to do these 10 things in summer vacation is 100 times better than making up lessons.

Taking care of children to do these 10 things in summer vacation is 100 times better than making up lessons.

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with the end of the final exams around the country, children have entered the long-awaited summer vacation.

how to make children have a rich and fulfilling summer vacation has become the number one problem for every parent.

Einstein once said: the gap between people arises in their spare time.

Summer vacation may make a child lazy and depraved, or it may become a turning point in a child's fate.

if you want your children to be more promising in the future, parents might as well take their children to do these 10 things during the summer vacation.


take the children to do farm work once

many children stay at home every day during the holidays, living a life of luxury, becoming more and more lazy and depraved.

every summer vacation, I take my son back to my hometown in the countryside for a few days.

apart from escaping from the reinforced concrete city cage and relaxing his body and mind, it is more important to take him to experience the hard work.

I will take him to the field to grow vegetables, from pulling grass, loosening the soil, sowing vegetable seeds, to watering and fertilizing.

take him to the mountains to herd sheep and feed pigs in the fields.

every time he finishes his work, the child always sweats and eats better, and seldom complains about bitterness and tiredness when studying.

I remember the teenager whose father took him to the countryside to pick up dung because he didn't finish his homework.

after picking dung for a long time and experiencing the hardships of life, he finally made up his mind to study hard, finish his homework on time and be a promising person.

Children soaked in honeypots do not feel the difficulty of life, nor do they realize the importance of reading to life.

to sharpen the life of these "saplings" and let them endure hardships properly, they will reinvent their children and cherish their current learning time more.


take the child to climb the mountain once

if the child often gives up halfway and gives up when he encounters a setback, then I suggest taking the child to climb the mountain.

Li Yapeng began to take her daughter Li Yan to climb mountains on the outskirts of Beijing when she was one and a half years old.

by the time she was 5 years old, Xiao Li Yan could climb the whole mountain by herself.

about 17 kilometers round trip from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, she can not only take 7 or 8 hours to complete independently, but also scientifically allocate limited water and physical strength.

nowadays, Little Li Yan, who was born with defects, is sunny, confident and generous.

in fact, mountain climbing can not only strengthen the body and promote brain development, but more importantly, temper a strong will and let children learn to stick to it.

the way to climb the mountain is always long and boring, but also a test of physical strength and endurance, many children will cry tired and want to give up.

at this time, parents must not compromise easily. They can slow down and encourage their children gently and forcefully.

even if you just climb a short flight of stairs, cheer for your child in time.

when the child finally reaches the top through untold hardships, the vast shock and joy will leave an indelible impression on his heart.

in this process, children will also understand that the road to success is destined to be full of hardship and sweat, but as long as there is enough perseverance to stick to it, the harvest will be the most wonderful scenery.


take the child on a long-distance trip

some time ago, there was a hot search for father and son:

the 14-year-old boy didn't want to go to school, so his father resigned and took him to drive around most of China.

Father and son set out from Dandong Port and passed through Shanhaiguan, Kaifeng, Xi'an and other places, and learned a lot about Chinese history and culture.

this journey not only shortens the distance between father and son, but also allows the boy to see the larger world and change his attitude towards learning.

A trip not only broadened the child's horizons, but also changed his outlook on life.

Meiya once said:

"when you have seen the breadth of the world and the various forms of sentient beings, you will find that your heart will be more brave and confident."

if there are conditions at home, take advantage of the long vacation and take your children on a long trip as much as possible.

A good education is never about cramming a child in a small room.

Let the children go out of the textbook, see the breadth of the world and experience all kinds of life, so that they can better withstand the wind and rain in their future life.


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cultivate a specialty

A mother of Zhihu posted:

on her daughter's first day of college, she called her crying and said, why not force her to master one or two specialties when she was a child?

it turned out that she could only stand on the sidelines and watch dryly, whether it was everyone performing talent in turn after the first day of military training, or the recruitment of new students by various clubs.

because she knows nothing but reading.

conversely, children with special interests are not only more calm and confident, but also always more competitive in the future.

Ling Yundeng, known as a talented painter born in the post-00s generation, began to learn to draw in the third grade.

during the summer vacation in the third year of junior high school, he drew five works with a pen, uploaded them to the post bar, became an instant hit, and then opened his own art exhibition.

because of this specialty, although his academic performance is mediocre, he is still outstanding among his peers.

maybe not every child can have such a gift, but every child should have the opportunity of his own choice.

when we choose a special class for our children, we must follow their preferences and wishes.

cultivating a child's specialty may not necessarily rewrite life, but it can expand the breadth of life, enrich the spiritual world, and help him see more scenery of life.


exercise for half an hour every day

during the two sessions, Jiangsu President Tang Jiangpeng once pointed out:

among them, the cultivation of lifelong sports is ranked first.

last year, Tang Chuyue, the top science student in Hubei Province, often participated in various sports since he was a child.

during the epidemic, she played badminton with her family for an hour every day at home and finished second in the 200-meter dash in the school sports meeting.

it is exercise that keeps her in a good state of mind while she is full of energy in her studies.

on weekdays, most children are busy with their studies, and holidays are the best time to take them to exercise.

set aside half an hour every day, the small square downstairs and the nearby park, even on the empty roof of the home, are good places to take children for exercise.

