Tell the child what is most important! (permanent preservation is recommended)

Tell the child what is most important! (permanent preservation is recommended)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the beloved son of parents is far-reaching.

when a child is born into adulthood, parents have too much to worry about.

but no matter what you do in the future, great or ordinary, the most important thing is the process of life.

and these eight sentences, better than a real estate deposit, will be the best gift you can give to your child.


Reading is more important than games

Children, reading is very hard and playing games is very happy, but I would rather you endure more hardships now.

according to a set of holiday game data,

Arena of Valor's peak DAU (number of daily active users) is between 1.2 and 150 million, and

Game for Peace's peak DAU is between 0.8 and 100 million, both of which hit record highs.

and the vast majority of users of these two games are young students, which means that

of China's 280 million school students, most children choose the latter between self-discipline and indulgence.

there are about 140000 Internet cafes in China, in which 89.4% of users play games, and more than half of the users are between the ages of 10 and 29.

Children in Internet cafes do not care about their grades, but they must care about whether their achievements are brilliant or not.

but there's one thing I want you to remember, son:

you pay for games, but games don't pay for your life.

if you pay for reading, reading is sure to give you a pleasant surprise.

those who can read are lucky, and those who can read are happy.

everything you learn is the weapon you have.

people can start from scratch, but not unarmed!

Reading is a long way, walking will be very tired, but if you don't go, you will regret it.


opinion is more important than obedience

Child, no matter what others say, what you think is more important. Someone in Zhihu asked, "what is a child with an independent mind like?" The most popular answer is:

such children will choose to follow their heart more often.

you know, "following others" is actually a terrible phenomenon.

the rabble once wrote:

Yes, many people will do this, but independent children will not.

so, son, you must always have the freedom to be yourself and the courage to be yourself.

know what you want to say, know what you want.

it's like the same question: what is when the snow melts?

compared to the standard answer "melting snow is water", independent-minded children will answer: "melting snow is spring".

is there anything wrong?


character is more important than ability

Children, people with bad character will not work in society.

some time ago, Yang, a master engineer in Shanghai, evaded tickets 480 times in more than a year, involving 20,000 yuan, and the news captured by the Shanghai railway police went on a hot search.

netizens have lamented: poor character, no matter how high education is useless.

people with bad character may be able to pretend to be modest gentlemen, but all the camouflage can not last long, and the truth will come out one day.

and people with good character will feel more comfortable when they move their hands and feet.

We often say: appreciation of a person begins with appearance, respect for talent, character, kindness for a long time, and loyalty to character.

character is far greater than your ability at any time.

the ability is good, the character is good, it is the best; the ability is extremely strong, the character is very bad, it is a drug.

so, son, you must not lose your character at any time.


Happiness is more important than perfection

Children. Although everyone wants to live a perfect life, the truth is that it is never really perfect.

We should all learn to shake hands and make peace with life.

once upon a time, a lady was unhappy because she had temporarily cancelled a birthday party that had been carefully planned for many years.

her servant girl asked her, "Why is there a bag on the birthday boy's head?"

the lady is puzzled.

the servant girl then said, "only if you have a bag on your head can you hold Fushou!" It is said that if everything cannot be done too satisfactorily, there must be some imperfections, and if it is too full, we will enjoy all the blessings. "

it suddenly dawned on the lady: even the birthday boy has a big bag on his head, let alone mortals like you and me.

Children, there are shadows in the sun, how can life be perfect.

Happiness lies in contentment, while imperfection is the normality of life.

I want you to either try to change or try to accept it.

your happiness is much more important than the perfection you pursue.


belief is more important than worship

Children. I hope you believe in something rather than worship stars.

some people say: "this is an era of lack of faith."

some people say, "this is an age of entertainment to death." Many people advocate entertainment and worship stars, of which young people undoubtedly account for the vast majority.

they care about the stars' every concert, every CD, every TV series, and even every bit of daily life. In contemporary society, chasing stars has become the daily life of many people.

there is nothing right or wrong about this in itself, but son, I want you to have faith rather than chasing stars. People can look up at the starry sky, but the road ahead should be our way forward.

someone once asked such a question: "If you were given freedom, talent and youth, what would you do? "

the answer is: "you must, like the names in the book, be the salt of the world and the light of the world."

son, you don't have to have such lofty ideals, but you must be poetic and distant.


the process is more important than the result

Child, the process of life is much more interesting than the result.

someone said, "success is a journey, not a destination." The process of doing it is far more important than the result. "

the same is true of life.

once upon a time there was a young man who claimed to see through the world of mortals, doing nothing every day and sitting lazily under a tree basking in the sun.

A wise man asked him, "Young man, why don't you make money in such a good time?"

the young man said, "it's boring, you have to spend money even if you make money."

the wise man asked, "Why don't you get married?"

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the young man said, "it's no fun. I still have to get a divorce."

the wise man said, "Why don't you make friends?"

the young man said, "it's no fun. If you make friends, it will turn into enemies."

the wise man gave the young man a rope and said, "you might as well hang yourself. You're going to die anyway. You might as well die now." The young man said, "I don't want to die."

the wise man said, "Life is a process, not a result."

Life is like a wonderful book. I'm sure those who read it will choose to stop and read every chapter of it.