A weak body can never cultivate a vibrant soul and wisdom.

use the summer vacation to help children develop a strong body, so that they can easily meet all kinds of challenges in the new semester.


take the children to read some good books

2021 as soon as the Chinese language of the college entrance examination is over, the composition topics of various provinces are quickly searched.

many netizens in the comment area exploded:

I can't understand it, but luckily I've finished the college entrance examination;

compared with our time, the composition questions are really difficult.

these topics are profound and tortuous, and they really need extraordinary comprehension.

I have to sigh that if you don't cultivate children's reading habits from an early age, you may not even understand the composition title in the future, and you will lose early on the starting line.

in fact, the top students in the college entrance examination in previous years, those famous schools high achiever, almost all have something in common: they have been reading since childhood.

Wu Yi-Shu's mother once said: from the age of one and a half, she trained her children to read, from interesting picture books to 300 Tang poems and all kinds of poetry and literature.

usually there are scenes of a family of three quietly reading a book in their hands.

if you want to cultivate children's reading habits and improve their children's reading ability, parents need to lead by example and work together with their children.

during the holidays, parents might as well accompany their children to choose some good books and read them carefully.

Children who develop the habit of reading from an early age are bound to bloom amazingly at some point in the future.


take the child to practice calligraphy at home

there is a question in the comment area:

my suggestion is to take the child to practice calligraphy.

because when practicing calligraphy, you need to keep your eyes fixed on the book, which requires a high degree of concentration and patience.

in this process, the child's state of mind will become more and more magnanimous, slowly develop good habits such as concentration, rigor, carefulness, and so on.

in addition, first-hand good words are also the easiest "plus points" for children.

take the aforementioned Tang Chuyue, for example, she has persisted in practicing calligraphy since she was a child and is extremely diligent.

Tang Chuyue's handwriting and the reason why she got a rare high score of 146 in college entrance examination Chinese is also related to her neat and beautiful handwriting.

the word is like a person, having a good word is the wealth of a child's life.


take the children to learn to cook several dishes

Xie Nan once posted a picture of his son Wu's so-called cooking on Weibo.

when he was only 6 years old, he stood on the small bench and made Dough Drop and Assorted Vegetable Soup tomatoes for his mother.

the posture of cooking is very sophisticated, and the prepared soup also looks full of color, flavor and flavor.

compared with other children of the same age, Wu is so sweet and independent that he is like a little man.

many parents feel that their children and the kitchen are two parallel worlds, out of place.

in fact, there is the simplest growth and practice hidden in firewood, rice, oil and salt.

the neighbor aunt teaches her son three or four dishes every winter and summer vacation. By this year, she has accumulated more than 20 dishes. On weekdays, her son will show off even when he has time.

she said: in the process of learning to cook, children also experience their parents' daily hard work, become more responsible and love life more.

in fact, teaching a child to cook is to teach him to make a living and make love.

take advantage of the holiday to take the child to learn to cook a few dishes, so that he can really be self-reliant and fly higher and farther in the future.


take a group of photos with children

A group of photographers on Ins have Ma Meng's summer photos of his son, which amazed many netizens.

fisherman's cap, small iron bucket and small fishing net are all ready, waiting for a big fight.

A paper airplane, which was thrown hard, released a little dream.

"Dad, look, I can also become a ray of light."

Summer, sunshine, insects and cicadas are the smell of summer.

the sun is setting in the west. According to the photographer's father, he often ignores the company of his family and children because of his work, so he wants to use this way of recording to find the most precious things in life.

the constant love of parents is an indispensable nourishment for a child's growth.

taking pictures is not only a memorial, but also a ceremony of love to let children know that they are properly treasured in the palms of their parents.

time is like a tide, and the love that flows has already quietly fixed the frame between laughter and softened time.

put aside the complicated work, the summer is hot, hold the child's hand, go to take a group of unique summer photos together.

No matter how busy you are, don't forget to express your love for your children.


go to the museum

Later, if you don't have enough time to travel during the summer vacation, you want to take your child to see the world.

then it is recommended to take your child to some nearby museums, art galleries, planetariums, botanical gardens, aquariums and other places.

colleague Sister Ying often takes her son Xiaojie to various venues and exhibitions during holidays and weekends.

after going to more venues, she found that Xiaojie was particularly interested in those historical relics and celebrities, and would listen attentively every time. When she got home, she would read a lot of books and look for information on the Internet.

now, when he is only in the second year of junior high school, he is very valuable to China's ancient history and cultural relics.

in fact, museums and other exhibition halls all have magnetic fields. When children are exposed to them, they will naturally feel the weight of history, the beauty of art, and the wonder of nature.

you don't have to learn anything. The most important thing is to keep your child curious and passionate about the world.

only children who really love life and are full of curiosity will take the initiative to acquire knowledge, to think, to explore, and to be full of motivation on the way of learning.


Tao Xingzhi, a famous educator, once said:

Life is full of scenery, and real education is never rigidly confined to books and classrooms, but immersed in every detail of life.

Summer vacation is the best time to separate children from intensive studies, improve themselves and exercise their comprehensive abilities.

I hope that every child can have a full, interesting and meaningful summer vacation under the guidance of his parents.